Prompt: milliways_bar DE Challenge
Author: wanderlustlover
Recipient: tauntingdragons
Summary: Esme/Carlisle, and an early morning drive at a perfectly legal and human pace
Spoilers: This really could go anywhere in a modern time setting after the 70's.
Disclaimer: The Cullen's and Twilight's universe belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Title from Jessie B. Rittenhouse' The Second Book of Modern Verse.

whether the time be slow or fast

One of the best things about having all the time in the world and enough speed to beat a train - is taking your time.

"And why are you smiling like that, Mrs. Cullen?" catches her out of daze. That little smile on his mouth that says he's been watching her for a while now.

It's a random Tuesday morning. The wind blowing through her hair under her wide brim hat in a long stretch of country in Canada, and she's wearing a rare summer dress quite evocative of her own time, while her hand is tangled up in Carlisle's across the gear shifts, under the full sun of a day at the end of the summer.

Esme leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Because, Mr. Cullen, you never lose the ability to make my world stand still."