Speckletail: Snowkit

Speckletail sat in the elder's den, lazily rolling s moss ball around. Snowkit…..Her last kit…his beautiful sparkling eyes…carried away by a Hawk that had dared to venture into their burned and blackened camp. The Hawk had spotted easy prey because the trees were so thin, and Snowkit had not heard every cat's yowling for him to get out of the way. Snowkit was deaf so he could not hear the clans yowls. After he was carried away, faithful Brakenfur and Swiftpaw went after the Hawk, but came back empty pawed. Snowkit visited Speckletail evey night saying he would be there when she came to join Starclan. Then Lostface came, what a horrible name for such a lively she-cat. The dogs had destroyed her beautiful face. But she pulled through. Cloudtail saw her for her and not her favce. I was so sad when Lostface-Brightheart-left the elder's den for the warriors' den and then the nursery. How proud I was when Whitepaw was born. Now I was completely happy and smiling when I joined Starclan with Snowkit beside me.

A/N: I'm doing a story about Snowkit's last moments.