He had claimed her body as his own-his mate-to tame the power of the Jewel. It was a Prophecy. She was the only Priestess with the power to control the Jewel but only for a time. The Prophecy stated a demon would take her and mate her to tame the power and keep it between the two. The Prophecy. It was the only way. The Prophecy is threatened-or is it?-when someone else comes. Who is he? He intrigues her and he lusts after her. Is he her true mate? He will do anything to claim her.

He stared across the dark lands, the look in his eyes cold and unfeeling. Calm—unerringly so. Calm, considering the battle that had taken place. Cold, merciless amber eyes slid closed. He had made the choice. He despised humans. In the end, for the sake of humans and demons alike, he had done what had to be done. It was sacrilegious for him to take what was not his and that Priestess, she was not his mate. He had waited for her Mate to come and claim her—he had to come, otherwise this Era would have been lost in nothingness. The Prophecy had come and the Jewel was too powerful. Too powerful to be controlled alone.

When Power is complete, she of light must become one with the Strong. Only then will Power be tamed, the bond complete. Power above all will be between the two, forming Power into the two. Only four choices and one must be made. The end of the moon, it must be done or all the world will be undone.

He had waited and waited. He was a powerful demon and he knew he was one of the four strong enough to for the bond. He despised humans but for the continuation of the demon race, he had taken her. If he hadn't, they all would have been lost. She was a Priestess—strong. But she had known the Prophecy and when he had walked into her temple, she had known. Still, she was human and he despised that weakness in her. Now, the Jewel was controlled, the power contained between the two.

He opened his eyes and saw her reflection in the window. The Jewel floated above a white pristine table, the aura surrounding it a soft pink. She moved her hands over the aura, her eyes unseeing as she focused on the energy. He could feel the power throbbing inside him, knowing she felt the same response. She had to purify the Jewel every night of the full moon. The power was contained in their bodies from the mating and from the Prophecy but the threat of evil was still there. He heard her soft sigh and barely acknowledged her as she Jewel faded.

No matter his distaste for humans, he did what had to be done. Now they would all have a chance to survive in this world. And this Priestess—she was not his mate in mind and soul, but she was in body.

And what was his, he would not return.

He turned to face her, the look in his eyes unreadable. The Jewel had to be purified on the night of each Full Moon; and he had to take her body. He held his hand out to her and she placed her small one in his. He could see the reluctance in her dark eyes but she would not deny him. She, a Priestess, knew the Prophecy. He had taken her, mated her body to his—she bore his mark—and she had no right to refuse him. If he didn't take her on the night of the full moon the Jewel would grow unstable.


She slid her naked body onto the bed, her gaze beyond his shoulder and lay down. Her dark hair, almost pitch black, spread over his pillow. She was beautiful—but human. She turned her head to the side as he settled his body over hers. He didn't need to look into her eyes to take her. He gripped her thighs and spread them wide as he settled his naked body between. He felt her body jerk as he thrust into her body, ever tight. He closed his eyes, reveling in the pleasure that came with sex as he began thrusting.

A tear rolled out of the corner of the Priestess eyes.

The Western Lands was a vast, massive landscape. They were beautiful but so cold. So empty. She felt empty. For years she had known about the Prophecy. She knew it by heart, knew that one day she would have to mate with a demon. Sometimes, life just wasn't fair to those who truly deserved it. A Priestess mated to a demon. Some people would laugh at that but their mating had saved the world, along with the Jewel. She had always hated to think of the Prophecy. When she had first seen Lord Sesshomaru enter her Temple, she had known what he wanted.

The look in his eyes had been so cold, so calculated. He was one of the four demons of the Prophecy. In her human mind and human heart she had hoped that a kind demon would come to her. Even hopes of someone who wasn't dominating—domineering. She knew better. The Prophecy wouldn't have chosen weak demons to protect the Jewel. She closed her eyes. She was subject to her fate but sometimes her mind would wander. Why her? Was she really so powerful? Sesshomaru had claimed her as his mate for the Jewel—to protect it. Her body was his. Then why did she feel so alone? She was so empty inside.

"Priestess Kagome!"

Her eyes slid open at her name to see a small fox demon hopping her way. She smiled, her mind leaving those dreary thoughts that were her life. "Well, hello there, Shippo." She replied softly as the fox demon skidded to a stop beside her. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"You have got to come see what I've found!"

She arched an eyebrow at his enthusiasm. He was clutching his small hands and jumping up and down and then from one foot to the next.

"And what did you find?"

He shook his head and looked at her expectantly and then took off in the direction he had just come from. He clearly expected her to follow him. She glanced up at the towering castle as she stood and brushed the grass from her kimono. Turning her back she took off in the wake of the fox demon. "Shippo?" She called out as ducked beneath a heavy, low hanging branch. She adjusted her bow and pack of arrows she held strapped over her lower back as she trudged deeper into the forest.


"Over here!"

She sighed and followed the sound of his voice. She walked past a few trees and then spotted his fluffy tail. "Shippo, what are you…" She trailed off as she looked behind him and froze. She saw what had drawn his attention, what had him tilting his head back. Her gaze followed his, sliding over the bare feet and up legs that were encased in a red cloth material. Up and up, over his hard stomach, his chest. His face. His eyes were closed but she didn't need to see his eyes to know he was a demon. The aura around him suggested it. She took in the silky strands of silver white hair that blew in the wind and the small dog ears that rested atop his head. And the long arrow that protruded from his shoulder.

Shippo climbed up the muscled body, coming to rest leaning over his shoulder. "You think he's dead?"

She shook her head though the look on her face was that of confusion. "No…he's alive. I think." His face was that of a sculpted angel. She couldn't remember ever seeing someone so beautiful. Why would someone put a subjugation sleeping spell on him? She touched the tips of her fingers to the arrow and when she felt the light pulse of energy she knew she was right. But why would someone bind a demon—she glanced at his ears and touched her fingers to his face and corrected herself—half demon; to a tree. He was handsome. Sweet.

"How do you know he's not dead? I don't feel a pulse."

"It's a spell, Shippo."

"What kind of spell?"

"Be quiet, Shippo." She frowned and placed her foot on one of the thick tree roots so she could get a closer look. A closer feel. She touched his cheek again but the sinister feeling she felt didn't come from him. Her hand drifted down, her fingertips tracing a path down his chest to graze the arrow. Not that, either. What then? The feeling of danger loomed and as she glanced around, she swore she could feel eyes on them. She wanted away from this small enclosure. The thick, tall bushes and the thorn bushes were eerie. But she couldn't leave him here. She grasped the arrow in her hand and summoned the energy inside her body, felt its answering pulse. She threw all the energy into the arrow and before her eyes the arrow fizzled into nothing. The moment the arrow was gone she realized the sinister feeling. Her gaze jerked to the bushes.

Demon Forest. Certain parts of this forest were alive.

"Shippo, leave!" She cried out as the bushes rose from the ground. She barely even saw them. They were thick and heavy. Then she was slammed against the hard, warm male body as the slithering bushes crashed in against her back. She gasped as they constricted her body against his. She concentrated against the painful constriction and blasted a wave of energy from her body. Through the roaring in her eyes she faintly heard the male flesh beneath her hands sizzle from the power she had let loose, before the sound faded, his skin slowly healing. For a moment she could breathe again and then without warning the forest life was crushing up against her again, forcing her tighter against the male body.

She felt a deep vibration against her chest, almost a purr, before she realized it was a chuckle. Her head jerked up and her ribs protested the movement as the bushes and veins buckled tighter around her body.

"Well, well...It's been a long time since I've felt a female body against my own…have to admit, I like it..." The voice was deep and low, husky. She glanced up and amber eyes met her own.

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