Good evening Mnemosyne archive :)

I'm 2/3 of the way through my second viewing of 'Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne', 'Mnemosyne' or what have you, and I must say; it gets cooler every time :) I really adore these characters, and find this lore to be nothing short of incredible (That's probably putting it lightly). I knew it wouldn't take long for me to begin a 'Rin' fic, and sure enough, just about a week after watching the first ep for the first time, here I am. Hopefully, I've done the characters some justice. They felt pretty good to me as I was writing them, hopefully my gut was right :)

I don't own Rin, Mnemosyne, or any other title you might offer this series, but I sure think it's great :)

"Mimi?" Rin bellowed. The green-haired immortal's hand was on her forehead this morning. Her hand was on her forehead almost every morning, always suffering some insufferable migraine. "Some water?"

The home of Asogi Consulting was a very different place this morning, and its proprietor too seemed quite different. The lenses of her glasses were wrapped in a polished silver frame, and her attire was decidedly old-fashioned. Her frilly, off-white button-down blouse fit her loosely, giving little hint to the slender physique beneath, though her dark brown slacks clung to her curves quite nicely.

"Coming!" Mimi brightly replied from just down the hall. Indeed this was a much different place. Subtle gold ornamentations, real wood furniture, and a window-sized shoji screen that allowed just enough sunlight to enter the space. Rin's office couldn't have been more than ten feet by twelve, and the décor throughout was distinctly old-fashioned, but still just contemporary.

Rin's loyal assistant stepped into her office, immediately taking notice of the shortwave radio broadcast. As she placed a tray containing a bottle of clear liquid and two small glasses onto Rin's desk, the violet-haired girl spoke, a little more harshly than she may have intended, "Why do you keep that radio on?" She filled both glasses with the crystal clear liquid and propped herself up onto her boss's desk. She slid one of the glasses behind her towards Rin, her eyes closed as she continued, "It's not like they're going to tell us what's really going on out there."

Rin held the glass in front of her lips, quietly speaking while Mimi gulped down the glass she'd poured herself, "Guess I'm just hoping that one of these days I'll turn it on and hear that this war is finally over."

"If we've learned anything after all these years, it's that wars…" As she calmly spoke, Rin choked on the "water" Mimi had poured her, "…don't solve anything." Rin continued choking for a moment and Mimi finally interjected, "Vodka means water in Russian, you know?"

After letting out a few more coughs, Rin leaned her aching head back against her seat and choked out her reply, "Shit."

Mimi leaned back on Rin's desk, using her elbows to prop herself up. For the most part, her tone was always light, and her smile unshakable when she spoke with Rin, "So boss, what's on the agenda this morning?"

Breathing normally once again, and perhaps feeling just a little bit better, Rin tilted her head forward, giving Mimi her eyes as she offered her friend a warm grin, "At the moment?"

Mimi returned the smile when suddenly, hundreds, if not thousands of Time Fruits permeated the walls. More than either of them had ever seen all at once. Immediately they both shared a gasp at the sight and got to their feet. Rin slid the Shoji window to the side to look out to the surrounding city, only to find the scene was the same there as well. In the distance, Yggdrasil seemed larger than ever, and she was literally pouring Time Fruits onto Japan.

Terrified, Mimi's small hands clung to her oldest friend, and she asked, "Rin, what's going on?"

Rin slipped an arm behind Mimi, gently rubbing her back to comfort her, "I don't-"

However, just as she was attempting to calm her friend's worried nerves, a massive concussion wave decimated the building they called home, up until that morning.

-Hiroshima, Japan: August 6th, 1945

As the smoke cleared, there was virtually nothing left of Rin and Mimi's building. There was nothing much left at all for as far as the eye could see; nothing but fires, smoke, and rubble. The sky was red with flames, the air filled with smoke and lethal amounts of radiation. Amidst the roar of the flames, there was but one other sound; screams. Screams that were saturated with tears and pain, the very sounds of poor souls taking their last agony laden breaths.

In the rubble-filled sub-floor of the building in which Asogi Consulting once stood, Rin was buried under the debris of her own office. Her large green eyes closed under their own unconscious weight, her face smattered in blood. Pinned down by the beams that once held up the roof, both of her shoulders were dislocated, and her right leg was broken in a seemingly impossible bend.

Her lips were the first part of her to move, weakly calling out, "Mimi?"

Not more than a second later did the pain of her destroyed leg set in. Her eyes shattered open and a surreal howl vented from her lips. The pain of this particular break was far greater than anything she'd felt in many years, and unfortunately for her, how she was pinned down made even small movements very difficult. The Time Fruit's magic pulled her arms back into their sockets, though as it attempted to straighten out her obliterated leg, the pain she felt only escalated further. She writhed about in absolute anguish of her injury, searching for any way out of her confines.

Though it had been mere seconds, it had taken far too long for Rin's adrenaline to flow like a river. The pain in her leg dulled, and her arms pushed up on the beam that lay across her chest. Lifting the thick and lengthy beam just a hair gave her the room to allow the rest of her body to add in her strength. Now pushing with her entire upper body, she was able to finagle the beam off of her chest, so she could attempt to move the one that had crushed her leg.

Boiling hot tears poured down her cheeks as the surge of adrenaline wore down. She pushed, twisted, and struggled to get the similarly weighty beam off of her shattered right thigh, but it just wasn't budging. Within a few more seconds, the adrenaline had all but run dry and now there was only pain. She fell back into her rubble grave, once again letting out an immense and gut wrenching scream. Beneath that wail of pain, behind the screams and sounds of the chaos that surrounded her, Rin heard a voice. A soft yet muffled voice that instantly woke her from her pain as it lightly called out to her, "Rin?"


If her friend's voice was anything to go by, she was in equally as bad shape. Once again, Rin's adrenaline pumped through her veins, until she finally pushed herself up to get the beam off of her leg once and for all. Growling and grinding her teeth as she struggled against the weight of the massive object, Rin let out a roar, fueling her strength further until she finally had enough room to wiggle her leg free. She twisted her body to allow the limp and broken appendage a place to fall, and let go of the beam.

She fell back into the rubble once more, and though the pain in her leg was astronomical, she was too exhausted, and her throat too scarred to let out another scream. A light cyan glow emanated from the cuff of her now torn slacks and her dry throat let out a few scratchy coughs as her leg snapped itself straight. All her limbs and wounds completely regenerated and her body free from the confines of the rubble, Rin took a few deep breaths and once again heard Mimi's weak voice, "Rin…please…"

This time, Rin's adrenaline flowed in a lighter, but still steady stream. She pushed herself up, carefully putting weight on her recently healed leg, and called out, "Mimi!" She looked around for any sign of the girl but there was nothing but destruction every which way she turned. "Mimi! Talk to me!"

"Rin?" Mimi weakly called, and immediately Rin locked on the direction of her friend's voice.

She hastily and carelessly tore through the rubble in her pursuit of Mimi's voice, until she was certain her friend was near. Her clothes ripped, her flesh tore, and she bled more and more as she dug through the destruction. Just as one wound regenerated, she inflicted another until Mimi's violet hair appeared. Rin took in a deep gasp, her eyes wide with surprise, as she urgently asked, "Mimi?"

"Rin?" Mimi again asked.

Once more she furiously dug through the debris, slowly revealing more of Mimi's mangled body. How she wasn't screaming was a mystery to Rin; her body had nearly been broken in half during the collapse. Her neck was clearly broken, her fingers twisted in all directions, and then of course the fact that her legs were folded beneath her torso. Rin's determination was written on her face as she reached down to Mimi's broken and twisted form, "Hang on, Mimi; this is gonna hurt."

Not wishing the pain to last any longer than it had to, Rin quickly picked Mimi up by her shoulders, a crack and a pop emanating from her neck and midsection as her spine righted itself. Of course with the sudden influx of pain, Mimi's scream nearly surpassed Rin's earlier. Still so very broken, Rin wrapped her arms around her friend's body, holding her tight as tears poured from her eyes. "It hurts!" She cried. "Please make the pain stop!"

Rin ran her hands down Mimi's arms, but when she got to her wrists, she shut her eyes. She took a breath and held it as she forced her hands onto Mimi's, quickly straightening out her broken fingers. With that, Mimi let out another surreal wail, and Rin deftly pulled her friend off of the rubble, finally allowing her legs to straighten out. She wrapped her in her arms so very tightly, holding her as close as she could to comfort her as she wept. Thankfully, within a few moments, their pain had subsided; their bodies completely regenerated by Yggdrasil.

However, while the pain was gone, Mimi still wept. She hyperventilated, shedding hysterical tears, "What's going on? What happened?"

Rin raised a hand to the back of Mimi's head, sewing her fingers into her lilac hair as she softly spoke, "It's alright." Looking up to where the ceiling should have been, looking out to the sky above, Rin's emerald eyes widened as she took in the sight of the mushroom cloud above Hiroshima. She struggled to not let the fear she felt infect her tone, and again reassured her friend, "It's going to be alright."

Wrapped under a blanket, and dressed in somewhat fresh clothes they'd found in the rubble of the office, Mimi's arms were folded across her chest, her small hands clinging to the blanket around her. Rin kept Mimi close to her side, her left arm draped around the small girl's back and side. They had walked nearly a mile into the heart of the devastation, and while Rin's eyes clearly displayed her anger, Mimi's lavender eyes were filled with tears. It was a painful silence that had fallen on them, neither offering the other a word after leaving their decimated home. It was only when they came across the bodies, the smoldering and misshapen corpses of those instantly killed by the heat of the blast, that Mimi's trembling voice finally spoke, "Is this hell?"

"This is what happens when mankind discovers a new way to destroy itself," Rin replied.

"But why?" Mimi asked; her tone still so very damaged.

"It's no different than a child with a new toy," Rin replied. "The Americans were thought to have been developing an extremely powerful weapon; this must be how they intended to show it to the world."

"But all these people, they're not part of the war, they're just…" Mimi's voice simply disappeared as she looked on the bodies of women and children.

Rin halted their progress, taking a moment to understand just where they were. The screams were gone here, and the air was filled with the sound of flames. The earth beneath their feet was black as night, and though their bodies healed almost instantly, they could both feel their skin tingling. They stood directly beneath the point of detonation, astounded by the absolute nothingness left in the wake of the bomb.

"Rin?" Mimi asked, still awash in tears.

Rin turned on her heals, sure to carefully turn Mimi with her as she somberly spoke, "Let's go, there's nothing we can do here."