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Song fic. Inspired by "Amy's Gone" by Switchfoot. Titled: "In Five Hundred Years."

Amy's Gone - in Five Hundred Years.

Amy's gone

And time rolls on

How far? how fast? how long?

Hao's gone.

He's been gone for so long. I wonder where he is now, is he okay? Safe?

I shouldn't worry about him like this, I know that, but I can't help it.

Because I didn't kill him. I deliberately let him live.

Since... Hao's not really evil. He can't be. He can see ghosts. Those who can see spirits are not evil.

That's why I can't help but worry about him. He isn't truly evil and I didn't kill him, so I wonder about where he is now. How far away is he?

How long has it been?

The last time we saw Amy

She was headed for the shore

Fighting off the volatile gray skies

I know that Hao secretly enjoyed that time we fought together.

Not because he got to kill, and hurt humans (after all, he promised to revive them afterwards) but because he was happy that he got to fight along with true companions. However brief it was, my friends were his friends, and as we stood on the shore line, staring out at the human ships, we became allies.

Not followers- there was no superior to subordinate relationship there at all -but allies, all on equal plane.

I think Hao liked that. That he had equals (not that we were anywhere close to his strength. I meant equals as people who shared a common goal). That he wasn't alone when fighting against them.

She said now begins forever

And that no one knows their time

We bid farewell not knowing

That might be our last good-bye

Before we fought, I remember his words very clearly. He told me that no one knows when they are to die, yet, as shamans; death is a chance to enhance our strength. That much, I already knew, but then he went on.

He told me that death is never permanent, not for a shaman at least. Shamans seem to be able to find their way back to the living, like Hao had.

Sometimes, the shamans may not remember their past lives, but they always end up being reincarnated. Hao told me that it was possible to retain consciousness; he's living proof of that.

But even so, he told me that if one bids farewell, it could very well be the last. Death and rebirth cannot change that.

And he told me "goodbye."

Amy was a fighter

She cut like Casius Clay

She burned like a fire

Despite these rains

His strength was unreal.

Through a thousand years, he was able to acquire such power... But power always brings loneliness. Hao must be lonely.

His strength is fire, and he is always warm. He even shielded me from the cold once, despite the rain weakening himself, he protected me with his warmth (further proof that he is not evil. I refuse to believe he kept me alive just so he could take my soul later on). But then, I wonder, did he have any warmth left for himself?

It wad the first time I saw Hao shiver from cold.

He's lonely, so he reaches out with his strength. But he can only keep one: strength and loneliness, or weakness and companionship.

He thought so anyway.

Where time was a question

She only knew one song:

She's singing, "how far, how fast, how


I wanted to tell him that it wasn't true. That he can have both strength and companionship, but he didn't listen to me. Hao only knew one way of life, and that was to be alone. Strong and alone.

He may be alive, but he's not truly living. That doesn't matter though, because I think he will soon disappear from this world so that he can be reborn again. Within the Great Spirit, he probably wonders "how far, how fast, how long is the next shaman fight away?"

He will most definitely be there in five hundred years.

Salvation is a fire

In the midnight of the soul

It lights up like a can of gasoline

He'll be there, striving to win the Shaman Fight. I don't know if I will have the memories of this life time with me then, but I'm sure I'll be there too. In five hundred years, I'm sure we'll meet up once again.

Yeah, she's a freedom fighter

She's a stand up kind of girl

She's out to start a fire

In a bar code plastic world

And the future will be so different from now. I wonder what will have changed and what will have stayed the same? Will the dwindling numbers of Shamans decrease even more? Or will it increase? Will Hao like that world better? Either way, I think… he'll win the next Shaman Fight. He'll win and then he'll change the world according to his preferences. He's that kind of person, always fighting for his beliefs.

When everything stops moving

And I stop to catch my breath

And ride my train of thought

All the way round

Is he still fighting now? The fight's over, but I left him alive. I could never kill me brother, my own flesh and blood, my twin, no less. My thoughts stop and go into a standstill. I've come full circle, thinking about where Hao is and how he's doing.

My thoughts return to Amy

And the fire she's begun

She came when we were freezing

And left us burning up

Well… he's gone now. He's gone, even if he's still alive, I doubt I'll see him again in this life time, but…

I'm sure he'll be there in the future. I'm sure we'll meet again, in five hundred years.

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