You're way too young to be broken.

A Smokey haze filled the room along with the smell of alcohol. You could hardly focus on anything, about as much as you could see through the dim light that mixed with the heavy smoke. The room was loud, the sound of music and peoples voices boomed around him as soon as he entered and he could tell it would be a long night. But he didn't mind. He lived for the whole party atmosphere. It was natural to him, as natural as faking a smile to people he hardly knew, exactly like he was doing in that moment. He was no stranger to this negative environment and he fed off of it. In his life, falling amidst the clouded stupor of substances was the best thing to do. All he wanted to do was forget. He wanted to forget everything. He could barely stand to wake in the morning without being intoxicated in some way. If he did he'd remember. Everything would come crashing down and the terror of his life would become real. So he spent his life forgetting. He lifted a cup from the table in front of him and placed it to his lips, feeling the liquid roll over his tongue and down his throat, setting a burn beneath his ears. He closed his eyes and let the feeling wash over him. In a matter of minutes he'd forget who he was.

He sat in his car in the parking lot of the school, his head banging with the aftermath of the night before. But he didn't mind. He knew it would be gone soon. He reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out a zip lock bag filled with small white pills. Percocet to heal the pain, percocet to get him high. A little white pill to clear his brain. To make him forget. He wanted to forget. He opened the small bag and took one out, rolling it between his fingers. After a few seconds of the repeated action, he placed it in his mouth and began to chew. The bitter taste enveloped his tongue, sending a sick feeling over him as he swallowed it down and relaxed his head back against the seat. He closed his eyes as he gulped down the taste before he opened his eyes again. He looked down at the baggy in his hands, thinking for a moment before he pulled out another and repeated the process.

He walked into class with his head hung. He felt as if he was floating, his head light and his mind foggy.

"Lovely of you to join us Mr. Goldsworthy." a voice spoke and he raised his eyes to the front of the class.

Ms. Dawes was looking at him with her hands on her hips, along with the rest of the class who had turned in their seats to see him walk in. He nodded but lowered his head once again as he trudged to his seat, falling into it ungracefully, knocking the ones around him. He heard a quite girl's voice scoff behind him but paid no attention as he crossed his arms on his desk and hid his face. He could feel it kicking in by the beating of his heart in his chest, heavy and fast. He closed his eyes, letting his mind get lost in the darkness of his thoughts as he dozed into an unwanted slumber.

Eli hated sleeping. When he slept, his thoughts had a mind of their own. They opened him to the memories he so desperately tried to escape, and made it impossible for him to keep from thinking. He saw her then. Her face flashed in his mind like a ghost. Her pale skin framed by her dark raven hair, coupled with her piercing green eyes. She smiled at him, something she hardly ever did and it set a chill down his spine.

"Just one more…" she whispered, "one more to stop us from feeling… to stop everything."

And then she began to decay in front of him, her beauty crumbling to the ground where her body now laid beneath.

He woke himself with a yell, his breaths falling heavy from his lips. His heart was pounding faster now than before and his body was covered in a sheet of sweat. On top of that, the entire class had paused to see the sight of him. He was shaking in his seat, his body trembling as he looked around frantically at the staring eyes. The room felt as if it was spinning yet every eye pierced him just as the girl in his dream had, watching him like an animal in a zoo.

"Mr. Goldsworthy?" Ms. Dawes spoke from the front of the class, but sounded as if she was a million miles away, "Are you alright?"

Eli nodded quickly, clenching his fist as he pushed himself up from his seat and felt his body wobble. His head felt lighter than before and he was punched with the sudden feeling of nausea in his gut, "I'm fine I just need to…"

"You don't look so good." someone cut him off, but it sounded as if it was spoken from underneath water. He felt his eyes become heavy, the room spun quickly and his knees buckled from beneath him before his body was pulled to the floor accompanied by a heavy darkness.

You're way too young to fall apart.

(It's a short start but there's so much in store for this story. I hope you guys enjoy it! Reviews would be lovely! :D)