I couldn't resist! I have no idea if anyone has done this yet, but I really wanted to! Since Rikka's chara, Hotaru is sort of like "sun" I wanted to make an opposite chara who was like "moon." (So, technically it should be a guy but I suck at guy OCs) Easter won't be the evil ones, I'm making some other one…I actually kinda wanna make Rikka the enemy, but it sorta depends on what the people who review think…

Only YOU: Have the power to make me turn Rikka evil!

This story takes place after Encore and Party, so Amu's starting 7th grade. Now, without further ado….

She was the new student. They wanted to know her. Only, they didn't really. They only wanted to know because she was popular being new.

"I'm Mari, Chie," She said when she introduced herself. Everyone in her class was looking at her in a way that made her know they had all fallen in love with her quiet nature, mature voice, and small stature. She wished her chara was here, but that would complicate things. Especially since Tsukiko would never stay hidden through the whole day. Chie wasn't going to join the Guardians, not yet. It would make unnecessary complications.

"Mari-san, where did you transfer from?" The teacher asked. Chie hadn't bothered to learn his name. She never learned teach names. Addressing them as "sensei" had always worked fine.

"Mars," Chie replied, finding pleasure in his reaction, "Mayaki "Allstar" Reitsu School." That was a lie, of course. But Chie liked to lie.

"Er… Tell us about yourself?" He asked her.

"I always get As," Chie replied, "I like theater." Theater was a lie and she was a liar. It was a perfect combination.

"Ah, that's nice…," Teacher paused for a moment, "Um, go sit next to Ichinomiya Hikaru-kun. Wave, please." A blond boy put his hand in the air. He didn't wave. A chara was flouting at his shoulder, Chie noticed, and he was wearing a cape. Information she heard popped into her head as she went to sit down

Hikaru Ichinomiya: Heir for Easter. Incredibly smart. Not easily fooled. Horrible at physical activity. Great knowledge in any type of stone and jewel. Chara: Hoshi. A very emotional chara. Recently hatched. Not much data is known currently. More information is needed. Charanari currently unknown.

"I don't trust you," Hikaru told her flatly.

"I never asked you to," Chie responded. Hoshi wined about Hikaru being cold. Chie ignored him.

"There's something suspicious about you," Hikaru narrowed his eyes.

"You're being paranoid," Chie turned and pretended to listen to their teacher. In truth, she already knew most of it.

"Ah! Chie!" Chie turned and saw a girl with a chara.

Rikka Hiiragari: Loud, adventurous. A bit of an idiot. Tends to be reckless while doing pretty much everything. Stubborn. Chara: Hotaru. Sweet, charing. Always calm and nice. Character Transformation: Pure Feeling.

"Hello," Chie said in her monotone voice.

"It must be tough being a new student huh?" Rikka grinned, "Don't worry! Just ask any of us awesome Guardians and we'll help you!" Chie already knew where everything was. She thanked Rikka, nonetheless.

"She probably won't ask you for help," Hikaru said and walked away.

"Hey!" Rikka cried, "Hikaru!" Then she chased after him.

It must be love Chie thought. She wasn't entirely serious though. She grabbed her bag and started walking. She had a job to do.

X-characters and x-eggs surrounded her. There was an ominous aura around her. She closed her blue eyes and let it wash over her. Her long black hair blew around her. She waited. The Guardians should be coming soon. The murmurs of, "Useless, Useless," was starting to sound like a song. It was a very morbid song, but she liked it. It sounded beautiful.

"Hey, what are you doing?" It was Rikka, in her character transformation. She looked angry. She was in her charanari. A pink haired girl was with her, wearing all pink in a character transformation.

Amu Hinamori: Known as 'Cool and Spicy.' Used to be seen as cold. Actually quiet and shy. Dresses like a punk. Gets flustered surprisingly easy, especially when it comes to love. Charas: Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia. Ran: Hyper, honest, confident, and athletic. Character Transformation: Amulet Heart. Miki: sharp, level headed, artistic, and falls in love easily. Character Transformation: Amulet Spade. Su: clumsy, caring, good at cooking and sewing, sensitive, and girly. Character Transformation: Amulet Clover. Dia: confident, sweet, and 'sparkly.' Formally an X-chara. Character Transformation: Amulet Diamond.

"Isn't it obvious?" She asked. Amu and Rikka scowled at her.

"The poor charas!" Rikka cried, "Don't you realize how sad your making everyone?"

"Sad?" She looked at them, "How do you know that? How do you know that they don't like mulling over what's bad? Have you ever thought that it might make them a better person? Being so sad for a little bit, then they realize lot's about themselves that they hadn't before?"

"No matter what, it's unfair to force them to put X's on themselves!" Amu cried.

"Who are you, to do something like that?" Rikka asked.

"I am Moonlight Theater," It was the name of her character transformation. It fit. A light blue tank top with a glowing crescent moon on it. Two blue and white armbands. Tiny dark blue shorts and giant indigo boots that went up past her ankles. A glowing white crescent moon hair clip on her left side. Her long black hair was flowing in an imaginary breeze. Even though she was very young, she looked older. It might just be the black lipstick, though.

"Moonlight Theater?" Amu frowned, "Is that the name of your charanari?"

"Yes," Moonlight Theater replied, "Isn't it obvious?"

She's really strong so be careful! Her chara, Tsukiko warned, Even if they seem like idiots, don't hold back!

"I know…," Moonlight Theater sighed, "You don't have to remind me."

"Amu-chan!" A long haired boy wearing all blue came, followed by two girls and a blond boy who also had transformed.

Nagihiko Fujisaki: Calm, leveled headed, and a cross dresser. Always helps when his friends are in need. Charas: Rhythm and Temari. Temari: first chara, calm, sweet, dancing chara, and almost always calm unless she snaps in which case you should leave immediately. Character Transformation: Yamato Maihime. Rhythm: A play boy, never worried about anything, reckless, and always goes as his own pace. Character Transformation: Beat Jumper.

Rima Mashiro: In love with comedy, quiet, and normally very serious. Gets mad if you make unfunny jokes. Chara: KusuKusu, a fun loving, giggly, jester who's always happy. Character Transformation: Clown Drop.

Hotari Tadese: Girly looking, 'princely,' and cares about his friends. In love with Amu Hinamori. Chara: Kiseki, wanting world domination, stuck up, doesn't always think things through. Character Transformation: Platinum Royal.

Yuiki Yaya: Childish, immature, hyperactive, obsessed with cuteness, and almost never serious. Chara: Pepe, baby-like, cry baby, and childish. Character Transformation: Dear Baby.

"Ah, more people," Moonlight Theater looked at them, "Hopefully, you will give a good show."

"Is this a game to you?" Yaya pouted, "You're being mean to all these heart's eggs!"

"Not partially," She beckoned with her hand, making several eggs go attack the Guardians.

"Tightrope Dancer!" Rima cried, making a whip fly.

"Ah, that won't do," Moonlight Theater frowned slightly. She put her hand up again and more eggs flew around.

"There's so many of them!" Tadese frowned, "Maybe we should use Platinum Heart…"

"Don't do that," Moonlight Theater said, "I'd hate to have to restrain you."

"How?" Rima asked, glaring at her.

"Teardrop Mask," Moonlight Theater said, making a sad face theater mask appear in her hand. She threw it at Nagihiko and it snapped on his face, then disappeared. Nagihiko had a confused look on his face, then he sniffed and started crying.

"Nagihiko?" Amu looked at him, worried. Of course; it was odd to see Nagihiko upset about anything.

"Drop the current mask you have, change it to a mask of sadness, cry until your tears form rivers," The way Moonlight Theater said it, it sounded like a poem or a curse.

"So, that mask makes anyone who wears it sad?" Rima was frowning at her, but sounded a bit impressed.

"That would be correct."

"Do you have one for happiness? Like the theater symbol?" Rima asked.

"I can't say," Moonlight Theater replied.

We should go now, Tsukiko advised her. Moonlight Theater nodded.

"Now you can go purify the eggs," She told the Guardians, "My job is done. As a plus, I'll even make him stop crying."

"How?" Amu asked.

"Well, I could just take it off," Moonlight Theater replied, "Or I could use another attack on him."

"You can take it off?" Rima looked at Nagihiko, then did various things that was probably her trying to take it off. Nagihiko started wailing. Rima slapped him and the mask flew off. Nagihiko blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"Oh, I didn't know that worked," Moonlight Theater sounded amused, "Well. In any case, I shall leave."

"Huh? Wait!" Amu and Rikka tried to follow her, but she disappeared into the night.

It wasn't a random attack. It was very well executed, in fact. The area in which they were fighting was filling with cameras and someone with a chara who was watching.

Moonlight Theater was tired. She went home.

There was a book on Chie's bed. Her dark blue bow was no longer in her hair and she was in her black night gown. The title of the book was Moonlight Theater. Chie read it every night. It was a force of habit. Her mother used to read it to her. Then when her mom stopped, Chie read it to herself. And her chara.

There once was a theater with the best players in the land. It was called Moonlight Theater because it was only opened on nights, and only when the moonlight was shining on the theater. It was a beautiful place, but then one day…

"Why'd you stop?" Tsukiko whined. Chie was glad Tsukiko was her chara. If she didn't have Tsukiko, the house would be completely quiet. Especially since her parents no longer were alive. Not that they were at home enough to make a lot of noise. Tsukiko wore a light blue tank top and darker blue shorts. In her messy midnight black boy hair style was a crescent moon clip.

"You should redecorate your egg," Chie said, "The Guardians aren't so much of idiots that they can't see when someone has a Shugo Tama or chara."

"So I'll just stay in my egg and no one will be able to know?" Tsukiko finished.

"Exactly," Chie replied, "I can make up hundreds of lies why you haven't hatched. I'll say I got you recently, but have sort of an idea what you are. And we'll take up their offer. We'll move right back here if we get found out, though."

"Okay," Tsukiko never questioned Chie, even knowing her bearer was a liar, "Just continue reading."

Chie smiled. They had heard the story hundreds of times, but always wanted to read it once more, "'But one day a stranger came, wanting them to play during the day. They would get more people to come. But no one in the theater wanted to change the performance schedule so they refused. But the stranger was persistent. He started to form a plan…'"

Pretty soon, Chie nodded off. When she woke up, Tsukiko was in her egg, which was completely changed. Instead of a light blue, the egg was a bright pink. Instead of it's usual symbol—a theater mask over a crescent moon—it was two cards over a cat eye. Chie had no idea where Tsukiko got the materials to change it so much or how she made up the design. Chie shrugged and took the egg.

"Good job Tsukiko," She said and went to get dressed, "Time for phase two."

Well, hope you like the first chapter. In case anyone wants to know….

Chie: Wisdom.

Mari: Rebellion, obstinacy.

For some reason I thought it would fit her. I have no idea how to pronounce them, but the name 'Mari' originated from the name 'Mary.' I think Chie is pronounced Chee-yay. I think the company Chie works for will be Theif or something… Anyways, please review!