Hello again, It's me Emberstar. I have decided to do a self insert. So original right? Yeah totally. I have had all of those ideas in my head and now I need to write them down so here it is.

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Chapter 1:

When the world turns upside down.

"Another day, another after school afternoon, and another hot day. What could be better." I thought sarcastically to myself as I walked out to my porch.

Hi, my name is Star, and I'm 14 years old. Now don't think my name is weird cause I know it's weird. I mean who names a girl Star when she has no qualities of the name any where. Usually someone with light blond hair or a really bright personally or some one who loves to look at stars would be named that. Sadly though, I carry none of those traits. I have midnight black hair, a very mysterious kind of personality, and I would much rather be inside playing video games than watching stars and satellites.

Speaking of video games, I just got done playing tales of abyss. The down side to that and the reason why I was outside was because of one thing. The stupid effing wind! I had just beaten Sync with my friend, Raven and the scene went something like this.


Sync: No, not like this.

Raven: ha ha I finally killed you after about nine tries!

-mask hits the ground.-Luke: H- hey.

Anise: It can't be! There are two_.

Me: Did the fucking power go off or is some one playing a trick that's going to get them killed.

My 10 year old sister Grace: nope, power went off Star and Raven, sorry. Hey did you just beat Sync? How did you do it? Adam got stuck on it for over a month?

Me: Yes we beat Sync, now go away! I'm busy trying not to throw the play station across the room. Also tell Adam, our dear older brother, to spasm out on over limits and run away if he uses mystic arts.

Later that day after Raven left... NNNNNNNNOOOOOO damn it. Why did the power go off! I wanted to see who Sync was! Well I all ready beat the game and know who he is but who cares!

end of flashback-

"Ugh since when was the wind so strong around here?" I wondered out loud as a gust hit me head on. I sat down on the porch swing that had soft fluffy pillows.

I sat for a moment then laid down and looked at my current status. Tired, frustrated, confuzzled, and wearing a sweater dress. Unlike most dresses, I didn't mind wearing these kind cause they were so comfy, excluding the black dress pants. The sun's rays hit my back and made me wonder another thing. "And since when is it so hot in Illinois in April?"

I started absent-mindly rocking back and forth on the swing brushing the wooden panels as I went. "I think I'll take a cat nap." I said as my eyes drifted shut. Just then I heard a ring coming from my pocket and inside the house. I grabbed the cell phone out of my pocket and flipped it open.

"Hello?" I said purposely yawning into the phone.

"Hey Star, It's me Blaze. I was wanting to know what crazy thing your doing now." a light bouncy voice said through the phone. I smiled to myself inwardly. Blaze was the only boy I knew who would call a girl and ask what she was doing after school without being nervous.

"Oh the usual. Tried to take a nap, beat Sync in tales of abyss, game shut off before I could save, and sent Raven home. It's all good over here. How's the weather over there?" I replied rolling over onto my back.

"Raven? You had that crazy girl over there? No wonder your trying to take a nap. That girls got spunk. The powers out over here. The wind is crazy!"

"Same here." I said cutting him off as I heard my name being called.

"Star! You have a phone call."

"TTYL Blaze. I have to delay my nap for another phone call." I said hanging up.

I ran inside and grabbed the phone off the hook.

"Hello? Star are ya there?" a small voice rang out loudly.

"I'm here. Is this Shadow?" I said smiling again. That peppy voice only belonged to the one and only taco lover, Shadow.

"Of course it is Star, I heard from Raven that the power went out over there and at her house. Guess what, the power is out over here too and get this. The generators not even working and our neighbors have full power. Unfair right." she squeaked out in a long on going sentence.

"Yeah I guess." I said yawning again.

"Oh, I forgot that right know you would either be sleeping or playing video games. TTYL Star!" she said and hung up.

"Well then, I guess I'll go take that nap again." I said walking back out to the sunlit porch. I assumed my position I was in before, rocking back and forth with my eyes closed, while brushing the soft wooden panel with the back of my hand. I then slowly started to drift to sleep, thinkin about why the three of us were friends. Now I remember, all of are names were made fun of and we were picked on so we made a small little family inside the dangerous high school perimeters. Then I finally went to sleep.

When I woke up, I still had my eyes closed. The weather was still warm and I could hear leaves rustling from the harsh wind in the background, and i was still rocking back and forth. The only difference was that the soft wood I was brushing before had hardened and became full of splinters and there was no more fluffy pillows!

"Who the hell took my fluffy pillows!" I yelled cracking my eyes open. I was laying down still but my location was different. Instead of being in a nice porch swing, I was dangling on a branch in a tree over a big effing tiger looking thing.

I blinked for a moment then started screaming when I heard a small crack. The limb that had been holding me up snapped and I plummeted towards the ground. I hit a few branches and screeched many curses on the way down then hit the big fluffy liger's tail and bounced to the ground.

I landed on my feet then started running in circles. "No fudging way. I'm in a random forest that has ligers in it! That thing is a liger and I know it! I yelled panicking some more. I stopped running abruptly and took a deep breath.

"No no, this is all a dream. I'm inside the forest at home and I tumbled down a hill while sleep walking, that's it." I said calmly. I looked around my current surroundings and saw movement at the front of the entrance to the big earthy dome. A pink haird girl showed up along with a red head, a blondy, and a big coal haired man.

"See mommy's dead." the pink hair cried. I recognized that voice along with another that shouted "Who's there!"

I stood around like an idiot and didn't respond to the always pissed off voice. The red head came out of the shadows and stared at me with deadly eyes.

He had dark emerald eyes and long, shiny, red hair with darker red tips at the end. The big man came out revealing a scythe and spiky black hair.

"Are you responsible for this." he said gesturing at the dead liger behind me. I pointed to myself in utter confusion.

"Do I look like I could kill something like this." I said incredulously. Seriously people, do I look all that harmful to you?

"Well considering that you have a weapon, your standing in front of a dead body, and you have multiple scratches, I say you make a fine suspect." The blondy said stepping out of the shadows.

"Weapon?" I thought looking down at myself for the first time.

My sweater dress had obviously gotten pimp because now I had on a big black belt that had a sword with a dragons twisting body for the hilt attached to it. My sweater dress, instead of being plain red, now had white horizontal white stripes on it that blended nicely with the red and a small bag attached to the loop hole where the belt should be. A small pouch that had knives it it was also attached to my thigh with the black dress pants I had on earlier. And for the first time, I noticed I had a large crystal necklace around my neck.

"This...is totally awesome!" I thought to myself.

"Hey, are you going to answer us or not." The red head said steeping closer to me. I instantly froze up and thought, "Well this sucks... I probably got the scratches from falling out of that tree."

I looked up at the big tree and the dead liger. "Hey wench! Answer me!" Asch yelled again advancing closer to me. I suddenly snapped out of thought and yelled, "What do you want!"

All of the god generals looked at me with faces that had sheer stupidity. "Smooth Star, smooth." I my conscious said ringing in my ears. " Shut up." I mumbled. All of the god generals had crowded around me without me even realizing it.

"Um, sorry but no I didn't do any thing here." I said quickly then made a mad dash for the door.

"Get her!" A voice rang out behind me. I didn't even recognize it because he ears where ringing so loudly with the sound of my fast heart beat.

I ran across a bunch of tree limbs that hurt the soft padding of my bare feet but I didn't stop. "This is to real, this is too real!" I thought as I rushed away from the massive number of foot steps behind me.

When I thought I had hurt my feet enough, I heard a ligers roar that was practically breathing down my neck. i ran as fast as I could and because I did that, I didn't notice the small pebble in front of me. I ran over it as fast as I could but then I slipped on another one in front of it and fell down an eternal hill. As I fell the only thing I could thing of was pain, luck, and a whole lot of curses. When I finally reached the bottom of the seemingly never ending hill I hit rock bottom hard. I rolled over in pain then out of the brush I had landed on.

"Son of a pancake! I knew rocks had always hated me but I didn't think they would try to kill me from drop kicking so many." I screamed outloud rubbing my head in various places that were seering with pain.

"My, my, what a nice thing to say on this fine afternoon." A mischievous voice rang out in front of me. I looked up and saw the one and only, Jade Curtis standing in front of me. I blew up my bangs to get a better look at his face.

He had long chestnut hair and bloody red eyes. They reminded me of my eyes except mine didn't look as blood-shot as his. The flame-ish looking eyes met the blood red eyes and a staring competition was held.

When he blinked I shouted," ha ha I win." and shot a small victory pose. "My, my what a energetic young girl we have in are midst." He said looking over at Luke, Tear, and Mieu that I had previously not noticed.

He turned back to me with a serious face then said," Lock her up!"

My jaw dropped down into a perfect O as some of the soldiers came up and grabbed me roughly. "Oh, come on Jade! I didn't know you were a sore loser when it came to staring competitions. I can always play again! What did I ever do to you!" I shouted as they started dragging me to the Tartarus along with Tear, Luke, and Mieu.

End! So how was it?

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