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-Kamui's tragedy-

Today is the day! Today is the day! The thought ran through Kamui's head like an echo.

Today he was finally gonna confess to Fana The girl that had captured his heart with her kindness and determination

She had finally been cured by the books of prophecy (A/N: Yes books!)

It's all because of Yumil that I can finally confess to Fana! I will be forever grateful to him! Heck I'll even name my first son after him I'm so grateful! Kamui jumped when he finished his thought

I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to find Fana first. he thought as he rounded the corner

" *Sign* I don't know where she is maybe she-" he stopped dead in his tracks

There she was just as radiant as she always was standing by the fountain but, something disturbed him

Yumil was right in front of her

He quickly hid out of their sight and listened as hard as he could

And Fana said something that broke his heart "Can I stand by your side forever?"

Oh my! Fana no! I was supposed to be by your side! Kamui thought frantically

Then he notice the hesitant look on Yumil's face

Wait she didn't

He looked closer Yumil's expression was a mixture of guilty, nervous, hesitant, yet also in love

Dammit all! Tia did tell him!

Kamui had told Tia of his loves interest and he could have sworn she had dropped hints of Yumil's interest in Fana

What do I do? ! He thought frantically

He then noticed the look on Fana's face she looked so happy and hopeful

uh oh I think I get it. It didn't take long for Kamui to put the pieces together

Yumil and himself loved Fana, but Fana loved Yumil and he was hesitant to tell her was because Tia had told him of his own interest in Fana, but he was most in trouble because of three things

One. Yumil knew Kamui loved Fana

Two. Yumil didn't want to get in between them

And three. Yumil didn't want to break Fana's heart

he was just that kinda person

Damn what should he do? !

"If you love her-" A cool voice said

"-let her go" A rather airy voice finished

Kamui jumped and spun around. No one was behind him

What was that? He thought at first then something clicked in his head

Fana wanted Yumil and he would have to live with that. And just wish for her- no they're happiness

He had to let Yumil know that that he could have Fana and he was okay with it, but how then he had an idea

"Spirits of the books of prophecy-" He whispered

"-If you hear me please tell Yumil: To make Fana happy"

He glance at the couple

Yumil's face lit up like a great burden had come off his shoulders

"Yes. Yes Fana I would like that" Yumil said

The two embraced

Kamui walked away from the scene

"I love her. So I'll have to let her go. And wish for her happiness" He whispered to the wind


Yumil walked into his house and joined his sister in eating a peice of cake humming happily

Tia looked up at him "Did something good happen today Yumil?"

"Yes Tia something good did happen"

They began to converse and they were so engrossed in talking they didn't notice the two smiling spirit girls

Ur on the other hand noticed

"What did you two do?"

"Nothing" Neaki said

"You both did something!" Rempo said

"We just gave some advice" Mieli said

So what did you think? Was it kinda OOCish? Did I get this scene right? I just thought it up on the spot so It might not be that good.