"Doesn't the boyfriend usually pick out the boutineer... wait." Blaine thought about that a moment as Kurt pinned the flower to his suit. "It's better then anything I would have picked out anyways," he smiled.

Kurt smiled back, stepping away to make sure it was straight on his boyfriends coat. "I was going to go with a tiger lily for us both, but I figured bird of paradise would go better with our complexion." Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared up into Blaine's eyes. He looked a bit paler then usual and the Warbler knew why.

Closing the gap between them, Blaine placed his hands on either side of Kurt and gave his arms a squeeze. "It's going to be awesome. Karofsky came around and apologized. You said things were better at McKinnley, right? This is your prom just as much as it is theirs. So let's go have a good time." Maybe Karofsky wasn't on his case anymore, but who knew how the rest of his friends were taking this change.

Kurt sighed, fixing Blaine's hair, before he leaned in for a quick kiss. "You're right. We're going to be the best dressed there, the DJ is suppose to be the best McKinnley has ever had and I've needed a good dance. Besides, I've got the best looking date there. You're right. Things have been calm and nice. Tonights going to be perfect." Kurt heard Carol call from upstairs. The limo had to be there. "You ready for a million pictures?"

Blaine pulled his pink sunglasses out of his jacket, slidding them on. "I was born ready."

Kurt laughed as he put his own shades on, looping his arm in Blaine's to head downstairs. He was right. Tonight was Prom. Fabulous dresses and suits, dancing till your legs burned and then the holy grail of the whole night. Crowning the King and Queen. Quinn and Finn were shoe-ins for the title. Hell, he planned on voting for them. Not like he had anyone else to vote for.

Tonight was Prom, and Kurt could care less about anything else. He had Blaine, who was posing adorably. Everything already was perfect.


Once they'd arrived to the Prom, Quinn quickly dragged Finn away to vote while Kurt and Blaine saught out Mercedes and Rachel. The girls had chosen each other as their dates with the promise of a few dances from the best looking boys there.

"Did you vote yet?" Mercedes asked, looping her arm around Kurt's to lead him back to the tables. "I voted for you."

"For me? Don't let Quinn know you wasted a vote. She'll have a kitten," Kurt said getting into line.

"Oh she's not the only one. The whole Glee club voted for you. If anything, you'll make prom court if you get enough votes," Rachel said, glaring as Quinn and Finn entered the photo area for their picture.

"Okay so 10 people voted for me. We're in a class of over 300 people, half of which probably don't even know my name. Thank you both, but you wasted your votes." Kurt shrugged as he got to the table to make his vote. Blaine shook his head at the girls as they made their way off in to dance. Really, what were they thinking? A school full of people that hated him for being gay, making him their Prom King? Please. Still, a few votes for him, would rock the boat a little, without stealing it away from his brother. Kurt signed his name and Quinns on the ballet and passed it in, before he turned and took Blaine's hand.

"You all right?" Blaine asked him, looking into the room. "Looks like a hell of a party."

"I'm fine. Let's show some girls how to get down. All I see are a bunch of strippers in the making and awkward football players." Kurt grinned and pulled Blaine along, ignoring the looks of Karofsky's former gang.

"When are they going to annouce it?" Quinn asked, sitting down after a round of dancing. "It's getting close to the end of the night! I'm freaking out worse then when I went into labor!"

"It's gonna be all right Quinn. I mean, you said it yourself. We're on top again. Chances are good you're gonna get it," Finn said. He'd long since stripped himself of most of his tux. His boe tie was the only extra article that remained. His eyes scanned the dance floor, catching site of Blaine and Kurt dancing in a small mosh pit of Glee members.

"It's good to have Kurt back here," Finn said moving closer to Quinn.

"Uh huh, yeah... you don't think Santana will get more votes do you? I've been passing out cookies for weeks now. If I had to frost one more sugar cookie I think I might have gotten carpal tunnel." Finn just smiled, looking back out to the dance floor as the song stopped, Blaine and Kurt coming by with Mercedes and Rachel. Rachel looked amazing tonight. As nice as it was to be there with Quinn on the cusp of being crowned Prom King, something dwelled on his conscience.

He should have been there with Rachel.

"..right Finn?" Finn snapped back looking up at Rachel. "I was saying, they should have let us get up there and sing something! While their selection is rather-"

"Rachel, let it go. We both know if you and I got up there with any kind of duet other then "Love The Way You Lie", we'd get slushied right off the stage. And I'm sorry, I just can't rap." Kurt, tried to bring a little more volume to his bangs as he looked up towards the stage. "Looks like they're gearing up to make the annoucement. I'm just going to congradulate you both now, since I'm sure once they call your names, getting near you will be next to impossible."

"Yeah, congrats Quinn, Finn. Kurt's been telling me about your quest for the crown. He's been keeping track of this about as closely as he's been keeping track of Kate Middleton might be wearing to her wedding. I think he's narrowed it down to Vera Wang and St. Pucchi." Blaine grinned, knowing Kurt's attention was on the stage now too. Stepping behind his chair and leaned down to whisper in the other boy's ear.

"You want that crown, don't you?" he whispered, looking in the same direction of Kurt.

"I have several from when I was little," Kurt whispered back, looking up at Blaine who was standing over him. "But it would be a nice thought."

"Well, you're my prince. And if you like, when we get out of here, we can stop at Burger King for a shake and paper crown." Blaine kissed Kurt's forehead quickly standing up straight. Kurt blushed, a soft smile spreading across his lips. How did Blaine always know just what to say?

"All right McKinnley High! I've got your Prom Court votes right here!" Principal Figgins held the envelope up and the room lost it, crowding the stage. Quinn lept from her chair, pulling Finn along with her. Figgin's started naming off court members one by one as Kurt got up from the chair.

"We can go now, if you want. Party is almost over and you promised me a shake and a paper crown I can bejewel later on." Kurt gave Mercedes a kiss on the cheek. She protested him leaving, but there wasn't much of a point. Prom King and Queen would get crowned, they'd have their dance. Blaine gave her a quick kiss as well before he started to follow Kurt out the door.

"Prom Prince, Finn Hudson!" The room broke out into loud applause as Finn, who looked a bit confused went up to get his runner-up crown. Quinn looked beside herself. Was she going to get princess? It was still court, but who was going to be King?

Kurt stopped when he heard Finn's name come for the Prince, rather then the King. Blaine stopped with him. "That's weird. I thought you said he was a shoe in."

"He was." Then if Finn didn't get it, who did?

Another girl was named for Princess and she joined the few other girls on the stage. "And now, your Prom Queen... Quinn Fabray!" Half the room looked like they'd expected it, while several people clapped just to be polite. Quinn was overwhelmed with relief and joy as she made her way up to the stage to get her crown and flowers.

"And the McKinnely High Junior Class Prom King is..." Principal Figgins looked down his list, the whole room hushed in anticipation. "Kurt Hummel!"

For the first time the whole night the room was silent. The spotlight moved around the room until it landed on Kurt by the door with Blaine. He was frozen. A room full of hundreds of people were all staring at him, waiting for something. Maybe for him to remember how to breathe?

"YES KURT!" Mercedes and Rachel's voices broke the tension and the room errupted into cheers. Kurt was still grounded in his spot, until a gentle arm wrapped around him, starting to lead him across the gym floor. The crowd broke apart as they walked through, getting the slender, well dressed boy up onto the stage.

"Courage," Blaine whispered to him, before letting him go to get his crown.

Kurt made it up and the crown and sash were placed on him. Standing beside Quinn, he smiled out to the crowd, before looking over to her. "Sorry, I don't know how this happened. Sure this messes up all of your plans."

Quinn watched Kurt, her eyes then moving to Blaine standing off in the wings. This wasn't right. It wasn't how she wanted this night to go. Sure she got her crown, but she'd missed the point all along. It wasn't about being the most popular. Okay; maybe it was. But it was about being crowned with the person that meant the most to you. Finn was in court, standing right on the other side of her, but who did Kurt have up here? She could always steal Finn's from him later. Stepping away from Kurt she walked across the stage to the stairs, waving Blaine to come up.

At first, Blaine shook his head. This wasn't his school or his moment to shine. Kurt looked horrified to be up there, which was weird. Maybe it wasn't though. He'd said it before. School full of people that could care less about him a few months ago was now cheering his name. The shock was a bit much. Quinn waved him up again and this time he followed through, coming up on stage.

"I got the title, but Kurt needs someone worthy of being his, well, King." Taking the crown off her head, Quinn stood on her tip toes to place it in his sleek, dark hair. "Go." Blaine did as he was told, walking beside Kurt and took his hand. The cheers died down again as Kurt's attention flipped to Blaine beside him in Quinn's crown. She moved to stand beside Finn, snatching the one off his head to wear, smiling up at him and then to Kurt.

"I believe, we're suppose to have a dance," Blaine said, smiling at Kurt fondly. Moving to the edge of the stage, Blaine jumped down holding his arms up for Kurt to jump down to him. The people around the stage moved to give them some room, the lighting changing for the last song of the night. Kurt walked to the end of the stage placing his hands on Blaine's shoulder's as the other eased him down to the floor.

Everyone spread out, leaving room for the two to take the center of the dance floor as the music started up. Somewhere Only We Know started playing as everyone coupled up. Blained wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist and pulled him in close, his smile bright as ever. Kurt closed his eyes, resting his head against Blaine's as the man he loved started to sing along.

Perfect. This night was perfect. Kurt opened his eyes, watching Mercedes and Rachel dance by, beside themselves for him. He smiled at them, still in disbelief of this moment. His father and Carol were never going to believe this. He barely did.

The song started to wind down and Kurt realized Blaine wasn't singing anymore. In fact, he was staring at Kurt with that look. Slowly, his hand moved to wrap around the back of Blaine's neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Sure, all the attention in the room was on them now. Let them stare. This was his moment and they were the ones that voted for it. Breaking away from the kiss, Kurt took Blaine's hand and lead him out of the gym. It was getting awful warm in there and he needed some fresh air.

"You all right?" Blaine asked as they got outside. Kurt laughed, turning back to Blaine, the smile on his face never wavering. "I'll take that as a definate yes. Congradulations Prom King. Looks like things really have changed here-"

"I love you." Kurt interrupted Blaine, obviously catching him off guard. "I do. And it's okay if you don't- I mean I know you care about me a lot, but if you're not there yet-" Blaine was the one to interrupt now, lips crashing against Kurt's.

"Kurt Hummel," he said pulling back, shaking his head. "I-"

"Well look what we have here," came Azimio, breaking the moment. "Couple of homo's shaking things up at Prom." Kurt froze, seeing the other gorillas behind him. "Think people in this school lost their damn minds voting for you."

"We need to go," Kurt hissed, pulling on Blaine's arm.

"You aren't going anywhere. You may have turned Karofsky all feminine on us, but we'd thought we teach you a lesson for that."

"They're drunk," Blaine said, keeping Kurt behind him. "And they don't know a damn thing, do they? Come on, we'll leave and you guys can go back to your singles night." Blaine turned around and there was one of Azimio's friends right behind Kurt fist raised. Blaine shoved Kurt down quickly, taking the blow to the side. Blaine crashed beside him hissing at the pain that was radiating through his body.

"You better stay down gay boy," he heard Azimio say, closing in. He had something in his hand. A bat? Car jack? It was hard to tell, but he saw him raise it and he knew he was swinging at Kurt. Blaine was up, shoving the boy back, turning to Kurt.

"RUN-!" he yelled, but it cut off. His head whipped to the side and he hit the pavement, unmoving. The parking lot was deadly silent, only the echo of the object connecting with Blaine's head remained.

"Blaine," Kurt's voice was barely audiable. No answer. Kurt slowly crawled over to his boyfriend, resting his hand on his shoulder. The side of his face was already purple, blood trickling from his ear. The other boys didn't move, surprised with themselves, perhaps, that they'd actually gone through with their actions. Maybe they were pissed that Blaine had gotten in the way of them hurting Kurt instead. "BLAINE?" Kurt's cry was desperate and strained, panic settling in fast.

Digging into his pockets, he found his cellphone, dialing 9-1-1. Kurt heard the doors to the gym open, people coming out since the Prom was over. The gang knew they'd be seen and took off through the parking lot. The operator picked up on the other end, but Kurt was in shock. He knew Blaine needed help, but he couldn't get his voice to work.

Suddenly, Rachel was at his side, taking the phone from him, talking to the operator for him. "Yes, our friend is hurt... I don't know, he was hit in the head, we just found him... McKinnley High School. Please hurry!" Rachel put the phone down, looking at Kurt for some kind of an explaination, but she wasn't getting anything.

Tonight, was suppose to be perfect. It was. Maybe that's why it all started to crumble down.

To Be Continued...