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Chapter 4

"Eli!" Clare called, "your kids and grandkids will be here any minute. Get down here!" He sighed. He didn't want to go. When your 80 years old you don't move as easily as you used to. He finally got downstairs with much difficulty but his kids and grandkids were already there and almost knocked Eli trying to give him hugs seeing as they hadn't seen him in a while. Well two weeks but still. They missed their Papa.

"Whoa kids don't kill Grandpa." Khloe chided. He nodded at her in thanks. She smiled back and he caught a glimpse of the sweet little girl he knew was there and he loved it. He loved it when she looked little again.

They all sat down for dinner conversing about life and what was happening at work. The usual. Eli was tired. More than he usually was. He had been feeling this way for a while. He and Clare had discussed it and she had felt that way too. It worried him.

When the kids finally left Eli and Clare started the dangerous trip up the stairs together. It took them all in all 10 minutes to get there. God it sucked getting old. Why couldn't he be younger? To go back in time and do it all again exactly the same way. He would do it all again just to be younger. Yes his life was perfect but would it hurt to want to at least FEEL younger?

They climbed into bed and snuggled close together just like they did every night. Suddenly Clare spoke up "Eli I don't know why I feel like I need to tell you this but I do. I love you. With all my heart. Do you remember us promising that we would be forever each others when we had Khloe?" He didn't know why she was asking all this but he nodded anyway. "Well I want you to know I meant it. Every word of it." He grinned at her though she probably couldn't see it. "I love you too Clare. And when I said I was yours and you were mine forever I meant it. With all my heart." She kissed him tenderly on the lips.

Suddenly he felt like darkness was washing over him. Binding him. "Eliā€¦" Clare's scared voice trailed off. He knew she was experiencing the same thing. He grasped her hands tightly. He felt as all his strength was being drained from him. He felt the darkness start to carry him away. When he was able to open his eyes again the first thing he saw was light. Blinding light. Like the sun. he turned his head to see 16 year old Clare looking astonished at him. She looked just as she had that first day he saw her. Like an angel fallen from Heaven down to Earth. So this is what Heaven is like. He grasped her hand that he hadn't let go tighter. And they started walking forward towards the pearly white gates. Ready to keep their promise and be forever each others.