Hey, my third story posted. This story was partially inspired by the Avatar fanfiction "Distorted Reality" a really good fic you should try out. I hope this is as good as some of the other fictions out there.

Robin woke up early in the morning as was usual. Richard Grayson, usually called "Dick" for short by those who knew his name, sat on the side of his bed, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Then he froze as he realized something, his mask wasn't on. He pulled his hands away and looked at his body; he wasn't in his costume either. He was up on his feet and in a ready stance in an instant, suspecting some trick of Slade's. He scanned the room he was in; it looked just like his old room back at Wayne Manor. Carefully, he crept to the door and opened it. He made his way to the grandfather clock which should hold the entrance to the Batcave.

He turned the clock hands to 10:47 and watched as it swung open. He stalked in and looked around, it was the Batcave sure enough, but just to be sure he walked over to the Bat-computer and turned it on. As it was booting up he looked for his costume, he found one that looked like his but with some color variation, it had black pants and gloves instead of his normal green. He quickly put it one and felt better to be back in his costume even if it was a bit different. He went back to the Bat-Computer and began combing the files for any sign of fraud, maybe this was some twisted joke of Slade, or worse, the Joker. He was very nervous and concentrated trying to find out what happened to transport him back to the Batcave.

"Up a bit early, aren't we Dick?"

Robin, without thinking, swung his fist around and sucker punched the person standing behind him in the gut. As the person doubled over in pain, he jumped over him like they where playing leap-frog and dragged the person with him, throwing him over his shoulders. The person slammed into the wall and Robin pounced on him, then the person grabbed his arms and in an expert move, swung him around and pinned him face first to the wall. As he struggled he heard a voice that made him freeze with shock.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT DICK!" shouted Batman.

Well I hope that got you interested, I think you can guess were Robin is given where this fic is posted, drop a review please if you've got the time.

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