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Chapter 16:

When the tables turn the opposite direction.

The bustling town of Daath seemed to have an air of holiness to it. Adults walked along the side of the road discreetly talking amongst themselves and praying at the same time. Even children followed along quietly behind them, hands folded in silent prayer. Even though the people seemed to be quiet though, the general area was loud and unruly. One would shove another to get the best batch of bread, later apologizing when they got a loaf to the person on the ground. Teenage girls in the midst of their adolescences walked beside each other in their own small cliques and gaggles of girls, whispering rumor and such around to each other.

Apparently, the god generals seemed to be their main talk of the day. As we passed by, we would be followed by whispers of disapproval and which is better. Luckily, they didn't know if I was friend or foe so I kept my eyes close to the ground. People usually judge one with red eyes quickly so I'd rather not make eye contact with any one in a fast rumor spreading town. The god generals almost huddled around the four of us, to the point where no one would be able to see our hands tied behind our backs. Sync kept particularly close to be so I abandoned the plan of wiggling my arms out of the rope. If he saw me, I'm pretty sure he would have no problem humiliating me in front of the town and fixing the rope so I had no room.

"Daath, home of the order of Lorelei. Also the very place founded by my traitor." Yulia spat the last part so venomously that I jumped with surprise. I ran into Largo who looked down at me with a frown. I smiled sweetly with a hint of embarrassment and backed up to where I was originally walking. Largo made note of this and turned back around.

"Traitor?" I muttered to Yulia who positioned herself on a knights head. The knight scratched it several time and shook it but she sat with a menacing expression as she surveyed the area.

"Yes, Francis Daath. I'm sure you can find a book all about him and his greatness in the library." She heavily accented the word greatness which made me wonder what he had done wrong. She seemed uneasy about the subject so I decided it was best to let the conversation go before I troubled her.

"Who's Francis Daath?" I asked aloud, unconsciously. I realized what I had said and went to cover my mouth. This was near impossible to do since my hands were tied. God, I hope no one heard me.

We all came to a dead stop and the town became eerily silent. Ah damn, the whole town heard me!

"What?" Sync hissed into my ear. My shoulder shot up to prevent any more warm air to enter it from his breath and I accidentally knocked him in his nose. Dear Lorelei I didn't know he was that close to be. What a creep...

"I um...uh I asked who's finances dropped?" That sounded more like a question than an answer but as soon as the people registered it, the chatter abruptly returned and people all continued their day as well as we began to walk again. I gave a huge exhaled due to over extensive stress I had right now. I swore I didn't say that out loud purposely, it just blurted...unless.

I looked up to the knights helm to see Yulia filing her nails with a coy smirk on her face. "Played like the strings on a harp." She snickered and disappeared.

"Yulia!" I screeched. I received odd looks from everyone from this. I quickly acted like I had stubbed my toe on a brick. Raven and Shadow shot knowing looks followed by Blaze's uncertain one. His look said, but-it was-a-straight-path-with-no-bricks-Star. So I gave him my best Shut-up look that I could muster under my embarrassment.

A giant bell chimed suddenly making me jump once again and look up. I swear if I was a cat, I would be poofier than a poodle. Which is pretty hard might I add.

The Grand Cathedral loomed overhead. It was huge into comparison in the game and there was an extra long stairwell. Ugh... We ascended the stairs several times due to my clumsiness that eventually Largo had to carry me up the flight of stairs. Raven and Shadow protested mildly at this and demanded to be carried. The generals ignored them and ushered us them inside the cathedral. I sat on top of Largo's shoulders and stared at the door frame. I pondered if I would fit through the large door frame. My silent question was answered seconds later when I hit the top of the door and almost fell of the big man's shoulders. I rubbed the bump as I looked around the cathedral from a higher view. It was pretty useful considering the others had limited vision in the crowds of people.

The Cathedral was vast and lengthy, expanding more than one would have guess from the outside. The church was massive compared to the small one I had gone to at home. Benches circled all around a grand podium, most likely where the priest would preach. Largo abruptly dropped me on arrival to the first row of benches.

I hissed in agitation when I hit the ground and glared at the three god generals. Sync walked up and nudged me with his foot. "Aw, did the little kitty get hurt?" He asked.

I looked back at him menacingly. "No if I was a cat I would have clawed off your face by now..." My threats weren't ever mild as I wanted them to be but maybe if I glared at him for a minute he'd get the point across.

Sync snorted and grabbed the ropes on the back of my hands. With a sharp tug I was launched up onto my feet and I blinked in shock. Strong kid. I felt the rope lessen slightly when he let go reminding me of his hasty mistake back on the boat. Good, by now I could probably wriggle out of the thick rope if I tried hard enough. Now all I needed was something small and sharp.

I noticed a small knife right next to a knight which glinted brightly. Closer up, Yulia's brand marked it. Thank you Yulia!

Too bad we were walking in the opposite direction of it. "Wait, I dropped my shoe!" I yelled and tried to run back.

Asch grabbed the back of my shirt before I could react though. "You don't have shoes idiot." I hung my head slightly as the god generals dragged us away down the halls.


We were shoved down a narrow hallway deep into the oracle knights headquarters. Well the hallway wasn't exactly narrow but if you stack four people side by side in one hallway, things get a little tight. I looked at Raven and Shadow who were quietly whispering something. Most likely revenge on the god generals for handing us over to the retarded oracle knights. These people had led us down the wrong hall several times already and we weren't getting anywhere fast. Blaze kept pace with my but remained silent and calm throughout the ordeal. At first I thought he didn't mind but after awhile he had a constant twitch. Nervousness or fear I presumed.

I looked forward to this meeting as much as an ant looks forward to getting stomped on by a boot. Butterflies flirted around in my stomach while Yulia nagged at the back of my head. She didn't say anything but the uneasiness rolled off her like water on a duck. It then slid right down into the nervousness causing panic. I became antsy for this meeting with Van. My feelings about it really flared when we came across a large set of iron door that could probably fit an elephant through them.

The oracle knights opened the doors and ushered us through. After the knights unceremoniously dumped us onto the floor they left us alone in a large white room. The room took on the color of white and was massive. It rivaled the Kimlascan castles interior in height and about three mammoths could fit the width whilst laying down and stretching. It took the form of a dome-ish shape and chalky white pillars went from the floor to the ceiling. In between these pillars, the Six God Generals stood with their backs straight and held mutual faces. Van sat atop a regal throne of a white marble chair up a 10 step stair case.

After racking my brain for information, I remembered that the room looked almost exactly like the one in Eldrant where Asch and Luke fought. Except now there was a giant chair at the front and no double doors behind Van. How this grand of a room could fit underground, I'll never know.

"Welcome, ninja's of Mizuho." Van's crisp clear voice cut across my thoughts like a butter knife. I then snorted in disbelief after hearing how stupid that had sounded.

"Star, did you finally agree to my demands that we become ninjas?" Shadow asked batting her eyelashes. I noticed she looked more alive underground contrary to Blaze who looked as sluggish as he did in the Zao Ruins. I sighed again and gave Shadow a lame look before nudging Raven. She nodded and started to explain to the wild girl about my nasty knot of lies.

"I see new faces here. Are they also your friends?" He had directed the question at me but I ignored it for the most part. I looked at Blaze who's eyes remained on Van but he ever so twitched slightly in fear. I have a half smile before looking back at Van.

"And what if they are? I see that you have no business with them whatsoever." I snapped. Van turned to his fellow god generals for advice. Largo however was the supplier of advice.

"They all performed worthy feats in the ruins. One summoned lightning as he was barely waking up from consciousness." The gruff man said bluntly.

"They seemed to like scorching the shit out of us too." Sync added specifically looking in my direction.

"And adding brain freezes to my already stressed head." Asch growled shooting a glare at Raven. She gave him a cheesy grin in response.

"Are able to summon the wind with a small flute as well." They added all together.

"And commandant if I may, as we were dressing the wounds we found they all shared something in common." Sync walked over and ripped off Blaze's collar. Asch stole around to the back and caught an unguarded Raven. He pulled down the front of her jacket only enough to see the feathered mark. Largo simply picked Shadow up by the ankle and hung her up side down. She bawled at this and her face started turning red as the blood rushed to it. A small line of sixteenth notes rested on the back of her hand. I gave a fearful to the three god generals who looked at me evilly. I instinctively shot up my right hand in reaction to the glares. I realized I had backed onto my own rule which said not to show them the marks. Oh well, since they had already seen it I guess there was no point in hiding it any more.

Each glowed with a respective color. Mine glowed a crimson red under the dim lighting, about half way up the coil. Raven's glowed an eerie frosty blue which sparkled like her eyes, somewhat halfway. Blaze's bolt shined a golden yellow the color of spilled shiny honey, a little below Raven's. Shadow's gleamed a bright lime green just at the tips of the note heads. None of us would be able to perform a burst arte anytime soon so I hoped Van didn't ask any time soon.

"Please, show me your powers." He called from his almighty throne. Ah the irony to the situation.

"We...can't." I gave him a sweet smile from where I knelled.

"You what?"

"We cannot do what your asking Vandesdelca." I said calmly. My inner self slowly caught all the butterflies roaming around in my stomach. I felt more confident by the second.

"Then tell me, why do you appear in my court?" He asked. That was the dumbest question I had heard all day.

"Well I don't know, maybe because your stupid henchmen dragged us here?" Raven asked sarcastically. I snickered in response at the man with the bushy eyebrows...were they always that big?

I heard something hit the ground with a thump next to me. I looked over sharply to see Shadow collapsed on the ground. I blinked in surprise and crawled over. Looking at the mark on the back of her hand, I gasped when I saw colors of all sorts going haywire inside the mark. I instinctively called out for Yulia who appeared and examined the mark.

"It's okay Star. She's not hurt, its just readjusting itself to her current level. It usually comes when the mind is asleep but I guess she became so bored with the conversation her mind went lax. She'll be fine." Yulia nodded and disappeared. I heard chuckling behind me which erupted into laughter. I turned around with a scowl towards Van. What now?

"Yulia? Is that your ability? To be able to summon a deity?" I looked back at Van in surprise before realizing my secret. I must have called her name out quite loudly when in fear when Shadow had collapsed. And being a descendant of Yulia, he could probably sense her or maybe even see her in the immediate area.

"What? I have no idea what your talking about. I just say Yulia's name when I'm surprised." I lied through my teeth.

"Is that so, then why did the seventh fonons in the room get heavier and seemed to hover over the four of you?" He asked. I blinked and shrugged, giving a false smile. Since I could never sense fonons to begin with, I could easily deny not knowing it.

Van stroked his goatee thoughtfully and stood up. The Six God Generals backs immediately became straighter if even possible and they looked straight forward as if the utmost interest of their entire lives was on the wall. Van descended his throne, each step making a small 'tap tap' sound as he went. It almost reminded me of a woman's high heel on a stone flooring.

"And the fat man got off his seat. Hands down everyone!" Raven cheered. Blaze laughed aloud while I smirked slightly. Van wasn't fat but if Largo had gotten up, I could see why she'd say that. He made an immediate stop at least two arms length away from us. I looked up at him and let a low growl vibrate in my throat. He cast a look at me then at his god generals. They each gave him a quizzical look except for Sync who gave a quizzical frown.

He looked back at the four of us each in turn. Then back at the god generals. He kept doing this until my head hurt from following his movements. I bowed my head down and shook it to get the dizziness out of my mind. When I looked up he had taken two broad steps forward and hovered over Raven. She gave him little to no fear in her eyes and busied herself by trying to get out of the ropes so she could punch his face in. He reached forward with a hand towards her.

She waited for a second trying to register what he was doing and when it clicked she immediately snapped at it like a snapping turtle. He retreated his hand carefully and looked at Blaze. The docile boy looked up at him but didn't move. Surprisingly, the fear all seemed to flood out of him and he remained bold to Van. When Van reached forward, his calm nature allowed Van to ruffle his hair slightly and move on. He moved towards Shadow, in means to do something but Raven and Blaze leaned over and guarded the unconscious girl and glared at him. Their eyes told him that if he came any closer that they'd maul him. He nodded in contemplation and moved over to me. When he reached down to pat my head, my instincts flared and I dodged to the right before biting his hand. He didn't look startled and carefully pried my mouth away from his hand. Taking a look at the god generals I saw they had moved down into a defensive stance in case their commandant needed help.

"Little strategist eh?" Van inquired to me and turned around. When he got up to his throne again, his little head game started again. He'd look at us, then shift his eyes over to the god generals. After about 20 minutes,Raven got fed up and laid down on her hands, bored with the outcome.

"Alright I have decided." Van's voice boomed so loud he jolted Raven from her mini nap. "I will assign you these...pets and you will train them until they are on our side and see the truth of the score! You are permitted to do whatever you want with them as long as they can see the truth." Van announced.

"Um, were right here." I said quite dumbly.

"But I don't get it." Blaze said dryly. "What are you trying to say?"

Van smiled malevolently down at the young boy. "I'll tell you what I mean. You're now a permanent resident of Daath now and you're to serve under the six god generals."

There was a moment of silence here and all the god generals composers seemed to break. " Wait...What?" Everyone in the room yelled, excluding Van of course.

Van hopped out of his throne and began to pace around the four of us. "Van you can't do this! We have missions and they're just dead weights!" Sync bawled.

"That's right. There's no need to bring mere children into this and I for one will not be taking care of any pets; human or not." Asch yelled.

Van glared at Asch causing the boy to stop his tirade around the room. Van smiled and circled us again. "I care not if you break their spirit in the process, in fact this is recommended. In the very least make sure they know who the one and true master is." Van said.

"I am no pet!" Raven howled.

"Nor do we belong to anyone." I growled back.

"Are you sure you aren't? You certainly look like a wild dog." Sync smirked and earned himself a glare from the two of us. Van chuckled at the thought and gazed down at us like he was actually trying to imagine us with ears and a tail. I looked away and thought for a moment. He said he was giving is to a god general right? That meant one. If so, I hoped for Dist. Why? Well for one he's weak and two he's easily bribed with fon tech. Easy escape plan!

Van's eyes scanned the rest of the people beside me. Hopefully he wasn't putting ears and tails on them too. He got out of his idle stance and walked around to the back of Raven. She took my example and kept a strait forward glare. He grabbed her ponytail and pulled back roughly making her head reel with it.

"Asch, you get this one." He tugged her ponytail back more and then threw her at the red head. She landed and slid into a neat position in front of Asch, grunting slightly. She refrained from making any other noise than that, having the honor of not yelling when it hurt.

"What? The creepy stalker girl? Why me?" Asch yelled angrily. From the floor, Raven snickered at his comment.

"Because I said so." Van replied and paced over to Blaze. "Ugh, we need to get you some new clothes."

"That's not a reasonable answer." Asch protested.

Van ignored Asch and grabbed Blaze by his throat. "Legretta, you're taking this one." He threw the boy towards Legretta in a similar fashion.

"If you order it, it shall be done commandant." Legretta said respectfully. Blaze hit the ground and yelped sharply. There was a sound of bone cracking when he hit and his ankle went the opposite direction. Looks like both of us were going to visit the infirmary soon. I reminded myself by thinking about the open wound on the back of my head and winced.

"Arietta, Dist. I want both of you to take care of this one." He nudged Shadow with his foot before kicking her over near them. Arietta's face scrunched up in distaste and she hid her face in her doll.

"I don't like here. She goes with the people who killed mommy." She mumbled. Even from here, I had to strain to hear her small voice.

"Why should I, the elegant, glorious, majestic, superior, stylish, Dist the Rose have to put up with this crude, imbecilic creature?" Dist shouted about 3 octaves higher than Arietta. Wow, I bet if this guy entered the most intricate stringing of adjective contest, he'd win first prize. That or I could find my super scribblenauts game and see if he can get all the achievements on it for adjectives.

"I don't see the problem. She would make an interesting test experiment." Van replied pacing over to me in a slow stride.

Dist closed his mouth and contemplated on this, tapping his chin thoughtfully with a slender finger. "And now for you." He said. I knew this comment was directed at me since he was kinda hovering over my shoulder. He looked back at his two remaining generals before grabbing my hair and tugging back. I reeled back like Raven had and stared straight up at this ceiling. I clenched my jaw from shouting out and narrowed my eyes slightly, like the ceiling was an enemy.

I felt his arm shift and in the next moment I was sent flying over and then hitting the ground with a hard thump and winced in pain when my forehead hit the ground. This sent a jolt of pain to the back of my head which now throbbed. I glanced up from the floor to gaze upon a pair of boots. I stared at them for a moment before recognizing them.


"You two should be fairly compatible." Van's voice came from a ways back, so I directed my hate to whomever was in 10 feet of me.

"Hell no." We both muttered.

Van smirked."See? You even talk together."

"No we don't..." Once again the words seemed to come out at the same time. I glared at his boots and I could sense him glaring down at me. "Stop copying me!...Stop it you idiot!" We glared at each other and huffed in indignation.

"Arg!" We both cried out in frustration and turned our heads away from each other. Largo gave a hefty chuckle before turning to Van.

"And what should I do commandant?" He asked.

"I want you to be a substitute for them if one of our god generals become inactive or discharged. I have doubts that the later will ever happen. Now then, I'll be on my way." Van replied walking out.

"You know what Shadow would say to this? She'd say 'F u Van!'" Raven yelled after him. This earned Raven a smack on the head from Asch. Blaze straightened up and leaned back on the supporting pillar. He rested his head and closed his eyes for a brief moment. I stared at Van as began to walk out with his head held high in satisfaction. To get petty revenge I swung my foot out in his path. Sync tried to warn him but in all his self victory he didn't see my foot and tripped. He tripped into Dist, who grabbed Arietta's plush (She was holding onto it quite tightly) and dragged her down, who grabbed Asch's hair, who grabbed Largo for support, who grabbed Legretta's ponytail, who's hand got hooked onto one of Sync's rings on his arms, who eventually dragged everyone down on top of me.

I pounded the ground saying the holy rosary since I had hardly any air. The god generals all got up and said their sorry to one another and returned to their positions. Sync was the last to get up and when he did, gave a swift kick to my stomach. I winced and took a big breath of air. "Oh Mary mother of God pray for our sinners." I blurted out in my exhale. Sync looked as if to retort but occupied himself with looking at Van's face. It was beet red and his ears looked to be on fire.

The almighty commandant stormed over to the door with malice. "Break them!" He shrieked and shut the doors with a loud bang. The room became quiet and one could even hear his angry 'thump thump's going down the hallway.

"This is all your fault." Sync yelled kicking me in the stomach again.

"Oof! ...Well maybe if you had just left us in the sand this wouldn't be happening." I snapped.

"Well maybe if you stop complaining and think about it you would shut up. We saved you, you would have been dead by morning!"

"That makes no sense. We had washed up on a sand bank and there were no monsters in sight! I bet the party would have found us by now!" I screamed. I felt my face getting red-er with anger by the second.

"You insufferable women! " He yelled. He would have continued but Legretta stomped into the middle of us.

"That's enough children! Stop this bickering at once! Sync, take her to your room for know while we prepare one for them! Star, you should thank him in the very least for saving your life so shut the hell up!" She snapped at us. The two of us remained silent and I looked down at the floor in shame. To be yelled at always made me nervous.

"...Come on you idiot." He growled. He grabbed me by the rope on my arms and lifted me up. Once again I was still a little shocked that someone like him could lift me up. He looked...well twiggy but I wasn't one to complain. I silently lamented over my smaller figure. At least I wasn't as short as Shadow.

He threw me out the door away from my other friend and I could feel the other generals stares on our backs. We walked down the hallway in silence at first as so Legretta wouldn't hear us and then it slowly escalated into loud jabs at each other.

"Damn dog of the military."

"Stupid idiot!"

"Dumb ass!"

"Damn girl."


We stopped mid stride. Sync gave me the most awkward face one could with a mask. "Do I look like a hippo?"

I glared at him. "You mean the fact that your butts so fat that its covering your ears? Yes you do!"

He scowled and kicked me down a flight of stairs for that. See? This is why I had the bad language I have.


"Hey...are we there yet?"


"Hello? Are we there yet?"


"Hey! You with the face! Pay attention to me!"

"Gah your so annoying! Don't you ever shut up?" Asch yelled at Raven. She rocked on her heels and thought about this.

"Hm...nope!" She gave him the cheesiest smile she could manage. Asch rolled his eyes and tapped her forward with his sword. She shrugged and pranced forward again. Asch sighed and looked up at the ceiling for guidance.

He had been reduced to pulling out his sword when escorting her because she had ran forward and escaped him so many times. Of course, one with their hands tied couldn't go places fast since they couldn't open doors easily. He sighed and looked back down to see her looking intently at one of the sapphire vases they had set up in the hallway. A pretty thing but it held a lot more significance than one would think. Asch used these vases to navigate around in the cathedral. Some were blue, a way to get to the kitchen/mess hall. Others were green, leading to different knights quarters. Sync had even been as so kind as to go through and put stripes of paint on the ones indicating where each platoons door were. Well...kind isn't a way to put it, more like he wanted to mess something up without getting in trouble. Apparently the boy used the vases too. The red vases, his favorites, led to the training room, while the black and white one led to the god generals room. Along the way to each were of course multiple utility rooms.

His least favorite rooms of course since he opened a door once, trying to find his own room, and walked into a very unpleasant scene. He looked back to see that his captive was gone and down the hallway, two swing doors were flipping in and out. Asch gave an aggravated huff and started running. "Damn it Raven!"


Blaze walked at a quick pace keeping up with Legretta. He was following behind her and her back was turned to him. She looked lost in thought. Blaze had contemplated just stopping and sneaking away several times but instinct screamed at him to stay. Star had mentioned something about her having a deadly aim a long time ago. He decided to trust her advice since she did know a lot more about this place than him. And the two guns resting just at her reach further convinced him not to run.

'He looks just like my brother. With the bright eyes even down to the maid cosplaying part. If he does it for the hell of it then I'm almost sure he's my brothers reincarnation...If only he didn't have to die...' Legretta's thoughts ended when she came to a halt in front of her door.

"Is this it?" Blaze asked looking at one of the few black doors in the hallway. He saw a yellow stripe of paint on this door surprisingly and a few other colors of paint slashes on other doors. Only on the black doors though. 'hm, maybe the god generals rooms? Is it representing their hair color?' Blaze pondered.

"Yes, go on in." Legretta stepped out of his way. He went in and looked around. It was a very neat room with a bed in the far left corner. On the right side of the bed was a night stand and on the left a wardrobe. The opposite side of the room held a small bookshelf with a few romance books on it. On the last available wall was a door. On further inspection, it turned out to be a bathroom with the standard lion claw tub, a toilet, and a marble counter sink.

"You can make yourself a bed using those quilts." Legretta spoke softly but Blaze nodded anyways. He spotted the quilts in the bottom left corner of the room. An easy way for Legretta to keep an eye on him. He went to grab a quilt but ropes still constricted his hands.

"How-." He wasn't able to finish his sentence when a gun shot went off and the ropes on his hands fell to the ground. He stood perfectly still and glanced backwards to see a small imprint by his right foot. If he had moved when she had pulled the trigger...

"I trust you'll stay here. I have a few errands to run." She turned to leave. "Oh and if you do try to escape..." The sound of the gun being cocked made his blood freeze. "I'll hunt you down and make sure you're never able to run again."

The door closed with the sound of footsteps following it. Only when they disappeared did Blaze give the lightest shiver and begin to make a bed from the large quilts.


Shadow awoke to find that she was not with her friends anymore. In addition to this she was in a colorless room on a small metal bed. If you ever woke up with the feeling that someone was watching you, this is what she felt now. She slipped a hands down the right side and grabbed a loose metal pipe. With a good tug she brought it up and got off the bed. The air filled with mystery and she found herself surveying the area closely.

Something flashed then a white blur raced towards her. She screamed and swung the metal pipe, decapitating whatever had tried to assault her. She watched as the thing slowly morphed from the blur into a little robot with no head. She sighed and swung the pipe around and looked at the dead thing.

It suddenly came back to life and jumped at her screaming, "OMFGWHYWOULDYOUDOTHAT!" Shadow screamed again and smacked it over and over again with the pipe until it became a piece of scrap metal.

"Barrelow DX!" A girly voice shrieked. A man with silver hair came flying into the room on a hover chair and scooped up the small pile of metal near Shadow. 'So I was wrong. It wasn't a girl that screamed it after all...' Shadow thought to herself. A few seconds later, a pinkette walked in hugging her small doll. A liger followed in behind her.

"Looks like she's awake." Arietta growled. Even from behind her doll she could easily give a glare that could scare a liger.

"Look what you have done you little rat!" Dist screamed. "You've totally trashed Barrelow DX! He was a model for my next super machine!" He stormed up to Shadow and raised a hand to strike her before she hit him in the head with the pipe.

"Who the hell are you people and what the heck do you want?" Shadow asked after she had hit him in the head.

"Gah! How dare you hit the glorious Dist the Rose!" He shrieked.

"Man you really sound like a girl. And are those feathers on your hemline. HA; And here I thought Barney would stand to be the strongest pedophile I'd ever know." She spoke rather loudly.

"What did you say! Why you little brat! I am the glorious Dist the Rose and I will have you know I am no mere pedophile-"

"So your a super pedophile?"


The ever silent Arietta sighed and watched as the girl hit Dist in the face again with the pipe and ran out the door. This was going to be a very long day. An extremely long day...


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