AN: So this is the final chapter because I am almost done with the other pokemon story I keep mentioning. I am going to post the first chapter of that right now as a different story and I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to more of this.

Silver beat up some guards and got some uniforms for them. Blue bro-fisted him.

Red's team were on bikes and crossed the desert. The first thing they encountered were some thieves.

Instead of a poke-battle, the thieves instead tried to tackled the trainers while on their bikes and they dodged by moving in different directions. They kept going but soon found the thieves to have bikes of their own and were being chased.

Wally told Platmiun's group that the butcher was off his shift and that the faux-inspection for the plane was over and her group ran to the market and blended by pretending to make a midnight jog while looking like ninjas in their new costumes.

Gold and Barry was tired of the interviews and eaves-dropping and wanted to do something... adventurous. Green pulled on the back of their collars and told them they had to stay incognito. They pouted and waited for someone to mention something about the labs.