Hello all! I'm pretty sure that just uploading author notes without an actual story is against FF rules, but I needed to say this, and with no chapter 9 to upload (seeing as I stopped writing it halfway through) my only option was to do it this way.

Due to my changing opinions on the subject of rape, I have decided to discontinue this story until further notice.

I started this story when I was examining the canon VS fanfiction differences in the thiefshipping pairing. I believed that Marik was capable of feeling something for Bakura, as he was perhaps the only person Marik had ever met who had gone through so much pain on behalf of the pharaoh. In Bakura's case, I believed the only romantic feelings he could have for someone (Marik included) would be lust. Very violent lust. Perhaps so violent, it was abuse. But, I hadn't read very many fanfics like that. Nor had I read many abuse/rape fics that accurately portrayed rape. To me it was always seemed like, even though it was rape, the victim still enjoyed it and that ended up with a tender romance between he and his rapist. So I wanted to write a fanfiction that showed the "truth" of how romance would go down between Marik and Bakura.

However, soon after I uploaded chapter 8, I got out of YuGiOh and started writing more original stories and roleplaying in an OC group. This kept me very distracted and unmotivated to write. I also made a tumblr and soon afterwards, I was exposed to the real truth; the truth about rape, and that it's horribly glorified in the media. Especially in the yaoi genre. Have you all noticed that? And that I had added to that made me feel guilty and uncomfortable. And, after much thought, I have decided to discontinue Soulless. Perhaps one day I might rewrite it and fix all the inconsistencies and make everyone's reactions/characterizations more accurate. Actually, now that I've said that, I really do want to rewrite it. So you may be able to look forward to more Soulless yet!

If you want another (better) fic about abuse/rape, check out A Means of Force by Faiakishi. I've read it recently, and although at times it made me uncomfortable, it is well worth the read! I'm just squeamish.

Thank you for sticking with Soulless and I for so long, and thank you sooo much for all your lovely reviews! I just wish I could continue it and reply to them all!

My deepest apologies, VK.