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Chapter 2

Once they arrived at the hospital, Neal was wheeled away and Peter went to get checked out. Peter was the luckier of the two since he was sitting in the backseat; he just had a sore shoulder from the seat belt. Neal, on the other hand, had three broken ribs and a concussion. The doctors tapped up his ribs and gave him some heavy pain medication that was keeping him asleep. But that was over four hours ago. Now, Peter was sitting with Elizabeth in a bland hospital room waiting for their favorite con man to finally wake up. The nurses eased up on the pain meds and said that Neal would wake up when his body is good and ready.

"How long do you think it'll be till he wakes up?" Elizabeth broke the silence and looked over to Peter who was sitting in an extremely uncomfortable hospital chair in front of Neal's bed. She was pretty upset about the situation after getting a call from Peter when they first came to the hospital.

"I just don't know, hon. It might not be just the meds, concussions are pretty serious." Peter had guilt written all over his face and Elizabeth could clearly read it.

"Peter, it wasn't you fault. You couldn't have known this was going to happen." She reassured her husband.

"Yeah. But El…you should have seen how much pain he was in."

"I know, the doctors said rib fractures are really painful." She sighed and tried to perk up. "Don't worry, this is Neal we're talking about! He'll be back on his feet annoying you about your tie before you know it."

"I hope so."

There was another short silence before Elizabeth asked, "Did you call Mozzie? He might be waiting for Neal at June's or something." She saw Peter's face drop and immediately knew the answer. "Peter, go call him now, it's not too late. Maybe he'll stop by."

"Okay." Peter got up out of his chair and was almost to the door when he turned around. "Oh, hon, I need to use your phone. Mine was crushed in the accident."

"It's fine." Elizabeth searched through her purse and pulled out her cell. "Speed dial 8."

Peter was puzzled. "Why 8?"

"He said it was his lucky number." Elizabeth smiled.

"Of course." Peter just accepted the fact and made his way out to call Mozzie. He dialed 8 and pressed the call button. After exactly 4 rings, he heard Mozzie pick up.

"I saw a mockingbird in the park."

"No, we are definitely not starting that."

"Suit, why are you calling from Mrs. Suit's phone?"

Peter paused. "Mozzie, there's been an accident..."

"Is she okay? What happened? I know a guy who—" Mozzie blurted out all at once.

"El is fine. It's Neal."

"What about Neal? Is he hurt? I knew something like this would happen!"

"Mozzie, calm down! Yes, he got hurt. We were hit in the Taurus and Jones and Diana are looking into who did it right now. El and I are at the hospital waiting for him to wake up."

"Oh. He'll be okay though, right?"

"The doctors said he'll be fine, they just need him to wake up to make sure nothing is seriously wrong."

"Alright then."

Peter was about to ask Mozzie if he wanted to come and wait with them but quickly remembered that he had a slight phobia of hospitals. "Moz, he'll understand." Peter reassured his mutual friend. He heard Mozzie release a breath over the phone.

"Okay, I'll be in touch." Mozzie paused. "I'm glad you're alright, Suit. Tell Elizabeth that I'm still looking forward to try that quiche Wednesday."

Peter had no clue that Mozzie was making plans with his wife but dismissed it. Elizabeth had grown quite fond of having him around. "Sure thing." he added and then heard Mozzie end the call. Peter made his way back into Neal's private room. When he walked in, Elizabeth was still sitting in the same chair so he didn't bother to ask if Neal was awake yet. He went over to give Elizabeth a kiss and then sat back down.

"Is he coming?" Elizabeth asked hopefully.

"No, he has that phobia of hospitals. He also said he's still on for Wednesday." Peter placed a questioning look on his face.

"Oh, honey, it's nothing. I know you hate trying out new caterers, so I get him to help out."

"You have a point there."

Peter and Elizabeth heard a knock at the door and turned to see Jones walk in.

"Hey, Jones, thanks for coming by." Peter said as he got up.

"No problem, boss. Hello, Elizabeth, nice to see you." Jones spoke toward Elizabeth

"You too, Clinton. Though, I wish it were on better terms." She frowned and looked toward Neal.

"How's he doing?" Jones inquired.

"The doctors said he should wake up soon."

"That's good, that's good." Jones looked at Peter. "We found out who was in the SUV."

"Who was it?"

"Dykes' brother, Kyle."

"You're kidding."

"No, I'm not. Diana went to go question Dykes and she said he wasn't the least bit upset about his brother's death. He even confessed that he threatened to kill his sister-in-law if Kyle didn't get rid of you for putting him behind bars."

"Jesus…we never saw this coming."

"Yeah, plus it turns out that Dykes was also forcing Kyle to help transport the counterfeited cash. He confessed everything for a plea bargain."

Peter released a breath. "Okay, thanks Jones."

"Just doing my job." Jones nodded. "Well, I gotta get back to the office and help out Diana. Feel free to call us when Caffrey wakes up. Goodbye, Elizabeth." He walked over to the sliding door.

"Bye, Clinton." Elizabeth said.

Jones paused halfway through the door and turned around. "Oh, and Peter? Don't worry about the bet. I'm thinking when Neal's outta here, we buy him lunch instead."

"Sounds like a plan." Peter smiled. "Bye, Jones."

Jones waved his final goodbyes and left. Elizabeth and Peter went back to waiting for Neal to wake up. They were silent for another half an hour before Elizabeth started to get up.

"I'm going to take a bathroom break and get some coffee. You want some?" Elizabeth asked Peter.

"That would be great, hon." Peter said as he watched Elizabeth grab her purse and leave. Peter looked at the sleeping figure on the hospital bed. He noticed how young Neal looked when he was sleeping and couldn't imagine that he was actually a world renowned art thief, let alone his friend. There was no denying that their relationship hasn't grown into something more than a FBI agent and con artist. Peter was soon lost in his thoughts when he heard a groan coming from the other side of the room. He looked up to see that Neal was starting to wake up and practically ran over to the side of the bed.

"Neal? Hey, can you open your eyes for me?"

Neal's eyelids slowly opened and he looked around the little room and wondered where he was. He decided to focus on the person beside his bed.


"Yeah, buddy, I'm right here." Peter smiled back at his consultant and friend. "How are you feeling?"

Neal shifted in the small hospital bed to try and sit up but stopped after he felt discomfort in his side. "Like I was hit by a truck."

"Well, that's sorta what happened. Do you remember?"

Neal closed his eyes. "I'm not sure." He opened them again. "But I had this weird dream that you let me drive the Taurus."

"No, Neal, that wasn't a dream. You did drive it, and there was a crash too. Dykes' brother was coerced into getting rid of me. He died from the impact."


"Yeah." Peter paused. "Neal, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let you drive just because of some stupid bet. This is all my fa—."

Neal interrupted. "Peter, it wasn't your fault. You couldn't have known that this was going to happen the one time you let me drive. And besides, in the little time I was driving, I enjoyed it."

"Don't get your hopes up. You won't be driving any car of mine again."

"Come on, I think that's a little bit unfair."

"Life's unfair."

"Wow, that was original, Peter."

"Yeah, yeah."

"So, what's the damage?"

"Three broken ribs and a concussion."

"No, I meant to the Taurus. I can feel the broken ribs and the concussion." Neal corrected.

"Oh, it's busted beyond repair. El and I are going to need to do some car shopping I guess."

"Sounds like that it'll be fun." Neal perked up.

"You say that like you'll be coming with us."

"Of course I will. I'm pretty sure if you let me talk to the dealer we can work out a compromise." Neal winked.

Peter actually considered Neal's offer for a moment but their attention shifted toward the door as Elizabeth walked in with two coffee cups. "Neal! You're awake!" She quickly placed them down on a side table and rushed to Neal's bed. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay, these pain meds seem to be doing their charm." Neal grinned.

"Okay, well the doctor said you could be discharged when you woke up if everything was alright. I'll go find him now." Elizabeth said as she walked back out of the room.

After the doctor came back to check up on Neal's vitals and such, he gave the O.K. for him to be discharged. Elizabeth had stopped by June's before heading over to the hospital and grabbed some clean clothes for Neal. Right when he was finishing buttoning his shirt, which took careful movements thanks to his ribs, a young nurse walked in with a wheelchair.

"You ready Mr. Caffrey?"

"Please, call me Neal." he winked, clearly trying to get out of sitting in the wheelchair.

The nurse blushed and Peter rolled his eyes. "Very well then." she giggled. "Neal, your chariot awaits you."

"Yeah, about that, you see, I think I'm doing much better and won't need to—"

"Ah, I don't think so Mr. Caffrey. It is standard protocol for patients to be wheeled out. If you'd like, your friend can push you." the nurse nodded toward Peter.

"What?" Peter did not like where this was going.

"You know what, I think that would be fantastic, Peter." Neal smiled as he slowly sat down in the wheelchair.

Peter regretfully pushed Neal toward the front of the hospital with the nurse in tow. When they got to the doors, Neal very slowly got up out of the wheelchair with some assistance from Peter.

The blonde nurse handed Neal a small bottle and a piece of paper. "Here is your sample prescription and you'll need to get it filled tomorrow. If you feel any more discomfort, go ahead and make an appointment with your doctor. Any questions?"

"Nope, I think I'm all set. Thank you for your help, Claire." Neal flashed a charming smile at the nurse.

Claire's cheeks blushed. "Feel better, Mr. Caffrey." She turned around and wheeled the wheelchair back into the hospital.


"You're just jealous you can't flirt."

"No need when you're happily married." Peter looked up at the blue Toyota that pulled up to the sidewalk. "Speaking of, here's Elizabeth with the car."

Neal opened the door and gently slid into the backseat while Peter sat shotgun.

"Nice car, is it a rental?" Neal asked.

"Oh, no. When I got Peter's phone call earlier I was at work and Yvonne let me borrow her car." Elizabeth clarified.

When Elizabeth pulled up to the house and parked, she looked in the mirror to see into the backseat and stifled a laugh. Neal fell asleep with his head against the window and his mouth wide open.

"What's so funny?" Peter asked.

"Neal fell asleep."

Peter turned around to see for himself and when he did, he almost laughed too. "I should take a picture for everyone at the office."

"Peter! No blackmailing."

"Fine, fine. I guess I gotta wake him up." Peter unbuckled his seat belt.

"Did you even tell him he was staying here?"

"I might have forgotten to mention it to him."

"Uh huh sure, honey." Elizabeth unbuckled herself and grabbed her purse. "I'll go get dinner started."

Peter got out of the passenger seat and opened the backdoor to wake up Neal. He shook the consultant softly on the arm and Neal flicked open his eyes.

"Even when I thought I couldn't sleep anymore…" Neal yawned.

"That's what happens when you get a concussion, buddy."

"Lovely." Neal grabbed Peter's hand for support as he lifted himself out of the backseat. Once he was standing, he looked around.

"Peter, why am I at your house?"

"Don't look at me, it was El's idea that you should spend the night. Plus the doctor said someone should look after you with that concussion."

"Well I wouldn't want to disappoint El."

"No, you wouldn't, especially when she's cooking her special lasagna."

"Yum, sounds great."

After dinner, Peter and Neal were sitting down on the couch in the living room with the game on. Elizabeth insisted that she could clean up herself and practically ordered them out of the kitchen.

"You sure you don't wanna watch anything? I know you hate watching this stuff."

"Nah, don't worry. I just took the last of the pain pills; I'll be out before you know it."

"Suit yourself. Oh and by the way, I called Hughes earlier and he's giving you a couple days off."

Neal smirked. "How are you guys going to manage at the office without me?"

"We did pretty well before you started with us, so I think we'll be okay." Peter joked, knowing full well that the office without Neal Caffrey around would be undoubtedly uneventful.

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