Ok guys this was originally going to be a one shot but with encouragement from my friends turned into a short story. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Eli was nervous. And damn it he was never nervous. It was all Clare's fault. Every time he was around her, he felt nervous. Like nervous as in he was never going to be good enough for her. She was his only reason for living, he loved her so so much. He felt that if he lost her or something happened to her, he would die inside for the second time in his life and maybe, just maybe, he would completely die this time.

He still loved Julia. But he was no longer in love with her. He still cared about her but he knew that Clare was he whole world; the only reason he woke up in the morning. She was his sun. His lifeline. The only thing holding him to earth. It was no longer gravity but her. That's exactly why he had to show her. To give her a ring and a promise to prove his love for her.

Yes he, Eli Goldsworthy, was going to do what he thought he would never do in a million years. He was going to propose to a girl. Not just any girl. The love of his life. He hoped she said yes. If he believed in God he would be on his knees and praying. Hell, he was practically praying at the moment. He'd never thought of it before. Of praying. He always thought it was for people who wanted to believe there was a reason for everything and for people that had nothing bad happen to them. They didn't know pain. Shit they didn't even know loss. It cuts right through your chest, grabbing your heart and squeezing it till it burst. That happened every time thought about it or saw that person especially if that person now belonged with someone else. You couldn't take it.

But Eli didn't have to go through the pain of seeing Julia everyday. He didn't have to deal with that and he was glad. He had Clare and he didn't need to dwell in the pain he once thought to be endless anymore. He was free. Clare had freed him. He would never be able to thank her enough for it. She was his Saving Grace. If there was such a thing.

So as he sat in Morty driving to their house to pick her up he thought of how much he loved her and of the urgency, now growing, to prove it to her.

She was waiting for him on their front steps in a flower patterned dress that was strapless. Blue. Just like her entrancing eyes. He had bought her that dress to wear tonight. He couldn't help but smirk. He didn't think she would because of the lack of sleeves. She was such a saint even thought they had been living together the three years they had been out of high school and she had already given him her purity ring.

Thinking of this he looked at his pinky finger where the ring was. He wore it everyday as a reminded of how much she trusted him and loved him. Who would have known that Saint Clare would abandoned her saint like ways after her parents divorced. That was a big part of it. When her parents separated she shut down for weeks. She wouldn't sleep or talk and she would hardly eat. But he had gotten her through it. Apparently he was her saving angel but he himself highly doubted it. He didn't think he was as great as that.

He had told her he needed to go get some stuff done before their date that night. She hadn't asked but she knew he was up to something. He could tell. But she didn't have the slightest idea what. She couldn't have. He hadn't even dropped the slightest hint.

He stopped the car and climbed out just as she got up. "Hey." he greeted her. She smiled and got on her tip toes to give him a kiss. He kissed her back willingly. He loved kissing her. He lips were warm and soft and when he kissed her a tingly feeling went from his lips throughout his whole body. It was magic. No it was love. He had never a feeling such as pure love. It was wonderful.

They pulled away and Eli laced his fingers with hers. Then he started leading her to the car. He opened the door for her to climb in. "Your sucking up. What do you want?" she asked jokingly but it seemed she was being serious.

He chuckled darkly and answered, "I just want to give my girl a special night out. What's so wrong with that?" She gave him a skeptical look and then shrugged. He let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. She wasn't trying to find out. It was hard for him to keep secrets from her but he had to. She would find out soon enough anyway.

They drove over to the Dot to have dinner which was filled with small chatter. Then he grabbed her hand, after paying the bill, and took her to the park. They sat on the bench where they filmed the Romeo and Juliet project. He asked her, "Do you remember what happened here?" She nodded remembering all too well. "This is where we had our first kiss. Well technically." he chuckled and nodded. They sat there in peace before Eli checked his watch and saw that if they didn't leave soon they would be late.

He grabbed her hand and she said, "I'll race you to the car." Then she let go of his hand and started running. It took him a minute to register what had happened before he was running after her. They were both laughing madly not really caring that they both looked fucking ridiculous. They were in love. What was there to worry about? He tackled her to the ground and started tickling her showing no signs that he was going to stop. After a while he decided to give her a break. When he stopped she decided to get him back. She flipped him over so that she was straddling him. She then began to kiss his neck and the area around it all the way down to his shoulder. She knew this drove him crazy.

She looked up to see his eyes flutter closed. She felt more than heard him moan low in his throat as she bit down softly on the place where his neck met his shoulder. Teasing him. She started kissing up his jaw close to his lips. Then suddenly she jumped up and started walking to the car swaying her hips; leaving him there dazed wondering what had just happened.

Then he hopped up tried to compose himself not really being very successful. Then he walked after following her to the car. She was already seated in the passenger seat. "You know your going to pay for that later." he muttered. She had a smirk on her face and just shrugged. She was going to regret taking this lightly.

They drove in silence and Eli could basically fell the smugness radiating off of Clare. She thought she had won. She had no idea. He would get her back. When she least expected it. They arrived at the building where the talk they were going to was being held. They were seeing Chuck Polinick again. Their first date. Well part of it anyway. Clare's eyes flashed in recognition. "Are we…" she trailed off. Eli nodded at her. She got a sparkle in her eyes. She loved Chuck Polinick. They went inside and sat down. For an hour they listened to the inspiring words of darkness being spun out by this amazing man.

When they were done and were walking out Clare asked, "Why did we go to that talk?" Eli looked at her and smirked. He answered, "That's what we did on our first official date." Realization came to her face and she grinned. "I have one more surprise for you tonight." he said. "And what would that be Mr. Goldsworthy?" she questioned.

He answered, "Well for obvious reasons I can't tell you." She sighed. "I'm not sure I want to know." she said wearily. "You'll like it." he promised. With that said he lead her to Morty where he put a blindfold on her. "Now I'm really scared." she joked. "You should be." he answered darkly just to see if he could scare her a little. She frowned a bit but it seemed that she trusted him too much to be scared. He sighed. So he just chuckled and began driving.

It took him a little while to get where he was taking her. He took all the routes he knew so well with her squirming in excitement beside him. He smirked. He knew she absolutely hated surprises. He finally came to the place that so many years ago, changed his life. He got out and went around to Clare's side to help her out. Seeing as she was blind and all.

She was feeling around trying to figure out where they were. "Just a few more steps." he reassured her. She laughed nervously. Then he positioned her right where he thought was he first saw her 5 years ago. "Ok", he said, "take off the blindfold." Her eyes became visible and had to looked around awhile before she recognized the fence that stood as entrance to the Degrassi School parking lot.

She looked around dazed before she asked with tears in her eyes, "Eli what are we doing here? God I've missed this place so much." Eli sighed and got down on one knee pulling a box out of his pocket. Clare gasped and real tears started rolling down her face. "Clare Diane Edwards, I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you in this very spot and haven't stopped. I ran over your glasses and said that you had really pretty eyes. I remember it so well. It was the best day of my life. I found my other half. You turned my life upside down. I promise to love you forever no matter what. Will you marry me?" he looked up at her pleading with his eyes.

But apparently no pleading was needed she had already made up her mind. She grabbed his collar and pulled him up to her for a passionate kiss. "Of course I will! I love you so much!" she gasped put through the tears. She wrapped him in a really tight hug. He was pretty sure he couldn't breath but he was too happy to care. He had the girl of his dreams.

He pulled the ring out and slid it on her finger where it fit perfectly. It was nothing special. Just one sole black diamond in the middle and intricate gold designs around it. It was perfect in her eyes. He could have proposed with a ring from a Wal-Mart machine that was plastic and she still would have said yes. That's how much she loved him.

They were sitting there just holding each other. Both too stunned to speak. They were in their own perfect world.