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Previously on Robin's Adventure:

Robin raised his eyebrows and continued to listen.

"Tomorrow night the mastermind behind this all will gather all of the freed inmates into the Gotham City Stadium and will present them with a deal. I am not inclined, however, to tell you what the deal is, I believe you can find that out by yourself."

Robin considered this, the beginnings of a plan beginning to form in his mind. But his thoughts were cut short as Ra's made one last statement.

"One word of warning," he said as he began to back away into the shadows "the meeting is not the only reason he is here. He has great interest in another thing."

And then he was gone.

2 days later:

Robin was on his knees and he didn't move. A steady drip drip was the only sound that could be heard. He stared down at his hands, soaked as they were in blood.

In the blood; of his team

He had failed. He had failed them all. They were all dead because he wasn't good enough. He looked over at Megan, she had been skewered by a piece of pipe, and her lifeless eyes stared back at him. Superboy lay a short distance away, he also had a pipe shoved through him, but he was stuck to the wall in some gross facsimile of standing up. The Joker always did like macabre jokes.

Kaldur's body, beaten almost beyond recognition as he desperately tried to fend off Solomon Grundy, was lying near the water. Wally had tried to protect Artemis. But for all of his pains he'd been thrown headfirst against a wall. He'd been dead before he hit the ground. Artemis had only lived long enough to watch him fall to the concrete before her neck had been snapped by Killer Croc. Then, Robin had fallen to his knees as he heard the screams of the rest of the honorary members of the Young Justice as they were finished off. He was certain he was next to die. But when he looked up, all the villains were gone only the bodies of his team were left, taunting him silently screaming at him for his failure.

Robin's head bowed again, as if he didn't look, then it wouldn't be so horrible, but it was. He had failed, he had let them die. He had no place being a hero; he had no place living while they died. It wasn't fair, but then again, life never seemed to be fair.

He was cursed, that must be it, and wherever he went all he could bring was pain and suffering. He should've just slit his wrists the night his parents died.

He was a monster, the worst type; the monster that tried to tell itself that it was wasn't. He was a monster that tried to deny his nature; that his very presence was a danger to all those around him, and now his friends had paid the price.

Suicide was his only exit. But even as this thought entered his head, something rebuffed it. Robin had no idea what it was, but it argued against that conclusion.

It was confusing, so he went back to simply staring at the bodies of his friends while the blood on his hands slowly dripped down to the sewer concrete.

He was a monster.

He was a monster.

He was a monster…

In the Batcave, several people were gathered around a bed. Kaldur, Superboy, and Kid Flash were the main persons paying the most attention to the boy with black hair lying on the bed. Said boy had bandages all around his body and bruises were clearly visible in the places where skin was showing. Kaldur himself had several bandages around his chest and Kid Flash's arm was in a sling. Of the trio, only Superboy seemed to be uninjured. Though if you could judge by how he was acting, he was extremely nervous as he looked down at his oldest friend.

"Will he be okay?!" Kid Flash asked apprehensively.

Kaldur, who was watching the IV monitor nodded. "The drugs were powerful and it will take time, but the chemicals Batman introduced to his body should flush them out of his system."

"But why isn't he waking up?!"

"Even this process takes time, a few hours at least, a day at most. There are too many factors to give an exact time."

Superboy grimaced "We should get Manhunter down here, he could help Robin!"

"The League judged it more necessary to convene a meeting to discuss Robin's actions."

At this sentence, all three of them looked nervous. Eventually Kid Flash broke the silence, "Man, they better not disapprove of what Robin did. I mean, he took the worst of it for Pete's sake!"

Kaldur answered in a thoughtful voice, "I fear that much of the League will not see it that way. Our mentors especially will only be able to see how much the team was injured."

Superboy looked away at this.

"All we can do for Robin is to wait here until he wakes up and be there for him."

"Yeah, and hope Batman can cover for him."

Meanwhile on the Watchtower:

A meeting of heroes was sitting at the League's table. Everyone was involved in a small conversation with someone else, all discussing the subject the meeting was about.

Then Superman, at the head of the table, spoke up. "Alright, settle down, the meeting is about to start. Is everyone present?"


"Good, then I officially call this meeting of the Justice League to order. The first item on our agenda is a discussion on how we should allocate our-"

He was interrupted by Hawkman who said rather brashly, "Superman, I think that we all know that all of our minds are on one thing and one thing only. We should deal with that first."

Superman looked around, then, seeing that everyone appeared to agree, he sighed and said, "Fine, the item for discussion then is: Robin's method of leading of the Young Justice."

"Method!" the Flash cried indignantly. "The kid's insane; Wally's got a fractured arm!"

There were murmurs of agreement.

It was Martian Manhunter who spoke next. "I feel you are being unfair Flash, while some of Robin's choices may have resulted in injury, they still have been primarily good in nature."

Green Arrow narrowed his eyes. "I don't know that kid seems weirder every time I look closer at the team. For instance; what about his recruits some of them aren't even kids!"

Hal Jordan of the Green Lanterns spoke next. "Stewart and I also question the recruitment of Guy Gardner. He's hyperactive and is a bit of a blowhard." Stewart nodded in agreement wondering what the Boy Wonder had been thinking.

Manhunter spoke up again. "However his combat abilities proved most useful in the battle against the villainess known as Poison Ivy specifically."

Aquaman turned to look at Batman, who hadn't spoken yet. "I am very doubtful of Robin's ability to directly lead the team. Many on his team were injured in the final battle. Those that were not were only saved by their powers such as Superboy, being the so-, being of Kyptonian descent. Kaldur however, sustained several bullet wounds and he is one of the one's with the least amount of injuries. The others have varying degrees of injuries."

Everyone looked at Batman with varying emotions showing on their faces, some curiosity, and others accusatorily. When Batman finally spoke it left no doubt in their minds that he meant every word of what he said.

"You all have nothing to complain about; nothing at all. If anyone here has anything to complain about, it's me. Robin is lying in a bed, beaten half to death while forced to watch Gotham burn and simultaneously watch his worst nightmares come true. You all have nothing to say that could even remotely make me question that Robin has the welfare of the team well in hand."

A silence greeted this statement. There was a chill in the air as everyone felt the cold anger behind the Dark Knight's words.

The Flash broke the silence eventually. "Still Batman, what are we supposed to think, what with all the injuries?"

"If the League had been the one handling this, do you think we would've come out of it unscathed? Perhaps less injured, but the fact remains that the Young Justice were the only ones organized and large enough for this situation. The League was indisposed and unaware of the situation until we got back."

"But the fact remains," put in Wonder Woman, "That some of us are questioning the wisdom of the Young Justice idea in favor of a more personal and controlled approach."

Her face took on a more accusing look. "I think it also fair to mention that most of us are also questioning how healthy it is for Robin to be your apprentice."

There were sounds of indignation around the table, plenty of the members had had similar thoughts, but none of them had actually wanted to have them voiced to the Dark Knight.

Wonder Woman looked around at the annoyed faces. "I see no reason why we should hide this; he already knows we are losing faith in Robin's ability to lead. You yourself have said that he has the worst injuries of all; you defend his actions that have caused great injury and let great harm happen. What you conveniently skirt around is that Robin is no more than 13 years old. And yet he leads the team through a myriad of situations that would cause any adult a supreme amount of anguish. What he is trying to be is not healthy for him."

Batman narrowed his eyes, showing that he did not take kindly to Wonder Woman's assumptions. "Robin needed to bring the men who murdered his parents to justice; else he would never be able to live with himself."

"Why, so he could turn out like you?!"

Batman's face turned somber, perhaps even sad as he spoke again, "so that he wouldn't."

Shock at Batman having shown his emotions, (other than anger and rage), so freely permeated the room. Then Superman shook his head, "we've strayed from the original subject."

He brought up an image of each sidekick. "Some of us have been discussing abolishing the Young Justice team. Each sidekick will be assigned to their mentor for more personal and safe training."

Green Arrow broke in. "What about the young members that don't have mentors?"

"They'll be assigned to one of us with the most similar powers. Meanwhile, on the topic of age and Young Justice members, we need to discuss one of Robin's recruits."

A picture of Red Star appeared and some of the League member's faces darkened.

"This man, Leonid Kovar, was a test subject in an old Soviet experiment to try and create "the perfect soldier." He was declared a failure and dumped by his government after his powers went out of control. He was recently discovered by Robin and, in an incident in which his powers where brought under his control, was recruited to the Young Justice."

Batman spoke up again, "I know I was with Robin on that mission."

"Then you should know that some of us have reservations in inviting him in."

"He and his former general have expressed disgust over their government and have no wish to be a part of it anymore."

"That is if they're being genuine."

Batman sighed. "They had been left in a backwater section of their country. Their city was in shambles and they received absolutely no aid to repair it. That should be proof enough."

The debate went on for several hours, with several people going back and forth, some defending Robin's methods, others attacking them.

But eventually, after much arguing, a compromise was reached.

"All main members of Young Justice will receive a new training regimen, designed to improve their combat capability. The training regimen for the core members will be penned by the mentor of the team member. The team however, will still be headed by Batman, and led by Robin in the field. Does everyone find this compromise agreeable for the time being?"

A unanimous "yes" was heard.

"Then I declare this meeting adjourned, we are all dismissed."

A great scraping of chairs was heard and nearly everyone got up to go leave. Batman immediately made for the Zeta Tubes, noticing, but not acknowledging, the looks that everyone was giving him. They ranged from pitying, for the entire flake he and his protégé were getting, (this was mostly given by J'Onn), and angry for insisting Robin stay in charge.

The second stares he didn't really care about. In his mind, Robin deserved praise, not condemnation. The mentors were speaking from their feelings of anger at their sidekicks' getting hurt.

Batman entered the Zeta Tube and headed back to the Batcave, where he knew several of the Young Justice members waited there, watching over Robin while he was gone.

Two night ago in Gotham:

Plant bits flew everywhere, limbs that had been hacked or gnawed off littered the ground as the three team members made their slow way towards Poison Ivy.

Ivy screamed in frustration as her plants were torn to shreds time and time again. She held up her hands and concentrated even harder, trying to kill the people she saw as invading her own personal little jungle.

A little ways away, three figures fought the forest. Vines snaked their way towards them, only to be met by a blast of red given off by Red Star. Looking up he called to Ivy, "Madam, surrender yourself to us! I do not wish you harm but you cannot be allowed to abuse the park in this manner!"

Ivy just growled and sent more foliage after them.

Then a revving noise was heard and they all looked over at Guy Gardner. Two enormously oversized chainsaws had been conjured up by his ring and he was revving them in anticipation of the coming slaughter.

Screams of frustration were heard by any within earshot of the park, as well as what sounded like copious amounts of lumber work.

Skip took a flying leap, trying to reach Poison Ivy. But a vine caught him halfway there and threw him in the opposite direction. He coughed as he got back up and spat out some dirt that he had somehow gotten in his mouth upon crashing into the ground.

"This is a bit of a disaster. I need to move quickly and make us feel the aster."

He charged, moving as fast, and as agilely as he could. What looked like a small bush with legs and arms rose up and stood in his path. On instinct, Skip whipped his hands forward and to his amazement, small spines flew out of them. They slammed into his opponent and it toppled, falling off the elevated vine they were on.

Red Star landed beside Skip, blasting away attacking roots and vines that sought to grab a hold of them.

"You fight with much abandon comrade!" He noted.

"I've been away from the team for awhile. I don't want them to think I'm just a tag-along. I need to get back in the game."

"I'd say you are doing a good job of that."

Both charged, blasting and cutting anything that went after them, out of their way. They landed just one platform below Ivy who smirked.

"I have thousands of plants just ready and wait to tear you two apa-" she paused in confusion, then said in an nervous voice. "Wait, where's the other one?!"

Then she heard the sound of chainsaws behind her and she whipped her head around to see that her "thousands of plants" had been reduced to a diced up mess littering the ground.

Guy Gardner grinned. "That's how we do it on Oa."

Ivy screamed in frustration as the green chainsaws on Gardner's arms, reformed to be a giant punching glove that shot forward.

Ivy was unconscious before she hit the ground.

In the hospital the standoff between the heroes and the Joker was still going on. Joker still held the knife to Raven's throat and everyone else still stood stock still. Then their attention was diverted as gun shots sounded off and the criminals outside gave yells of surprise as they noticed policemen moving through the streets towards them very quickly.

Nobody noticed as Raven moved, but the Joker did notice when he was telekinetically lifted and thrown against the wall. Raven stumbled back to the others, keeping her eyes on the mad clown as he stood up, drawing another knife as he did. He moved towards the hole in the wall he'd made, all the while keeping his eyes on the heroes. He held his knives forward, making it clear that he'd fight to kill anyone who rushed him.

Then, another person loomed up behind the Joker through the whole in the wall. The Joker was suddenly tackled from behind as another person came on the scene to help.

Kyle held on as best he could while hooking one end of a handcuff onto the Joker's right wrist.

The Joker however, would not be so easy to capture. He jerked and yelled, managing to twist around. He attacked Kyle with an almost animalistic ferocity.

"How dare you touch me you worm! I am the Crown Prince of Crime. I AM THE JOKER!"

"So what . . . I'm a . . . Sherrif . . . least I'm not a . . . rodeo clown" Kyle gasped out.

The Joker just growled in rage and attacked even more ferociously. Both men rolled over and over, Kyle barely managing to stop the Joker from disemboweling him. Finally, at the rolled by a door, Kyle managed to fasten the other end of the handcuff to the door.

He rolled away and stood up, breathing heavily. Then he turned to the others, who were staring at him incredulously for just having beaten the Joker of all people.

Kyle exhaled heavily not quite sure what to do. "Well . . . care to help? We need to secure the perimeter."

The Police were advancing along the streets and alleyways, rooting out anyone in their way. But the real battle was in the hospital. While the fight with the Joker had been going on, the crooks had been busy storming the other entrances and levels of the building.

The defenders were having a tough time rousting them back out due to numerous barricades they themselves had set up not long before. The heroes joined the defenders, but were dissuaded from charging by the sheer amount of bullets that heralded their arrival. But then they heard a loud shout of "BOOYAH!" and something green was flung behind their lines

Some of the crooks looked at it curiously, not recognizing it due to its green texture, then its tail flared up in a threatening position and with a thrill of horror, they recognized it. But it was too late; a blast of stink erupted from the green skunk and covered them all.

The men coughed and cried out as a truly rank smell assaulted their senses; they stumbled around in agony as their nostrils burned. None of them were even remotely predisposed to fight as the defenders came charging down at them.

As they knocked all the criminals out Cyborg took a good sniff of the air and blanched "yo BB, why'd you have to choose something that smelled so bad?!"

Beast Boy was busy using a gorilla morph to plow through crooks so he couldn't respond.

Cyborg grinned "well, I guess it smells so close to what you normally smell like that you feel right at home doing that."

That got Beast Boy's attention and he turned around while reverting to human form.

"Dude, not cool!"

"Why not, I've seen the way you clean your room."

"What's "clean your room" supposed to mean?"

Blue Beetle landed beside them. He answered Beast Boy and they could almost hear a tragic violin playing in the background. "It's a terrible thing Beast Boy, one of the many evils that scar so many children at a young age. Be thankful you have not been afflicted with it yet!"

Cyborg nodded, a small tear forming at the corner of his human eye "I remember the first time I had to do it. It was h-horrible. I had to pick up sock after sock after sock with no break. And then came the bed, oh the horrible making of the bed!"

Raven, who was hovering above everyone else, rolled her eyes "if I do join this team, I hope that I won't be assigned to work with you three."

The rest of the fight was over quickly, the crooks who still could, retreated back into their territory where they were gathered in force. The Police dared not push farther in case they were heading into a trap. But everyone felt rather pleased at their progress.

Cyborg, after he was sure all was well, called Robin on his communicator.

"Robin, we're all good over here, got any more orders for us?"

"Meet back at the planning table, boy do I have a plan for all of us."

"See you there."

It was only a little while later, that it was discovered that the Joker was nowhere to be found. All that was left was some handcuffs hooked on a door.

It was twilight, dawn was coming soon. Fighting ceased as everyone drew back to nurse their wounds. Another gathering however, was held around the strategy table.

The team once more gathered around the map of Gotham that was still being used to chart the conflict. Gordon, Kyle, and several other high ranking officers were there as well. They all waited for Robin to speak.

"All right, we succeeded in taking back a good deal of territory from the crooks, but they still control about a 4th of Gotham. To root them out, building to building, would be almost impossible, not to mention would take an extreme amount of time that we don't really want to give them. Thus, I've come up with a plan to end this all in one stroke."

"Is that even possible?" Commissioner Gordon asked.

Robin nodded, "last night, I received a tip off from a reliable source that all the crooks and rogues gallery will be gathering at Gotham City Stadium. Whoever organized all this is going to give a speech. About what, I don't know, nevertheless, this presents us with an opportunity to end this all at once with minimal loss of life."

"If I may inquire comrade, from whom did you receive this tip?"

Robin considered the question, then said "I don't think that matters right now. I trust the source to be honest so that'll have to do for you all for now."

He turned back to Gordon and pointed at the map. "I'll need all the cops for this, or at least as many as can be spared. Most, if not all, of the criminals should be inside the stadium so don't have much to be afraid of outside the city during this attack."

Turning fully back to the map, he began explaining his plan…

They were all ordered to rest for the next day so that they would be at their peak when the battle came. But Megan had some unfinished business in the jailhouse.

Two Face stared at Megan impassively. She took a deep breath and reached out with a mental probe. She immediately encountered the fiery, angry personality that was Two-Face. She dug around, ignoring the man's struggling against the straitjacket that held him in place.

She moved over various personality traits, trying to find an opening to the thing she'd felt when she'd looked at the man earlier. Then she encountered his coin-toss habit and felt a crack.

Envisioning her mental self to be like water, she squeezed into the crack and moved past the outer walls of anger and evil that comprised the personality of Two-Face. Now fully engaged in the mind-probe, it seemed to Megan as though she was walking into a lighted room. It was a furnished room and looked like an office, complete with desk.

Sitting at the desk was a man with brown hair. Upon hearing Megan enter, he turned quick as lightning and his face registered extreme shock. Now that Megan could see his face, she saw that he looked like a complete version of the unscarred side of Two-Face's face. She also noticed that around his neck was wrapped a long chain connect to the ceiling.

Recovering from his surprise, the man stood up and held out a hand.

"Good evening, my name's Harvey Dent, what's yours?"

Megan shook his hand automatically, still not quite believing what she was seeing. Dent however, crossed the room and began rummaging around in a cabinet.

"Do you prefer Coffee, or Hot Cocoa?"

Giving herself a slight shake, Megan answered, "Cocoa."

As Harvey prepared the drink he hummed to himself. Megan surveyed the room, and then asked, "What is this place?"

"This quaint little room, this is the small portion of my mind that Two Face forced me into when he got the notion of running things himself."

Megan accepted the Cocoa. Harvey gestured over to an extra seat, they both sat down.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, are you related to the Martian Manhunter?"

"How did you know who he is?"

"I'm privy to everything that Two Face does, if he does it, I know it."

Megan frowned confused by this information, "then why haven't you done anything, Two Face almost killed some people last night! How can you let him roam free?!"

Harvey didn't get angry at her outburst; on the contrary he appeared to shrink in his chair. He allowed his expression to sink as well until he looked like a man twice his age. Lines of exhaustion, fear, and sorrow marred his handsome features.

"I tried . . . believe me I tried."

He looked at her with curiosity.

"Do you know my story?"

"Uh, well I, mostly I just, well you know-"

"Viewed me as another member of the Rogue's gallery" he sighed "I understand."

"But I would like to hear it if you'd like!"

Harvey took a sip of his coffee, and then gathered himself as he began his story.

"My mom died giving birth to me. I think that made my dad resent me. He never loved me, at least I think so. He never gave me a break. At school, kids used to pick on me, they called me Harvey "Two Face" Dent. One day, at recess, they came after me and I finally snapped. By the time I was done with them, they all had broken and bloody noses and were out cold on the pavement."

Megan sniffed emphatically, she remembered that she'd been treated just like that back on Mars. "They sound like they deserved it, they were bad guys."

Harvey looked slightly angered at her uncharacteristic callousness.

"That doesn't matter, I may have been the victim up until then, but I became a monster when I attacked them and beat on them. Even when they were begging me to stop I wouldn't. I felt like their blood couldn't be washed of my hands. But anyway, back to the story."

"The principal called me in and gave me detention for the rest of the school year. But when I got home, my dad . . . my dad . . . beat me."


"Said he was teaching me a lesson about violence. A lesson he drove home every night after that. He would take a coin, scar one of its sides and flip it while saying "Let's decide if you get a beating, heads you get one, tails I can't restrain myself." Well it worked, because I never ever fought after that until the incident."

"What incident?" asked Megan, slightly dreading the answer.

Harvey sighed once again.

"I became the district attorney of Gotham, youngest ever to be exact. I never physically fought, but I wanted to help people and bring criminals to justice. So I went after the mob. With Gordon's and Batman's help, we put some of the worst mobsters behind bars. But it all came crashing down at the trial of Maroni."

Harvey shuddered, as if the very memories themselves chilled him to the bone. Then, a door materialized on the other side of room and opened up to reveal a courtroom.

Megan looked at Dent as if to ask permission, he nodded while looking at the floor and Megan walked through the door.

The door swung shut behind Megan and she surveyed the room. It was full to the brim; obviously a trial was in session, at the tail end most likely. In the witness box sat a man whom Megan guessed to be Maroni.

The spokesperson was just finishing his speech. Sitting in the accuser's desk was Harvey Dent, very handsome without a scar to be seen on his face.

"This court finds Maroni guilty as charged and hereby sentence him to 20 year in prison."

Maroni, who was still in the witness box, gave an almost imperceptible nod. The Assistant District Attorney stood up and walked in front of Dent. Then he drew out of vial of what looked like sulfuric acid and, too quickly for anyone to do anything, tossed it right into the left side of his face.

The attacker was quickly grabbed while people tried to assist Dent, but he merely collapsed to a quivering, jerking wreck on the floor while screaming at the top of his lungs.

The memory ended and Megan found herself back in the office with Dent. Dent looked as if he was going to pass out.

"Please . . . don't make me relive another memory!"

Megan walked around the desk and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. He grabbed it like a lifeline. After a few minutes, he finally calmed down.

"After that . . . well everyone knows what that side of my face looks like now. I was confined to a hospital, strapped down. All my fears, all my failures, and all the abuse I'd ever faced came down on me in one fell swoop, and it all coalesced into a monster that was everything I feared and hated.

He didn't speak for so long that Megan finally said "Two Face?"

". . . Two Face . . . He led a hostile takeover. I tried to fight him." He turned to Megan and grabbed her arms in a strong grip, his eyes boring into her, imploring her to believe him.

"I tried, I tried but he was too strong. I was banished away to this little part of my mind and forced to watch as he broke free and went on to destroy my life. I still tried to help in some way. I looked at what might work with him, studied the trauma's that he'd come out of."

"That coin that he uses, that was my idea. I needed to give Batman any edge I could. He liked it because it related to my good ol pops."

Megan patted him on the arm "it sounds like you've done a good job."

Harvey's face morphed into an extremely sorrowful look "no, no I'll never be able to atone for all this. You don't understand. Two Face, he is me! Everything he does, it all comes from me! He was born out of me being too weak to control myself! I'm worse than the Joker! I should've done better, but instead I allowed this monster that's part of me walk the streets killing half the people he meets!"

Tears where running down his face as he leaned forward. Then to his astonishment, Megan gave him a hug. He sobbed himself out on her shoulder for a good 10 minutes.

When he finally had enough self control back to speak he began with an apology "I'm sorry for dumping all this on you. You're just the first person I've had to talk to in years."

"I don't mind. I know what it's like to have secrets you can't tell anyone."

Finally when she drew back she faced him with a small frown on her face.
"But I think you're wrong in the way your trying to solve this."

"How do you mean."

"Two Face, you said you failed to keep him in control right. But it sounds to me that he's just an extension of the part of us we'd all like to keep hidden."

"What's your point?"

"My point is that, we can't just try and suppress everything we think is bad about us. We can't just try and ignore it. We have to accept we have a darker side, accept that bad things have happened to us, but that we have to grow from them, not just ignore them."

"So, you're saying that Two Face is just a natural part of me that I should accept."

"No, it sounds like Two Face grew out of you're complete refusal to acknowledge all the hurt you went through as a kid."

Megan looked down, as if she was scared to admit what she was about to say and do.

"In fact, this isn't what I normally look like."

She grew, and grew as her skin turned white and her form extended to resemble something that was in no way of this Earth and was in no way attractive.

"This is . . . what I normally look like."

Harvey, getting over his initial slack-jawed shock, shook himself. "Do your friends know?"

". . . no, I love it here and I don't want them to send me away!"

Harvy shook his head and took her hand, large as it was "I really don't think they'll care."

"I can't take that chance."

Harvey looked away, as if pondering what she'd said. The he smirked "heh, I guess we both have our little secrets that we'd like to forget about."

They both sat there, simply talking for a long while after that. Until finally Megan realized that she had to leave to get some rest for the mission the next night.

Harvey saw her off out of his room "take care please. If you have to, please never go near me again, you're my first friend in a long while and I never want to see you hurt."

"Don't worry; I'll come visit you soon!"

With that, she left, withdrawing from his mind. Harvey sighed ruefully, and then went to get some more coffee. As he got some more coffee he heard the door open up again, she must've come back.

"I thought you had to get some sleep Megan?"

A deep, rasping voice that made him stiffen spoke next "precious Megan's not here, but you can be sure I intend to meet her face to Two Face!"

Harvey whirled around to see his worst nightmare, Two Face, standing in front of him. Just as Harvey was a full version of the unscarred portion of his face, Two Face was just as pitted, pockmarked, and ugly as the scarred side, except fully so.

"I see you never invited me to meet our little visitor. Did you really think I wasn't aware she was here? No matter, she is a problem that must be taken care of, soon."

Harvey's eyes widened in fear "no, please! Don't hurt her!"

Two Face smirked while shaking his head "poor poor little baby Harvey. Still so not accepting of the way things are run around here. I'll do whatever I want, all according to the coin of course."

Though nobody could hear him inside his own mind, Harvey Dent moaned.

The next night

Nearly all the criminals were gathered in the stands of the stadium. Sentries were posted to watch the entrances. Most sat with their respective mob, though everyone seemed to want to sit as far away from the Rogues Gallery Villains as possible.

Then everyone hushed as a man walked out onto the makeshift stage in the middle of the football field. The man was in a combat uniform and had a mask on that concealed his face. It had only one eyehole on the side of the mask that was painted gold. Deathstoke the Terminator, once feared mercenary, now even more feared criminal mastermind.

Behind him strode a short plump man who was dressed in a fancy pinstripe suit with a bowler hat. Also behind the man was another man in a white business suit. This man's most defining feature was a black mask that completely covered his head, making it seem more like a skull than a mask.

"Welcome to this meeting. I assume you've all had a nice little romp around Gotham?"

Cheers greeted this question. Apparently, despite the police setbacks, the mobsters had had quite a time.

"Well, my two partners and I who were responsible for your, liberation, have a proposition for you all. One that I'm sure you will all enjoy."

Everyone leaned forward, eager to hear the proposition.

"A time is soon coming where those who call themselves the authority of this country, will be plunged into chaos. It will be impossible to miss. At that time you must cause as much trouble as possible."

Everyone digested that request. Then a lone mobster shouted "what's in it for us?"

Deathstroke seemed to smile, even though nobody could physically see it.

"After the smoke clears, you all will be given Gotham and the surrounding land to do with as you please. You will be left alone to run things the way you wish. Also, the heroes will be guaranteed to have been taken care of and kept out of your business."

One could almost hear the saliva dripping from the mob bosses mouths. A Gotham with no police, free pickings for them all with no pesky interference by the Batman or anyone else. A Mobster could faint at the thought.

"As I said, you will be unable to miss this event. Rest assured, it will happen. As for right now, do as you wish. Continue to try and hold onto Gotham if you wish, or simply fade away into the shadows. Just be ready when the time comes."

The mobsters were discussing what to do with this information. But then, something happened that disturbed all of their talk to a very great degree. Out of nowhere, several canisters fell among the large crowd of criminals. The canisters immediately began emitting what they found out was tear gas.

As all the crooks milled around, trying to keep away from the clouds of gas that made their eyes tear up, a thunderous roar was heard and all of the entrances and exits where flung open. Cops and heroes poured in, the heroes having snuck in through the sewers and knocked out all the sentries, allowing the cops to come in undetected.

Battle was joined. Crooks tried to find a way of escape, only to find their way constantly barred by a cop or two. The heroes however, took off straight for the rogues gallery, not wanting them to sow wanton destruction within the ranks of the police.

Don't worry, like I said, the last part of this story arc is almost entirely written out. Once again I'm sorry for being such a lazy slob and providing such atrocious update gaps.

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great chapter i can't wait for the next update.

Well, here it is. Hope you like it, sorry it took so long.


Welcome back my friend. This chapter was worth the wait. I really did enjoy the back story and explanations because it helps define the motivation for Robin. The team scenes were very well written and I think they're starting to pull together, just need to give Raven a chance to escape and send the Joker packing. I like the manner in which Ras revealed what he knew and that he's honorable enough not to use it against him. I hope the next chapter is just as fantastic.

Once again, thank you for all the help you gave by betaing this story arc. You truly are an awesome reviewer who is always willing to offer a kind word and advice.

Touch of the Wind

Fantastic update- I like that Robin mirrored the scene from the first Nolan Batman film- I could see Robin doing that. This Robin has understood the power of fear- especially with his concept behind the RedX suit. I would also consider Robin creating the suit again- maybe for an older young hero who need a persona...

I really can't wait to see the League's reactions- maybe at first they come back to the Watchtower they all plan to shower, eat, and rest before heading back home and decide to check the system- and see News footage about young heroes in Gotham fighting the villans- it would be great to see lots of POVs.

Why thank you, that was what I was aiming for. Hmmm, ideas sprout up like little flowers. Thanks for the food for thought concerning the Red X suit. The League's reactions are for next chapter.

Riqis Inna Sunja

Is it slade? its slade isnt it? its gotta be! having more than one reason to come to gotham, realease the crazies and see robin! ...right? i think your doing great handeling all the different characters! i love how even when joker holds a knife to her throat raven stays in her monotone :D i cant wait for the next chapter!

No, it's Deathstroke! lol jk you're right it's Slade.


My dad is a pastor and naturally, I am a Christian. I must say, I highly appreciate all the Christian themes slipped into the story.

The story itself is amazing. Please update quickly!

Thanks for your compliments. Yes I am a Christian as my name and icon clearly state. I'm always happy to meet another brother/sister in Christ. I hope you enjoy this.


Yes, your back! I loved the chapter! Robin's flashback was a real treat and I love how you described his drive. Ghul was an excellent touch and I can easily belieive that the man was able to see the differences in the "new" Robin. Please updatte soon!


Thanks. Ghul always struck me as the most honorable of Batman's enemies. Both men know why they do what they do. While they don't agree, they respect each other.

By the way, I still love Young Justice: Red X. It makes me happy to see I inspired something that could very well be superior to my own work.


Ha ha don't feel bad about your hiatus! I've been on one too, this is what happens when you try to follow the YJ plot line exactly. March 3rd feels so far away.

Uh, it's kinda hard for me not to feel bad about this hiatus, lol. Especially since it's about twice as long as the last one.

Well, Young Justice is moving along quite well, I still love it.

Toaneo07 Ver2.0

its cso cool

Thanks a lot.


Great chapter! Loved the memory of Robin when he was younger and just starting his training. Batman was always a control freak and a damn perfectionist. Part of the reason everybody else has a hard time getting along with him. I would love to see Robin eventually form the Titans in this universe. He could form them into separate squads or teams spread out across the globe with him as overall team commander. Face it the League still views them as sidekicks despite how much they accomplish on their own. Hope you like my insights for this captivating story. Please update soon. Take care and enjoy life. :)

Yeah, I may just end up doing that later on. But not yet. The whole sidekick position complex really is a central part of Robin's character, he needs to prove that he's his own man and that he's not just some lame kidified knock off of Batman.


This story has become one of my favorates if you want i suggest a chapter in which they do the fake reality exercise like in the show only the teem faceing villans from their memory(villans they have fought before and of their choice) one at a time with robins choice being trigon the terrible

Thanks. I may do that someday. Thanks for the ideas, they help me with the story.


I am just now rereading this story and I must say that I am enjoying it. It would be nice to see some of what's going on in Robin's home dimension. :) Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see where this story will lead. I always did like the TT Robin, and I was also never fond of the Batgirl and Robin pairing, give me Robin and Starfire, all the way. Hell, I'll take Robin and Kid Flash before Robin and Batgirl, that's how much I really don't like the pairing, though Batgirl does have her uses, and I do love the Blue Beetle. :)

Sweetness, now I know Raven could easily terrify Joker if she wanted to, hell, she could break herself free easily, though I would love to see Starfire kick some ass in Gotham, she oculd rival Superman's strength, I think. :)

I can't wait for the next chapter, please keep up the insanely good work, and I'm willing to bet the mastermind is Slade. I would like to see Guy Gardner go completely Medevial on Poison Ivy's Botanical ass, it would so serve her right. :D

Kudos to Beast Boy for kicking Killer Croc's ass and making him retreat with his tail tucked between his legs. If Joker knew who Raven's Daddy was he wouldn't be so eager to keep her held hostage, even Joker has a sense of self-preservation under all of that insanity, I think. 8D

Thanks a lot. Sorry, I don't think Starfire will be showing up for the fight. Make no mistake, Robin loves Starfire. She's probably only second to crime-fighting in his heart. I hope I satisfied you.

I do wonder if the Joker just lives to annoy or challenge Batman, probably that what he starts planning as he brushes his teeth in the morning.


am enjoying your work as we go along . a couple of things that may help robin was 8 was when he was bought into dc comics in 1939 thats the reason for the short outfit at the time with no long pants . He was a crime victiom by the death of his parents and his training startrd before the age of four with his parents as a acrobate . see the first story back then . He was the first person that Bruce w Batman told who he was another great story and orignaltion of the dc years . He did take down the killers of his parence at the age of 8 with Batman help thought the 40, 50, 60 he worked with Batman and was his partner and also in the book w finst worked with Batman Superman and at the age of may be 11 or 12 became the leader of the leader of the T titians with aqua lead kid flash speedy I think and there first villin was mr tiwster in may be brave and bold He learned to build cars with Batman al of the trophires you see including giant penny and dinsaw he was involved in the cases . in the mordern version of the titians on tv he was about 14 to 15 and as good of a pro as I have seen for the over 75 years in dc and the first child partner out there

just remember Batgirl is at least 5 to 7 years older than Robin or Dick g and was never the athletic person the others year she was a libarion with ittle or no training in atletics and not a member of the titians or y justice or the league

Thanks for the info!


I love your story keep up the good work. I don't know if anyone corrected you but Owlman, Superwoman and Ultraman aren't the evil version of Batman, Wonderwoman and Superman they are different people at least in the DC comics. Owlman is Tomas Wayne jr. the little brother of Bruce Wayne, Superwoman is Louis Lane and Ultraman isn't Kryptonian but an astronaut that got experemented on by aliens. Don't get mad I still love your story.

Technically I never said that they were the exact same people, I merely gave them thematic similarities to their counterparts in the Young Justice universe as is often done with mirror universes.

I'm not mad, thanks for the review. I may come back to the alternate Earth later on.