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Redemption - Inner Demons

Four A.M. two hours to go
I'm wearing out a lonely glow.
I miss you more than I could know.
Here I am, here I am,
won't you get me?

Yoh's Point of View:

We need to find her.

I couldn't believe that Opacho was missing. She'd come to me for help, but I couldn't even keep track of her... ahh... this is all my fault.

If only I could convince Anna earlier that we should help her. If only I didn't care so much about what everyone else thought. If only I had the courage to do what was right.

I try. I really do, but I mess up sometimes, you know? I can't always help everyone. I try to, but sometimes, it just doesn't work out.

Ironic, isn't it? I always say that everything will work out. Don't get me wrong, it always does, just... maybe not the way most would expect it to. But that might be the best outcome, we just don't know it at the time.

Faster. I need to go faster. We need to find her.

I wonder if the others have found her yet. I wonder if I'm the only one running around looking for her still. Everyone panicked when we realized that she was gone, but what if she went back to the onsen? Then none of us would know. No one stayed back in case she did go back... so maybe...

Maybe she's actually still there?

Opacho's clever like that. She would. She would make us all go look for her until one of us realized it.

I stopped running and turned around to go back to where I came from.

She would. She's definitely back there.

I've got my hands on redemption's side
Whose scars are bigger than these doubts of mine.
I'll fit all of these monstrosities inside
and I'll come alive.

Machi's Point of View:


But no one answers.

I worry. What would Kanna do if she was here? What would Mari do if she was here?

Where could Hao-sama be? I look around, checking his room, the kitchen, the clearing, anywhere and everywhere. How could he disappear like this? How could I miss the fat that he went missing?

If anything happened to Hao-sama, then it would be my fault. I would never be able to forgive myself.

I have to find Hao-sama.

With my fist down at your feet
I was running out of mysteries
Insecure and incomplete, here I am, here I am,
won't you get me?

In the darkness, a boy quietly hums a lullaby.

The song is old, from a time long forgotten. It has been a long time since anyone has sung the song, no one would recognize it now, as its notes were aged, the melody yellowed like old pages of a book, and like the time it came from, it was long forgotten by everyone else.

But this boy hummed it.

Quietly, quietly, until his voice grew louder. The crescendo was not part of the song, but the boy felt a sudden urge to sing out loud and let the song be known once more. His voice was cracked and hoarse. He had not sung in a long time and was out of practice, but he sung anyway.

The song was the only thing to be heard now. The sound of rustling leaves and forest animals were masked by the sound of the boy's voice, by the song until suddenly, it stopped. The singing ended mid-song.

"Hao-sama," came a meek voice. It was so quiet.

"Opacho, come, sit," the voice was loud in comparison. It was not, however, strong as it had once been. The authority had long disappeared from the boy's voice.

Quietly, quietly, the girl went to the boy's side and sat down as she had been told.

"Hao-sama, sing for Opacho again, please?" the girl begged.

But the boy did not sing. He looked down at the girl. There was remorse in his eyes and it threatened to spill over.

"I'm sorry Opacho. That was all I had left in me. I can't sing anymore. I can't do anything anymore."

Like the song, the boy felt like he was going to disappear from the world and be forgotten.

One day, thousands of years from now, someone will sing this song again, but no one will ever remember me again.

"But Hao-sama, I will remember you," the girl stated firmly. She looked up at the boy with determination in her eyes. Her mind filled with his thoughts and she wanted the power to change them all, she wanted the power to make him want to live again.

"I won't ever forget Hao-sama."

The boy's mind filled with the girl's thoughts. She countered each of his negative ones with a solution and a hope. He wanted so badly to believe that it could all be that easy to solve. If only, if only.

Their minds fed each other more and more thoughts. He thought negatively, and she would counter it, only to be shot back with another thought, just as void of feeling as the first. It was a gentle argument in their minds of who was right.

"Please, Hao-sama, please come back," the girl quietly begged. She wanted him to realize that there were still people who loved him, who needed him. But he didn't believe her.

"Opacho, it's not that easy."

And then he let it slip. He let the one thought that he had been suppressing for the last thousand years slip through its constraints and into the girl's mind.

His eyes were wide, horrified of what the girl would make of this, of what this could do to her.

Her eyes were wide, horrified with what she saw. What it true? Was this the thing that had been tormenting her master for all these years?

Slow realization dawned on her. She tried to help him, she really did. But in the end, she couldn't fix something like this. She began to cry, and his thoughts, still in her mind, made her cry.

Louder, and louder her wails became.

Her tears tormented him. No one was supposed to know about that thought that had slipped away. No one.

Her crying only fueled his inner demons, and slowly they began to take shape.

Thoughts of his mother; how he missed her, how they killed her, how he was all alone. They formed its arms.

Thoughts of his failures; how he could not save his mother, how he could not find his mother, how he could not kill the humans. They formed its legs.

Thoughts of his "friends"; how Ohachiyo left him, how Matamune left him, how he disappointed them both. They formed its body.

Thoughts of himself; his anger, his weaknesses, his loneliness. They formed its head.

And lastly, that last thought that was never meant to be in anyone's mind but his own, it gave the demon power.

His inner demons took shape and entered the world, hungry for destruction. It would kill everything that had ever caused its creator anguish or pain. It would get his master's revenge.

My fears have worn me out
My fears have worn me out
My fears have worn me, worn me.

Crying could be heard in the distance.

Dark shadows could be seen, even in the light.

Darkness swirled and gathered, even those without the ability to see ghosts could feel the chill in the air.

Those that could see ghosts felt the malice and anger, but only two people could feel the loneliness.

And only one knew what to do.

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