She always wanted to be on the other side of the page. To be in an adventure. So, just like in a fairytale, she got her wish. Now she is falling through the pages, landing in the middle and exploring the life she wanted. Yet for some reason, something is always reminding her to be careful what she wished for.

Willamine, usually called Will, closed her book and set it on top of the pile beside her bed. As she lay back against her pillow, she thought, wouldn't it be nice. I would love to go to the other side. Just like the Silvertongues. Cross the border of books and reality.

She stretched her hand toward the ceiling, then dropped it, and accidentally knocked Inkspell off the top of the book stack. Not caring, Will simply lay there, looking at her room. Her walls were half whiteboard, half corkboard, and there were drawings and pages of writing all over them, along with random notes she wrote herself. Her bed was about two feet away from the wall, mainly because she needed more space to stick things. A desk was in the center of the room, a backpack beside it. Everywhere else was piles of books.

Will thought about what her dad had said earlier that day. "If you like, I could make bookshelves for you. That way you wouldn't have books piled everywhere. It would look a lot neater."

To that she had replied, "No thanks, Dad. I like having them all where I can see them. They seem…better, when a shelf does not restrain them. More inviting to read. And it won't matter if you put them back in the wrong place."

Her dad had simply shaken his head. "You are a strange one, Willamine. If that is what you want though…"

And, it was exactly what she wanted. On this happy note, Will fell asleep.

Will had some very strange dreams. In one, she dreamed that she was meeting with a guy smoking a cigar. He only told her, "Be careful what you wish for. It might come true." Then he threw his cigar at her. It landed at her feet, and turned the asphalt to some kind of liquid. The ground swallowed her up and she was falling. She hit a giant book, and the pages all started to fall out, whirling around her. She fell onto one, and it crumpled up, encasing her in paper. The ink was covering her, drowning her. She opened her mouth to scream, but the ink was there too.

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