L'Arlecchina – Subject 48 – Katherina Quinzelle – Log

Under the mask she hides scars. Some are inflicted by her "friends," others by enemies. Under my mask I hide scars too. The scars are deep. They will not heal for a long while. I do not expect to ever be whole. Those that have damaged me, those that have taken little morsels of me for souvenirs, they pay the only way I know how to collect.

I was at first forced to live this lifestyle at first. Nevertheless, I grew accustomed to it. They try to take of her liked they took of me, and I retaliate. They will fall to my golden knives.

I hear things; they plan on finding my brother and "asking" him to work for Abstergo. He will want to. He will come gladly, like the Harrington woman and the man called Vidic. They enjoy the kill. They revel in the evil that is in the world. Something has changed my brother. He didn't used to be like them.