Software – Kassa Fabrication 450 T
Date: 3/14/2177
Encryption Code: -
Product Registered to: Brooklyn Seltzer
Status: Off the Record
Title: On Burke

A pane of glass lasts a lengthy amount of time, provided some malevolent force has not tampered with it. I suppose that's exactly what time is: a rancorous, malignant scope of chronology that wears down everything that dwells within its synapse.

I am no philosopher, but I'd warrant that time batters and smashes the people who outlast its weathering. People like Burke Craddock. Yet people such as Burke fascinate me. His body bruised, and his mind flayed in various methods, yet his spirit still carries his battered self over its ethereal shoulder. If Burke is a pane of glass, he's a stalwart one.

Burke. You've been tricked, and you've been deceived, time and time again. You blame both your enemies, and the ones who employ you, and don't acknowledge the fact that I am indirectly responsible for what happened to your family. If I told you I do not know how you would react, finding out the woman you love has a few suspicious bones dug under the ground. Would you forgive me? Would you turn your gun on me?

I am too timid to find out. I hope one day you will, though I admit, I am not sure I will be the one to tell you. I could be living the biggest mistake ever.

I really, really don't kno



In 2177, the Systems Alliance was still recovering from the assault
on the human colony of Elysium, by a faction of mercenaries and privateers from
the Terminus systems, a gruesome battle following in its wake. Because of
transgressions such as this, the cold war between the Citadel Council and the
Terminus Factions is a powder keg waiting to ignite, and political tensions were
at an all time high.

Both sides wished to avoid open war at all costs, utilizing espionage and black
operations to peer into enemy operations and sabotage them. These were
carried out entirely by the most secret of agents, privateers, mercenaries, and freebooters.

Commissioned by the Citadel Council, the privateer crew of the Panera, a
state of the art heavy fighter/corvette, was one such operations cell. Highly paid
and supplied with the best of gear, their assignments were always extremely
treacherous. Their latest task took them to the world of Golmes, located deep
in the terminus systems, where Citadel intelligence confirmed the existence of a
remote, but heavily fortified facility located along the planet's equator…