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Chapter 12: Another Pet Rock II

"Then why would she go over there and not toward the door?"

John raised his head from his food and looked at his flatmate, who was seemingly talking to himself. "Uh, Sherlock, who are you talking to?"

Sherlock looked up from his lap and glared at John across the table. "Not to you," he said, in a tone that should have made that question obvious.

John, who was used to such things, raised an eyebrow. "Then to whom?"

For a moment, Sherlock intensified his glare, then looked away completely and down at his lap. "Toby," he murmured.

John was about to ask, when Sherlock placed something on the table. John stared at the innocent- looking rock, wondering if he should call a mental doctor and schedule sherlock for an appointment.

"Don't stare at Toby like that. He doesn't like it!" Sherlock said, grabbing the rock and holding it protectively to his chest.

John groaned, propped his elbow and facepalmed. "'He,' Sherlock?" John asked, his voice was slightly muffled. "The rock is a 'he' named 'Toby.'" John giggled once, bordering on hysteria, and muttered, "Yeah, I'm definitely making that appointment." Louder, he said, "Not again, Sherlock, please!"

"Well, I had to replace Steve after you threw him out into the cold cruel world all by his self."

John lifted his head, took one look in his friend's serious blue- grey eyes and started laughing. The hysterical edge that was in his earlier giggle was in full force.

I'll probably make one for myself while I'm at it, John thought.

End of Chapter 12

A/N: This is the sequel to "Another Pet Rock" in case you didn't notice. :p Steve is the rock Sherlock had in that installment. ;) I hope you enjoyed! :D