Title: Again

Author: Femvamp

Fandom: Chloe

Pairing - Catherine/Chloe, Catherine./Other

Disclaimer: Movie is not mine. If it was it would have ended differently...maybe.

Rating: Barely a PG.

Spoiler: Yes - Really - Yes.



It should have been over after Chloe's death. Catherine should have let it go and gone back to her marriage; back to her family. She really did believe her husband had never strayed from the marriage no matter how much he was tempted to, so why was she? Why was she walking back to the same nightclub she had first met Chloe?

She dreamed about Chloe sometimes. At first they were nightmares, or at least she thought that's what they were. She would watch Chloe die over and over and over again and wake up in a cold sweat. Sometimes she would wake up with her husband next to her and sometimes he would be somewhere else. She wondered now if her own affair had given him the excuse to have one of his own; then she remembered that he had forgiven her for what happened with Chloe.

So why was she walking back into the nightclub? Chloe wasn't going to be there. She was dead. Catherine had watched her die. She had died because of Catherine. She had died because she had fallen in love with Catherine. A whore who had fallen on love with there john...was that what Catherine was, a john?

"I don't usually do this with women."

Katherine looked to the seat next to her and saw a young woman who looked a good deal like Chloe had, the same but different. Young but with old eyes. She had the same color hair and apparently similar pickup lines.

"I mean, sometimes couples, but never just with women."

Catherine smiled but said nothing.

"Why don't you buy me a drink." The woman smiled seductively.

Catherine considered all of the options at that moment. She could stand up and leave. It wasn't too late. She could make an excuse and walk away. She knew full well what she was doing was wrong. What happened with Chloe could be explained away as a moment of jealousy but this...

This was different.

There was no excuse for this.

There was no turning back from this.

"What would you like?" Catherine smiled knowing full well what the woman would say next she had done this before after-all.