A.N: The personalities of the characters come from the manga (Pokemon Special) but the appearance is from the game. The only one who will not be present is Emerald, cause I hate his guts. :D

For those of you who don't know what "Pokemon Special" is, its the best manga about pokemon (There are others but they have 1-4 issues) and has a darker aspect on the pokemon world. (Pokemon die for example and people get injured its realistically portrayed, especially the pokedex entries.)

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Spoliers in the first sentence of this story.

You've been warned.

It had been about a year after N left when I gotten the call from the professor.

She asked to meet us (Black, Cheren, Bel & myself) at Mistration Airport around noon.

When the 4 of us got there however we thought we found someone who looked like her nephew or something. He had green eyes like hers, the same faded brown hair like hers but he was wearing a black leather jacket and orange pants. His hair was neatly spiky and he has some stubble.

Cheren who was drinking some water at the time did a spit take upon learning his name: Green Oak.

Bel asked who that was and Cheren started raving about Professor Oak being the best professor in the field of pokemon research. To be honest it was the first time I've seen him so flustered.

Green nodded and told us about a war that happened long before he was born.

"The War at Orre." Was what he called it.

He told us that some suspicious activity was reported by Cynthia but she needed backup and called upon trainers she had met within the last 13 years.

I remembered something Black told me in passing:

"Every few years the champions of the regions gather and have a tournament, wouldn't that be an interesting idea?"

It was from there that Cheren and I did some research on other regions and learned that they too had their own leagues and such while Bel and Black got some street info.

"A war?" Black asked scratching his head.

"It's ok, you we're probably not born yet. You see, about 20 years back my parents and my best friend's father were in a place named Orre that was going through a rebellion between humans and pokemon."

"Did they not get along?" I asked.

"No, they did but...they was a radical bunch that wanted to use pokemon for more...sinister purposes."

"Wait what does this have to do with the Professor Juniper?" Cheren asked, one hand on his chin.

"You know of her father, Cedric, right? He used Skyla's family company to make a journey to Orre a few months back for a vacation from research but learned of some...upsetting facilities there."

I thought of the P2 lab we found on route 18.

"I met N about a year back and he told me about how he wanted to understand humans better so over time we grew to be friends with him, Red, Yellow and myself."

(So that's what Looker meant when he heard of rumors about N in a faraway land...)

"Sorry to get off topic but the upsetting facilities I mentioned had to do with genome splicing. I mentioned N because he told me about how some scientists from his old team created-


"Right. So we're heading over there as reconnaissance for another group."

"That would be...?"

"N, Blue, Silver, Crystal, Cynthia and Cedric."

"Aboard the plane are other trainers whom Cynthia has met over the years. They've been selected to help us."

"Wouldn't all these people-" Cheren was about to finish but it seemed as though Green could read his mind.

"Call it crazy but, we're going to liberate those abused pokemon and we need all the man power we can get." He said with a smug grin.

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