Lord, in the name of Jesus

I have a serious crush

Everytime I see her I just blush

Kisses me on my cheek as well

I'm talking to you about this because I don't want to be...


Like when I was a softmore or freshmen year

She always smile when I tell her

how beautiful she is in her ear

There are alot of positive things

I would do with her

Next thing I fear

to be heartbroken & sometimes in tears

Lord I'm just asking for a chance

A chance to love her (As her boy)

A chance to hug her (As her boy)

A chance miss her (As her boy)

A chance to kiss her (As her bf)

A chance to do anything beautiful with her

I can't help it

if I wanted to

I wouldn't help it

even if I could

Everytime I look up

I see her face



Thanks for listening to my prayers

In Jesus name,



Darryl Campbell