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Author's Note: May be slightly OC and AU.

Slash! Pairing: Sladin

Rated: M for later chapters

Summary: Slade has kidnapped Robin and he has a new plan, will Nightwing go along with it or will he listen to Batman.

More Than an Apprentice


It had been an hour ago that I last saw my adoptive brother Tim Drake. An hour ago since he asked me about my pretend vacation. Half an hour since Tim aka Robin had been kidnapped.

But only fifteen minutes ago that Slade made me, Nightwing, a new proposition:

"I will return, the fake Robin, and never harm anyone else that you care about if you give yourself over to me. You are all I want apprentice, but I can settle for the new Robin. The choice is yours Nightwing. And don't make me wait," Slade threatened.

I had so little time to decide what I was going to do. On one hand I'd be saving everyone, my father (Batman/Bruce Wayne), my lover (Oracle formerly Batgirl/Barbara Gordon), my brothers (Red Hood/Jason Todd, Robin/Tim Drake), my sister (Batgirl/Cassandra Cain), and my numerous friends. But on the other hand I would be playing into Slade's trap and right into my arch nemesis' arms.

Either way I was going to suffer but that doesn't mean that Tim had to suffer too. Slade has brought me so much physical and mental misery and pain, I just couldn't let him do the same to Tim; especially when I could stop it.

There truly had been only one choice from the beginning, I, Nightwing, would just have to say good bye to the life I dreamed of. I already knew Slade would force me into apprenticeship and there would be no way to stop it from happening.

The only thing I could be sure of was to not tell anyone of my plan, or rather Slade's plan. No, I would have to make everyone think Slade wanted a newer, younger model, Tim, and that I, Nightwing, wasn't going to let Tim suffer the same fate I had. When Tim was returned safely, they would all be so preoccupied and worried about his experience that it would be hours before they noticed that I wasn't there.

I'd tell Tim to tell everyone that I, Nightwing, got into a battle with Slade and told Tim to flee; that I'd be right behind him. Everyone, of course, would be pissed that I went to rescue Tim alone. Hell, maybe they would come looking for me and save me from my fate. But I know Slade well enough to know that he would never stop hunting his 'Little Bird.' The only thing I, Nightwing, could wish for was death, because I know that death would be the only thing that would stop Slade; I think.