Title: Angel Faced Monster - Bad End
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1773
Pairing: Mentioned Hancock x Luffy, hinted Luffy x Ace
Topic: Nightmare
Type: AU, Modern Setting, takes place days after the events in 'Angel Faced Monster'.
Genre: Horror
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM:Sequel to the fic 'Angel Faced Monster. Quick warning, if you are a big Hancock fan this might not be the story for you.


"You'll wake up soon, right Ace?"

It was a familiar voice, it was calling him back from the darkness. But it would be around long enough for him to completely find his way back.

"The doctor said that you're going to have an operation today...You're going to be okay, I know you will."

He had to find his way back, before the voice left again. It was then that Portgas D. Ace opened his eyes.


His eyes ached, he squinted them until they adjusted to the light. He then realized that he was in a white room, a hospital room. Ace forced himself to try and sit up, his head felt light and cloudy, he mind was simply one huge blank. It was then that he winced when he felt a pain suddenly shoot through his abdomen.

"U-ugh!" His hand went to his stomach, he could feel bandages. "W-what...is this...?"

"Finally awake huh?" said a voice out of nowhere. It didn't belong to Luffy.

Ace looked towards the door, standing in the hall was an older looking man with prematurely grey hair. "Smoker...?"

"That's Officer Smoker, brat." The older man said with a small huff.

"Officer? You're here on business?" Ace said with a blink.

"You saying you don't remember?" Smoker said with a raised eyebrow. He walked into Ace's room. "It's about how you got that wound..."

Ace's began feel an ache in his head, an image flashed in his mind, it was of that Hancock girl. "That girl..."

"Oh? So you do remember then?"

Ace shook his head. "Not really, everything's...kind of blank. Where's Luffy?"

"I told brat number two to go home. Stubborn little shit."

Ace couldn't help but almost laugh, obviously Luffy must have gave him a hard time. But then a thought occurred to him, why would Smoker be giving Luffy and him a hard time in a situation like this? "Why are you here?"

"To ask you some questions. There seems to be a bit of controversy about how you got your injuries."

"What do mean?" Ace said with a blink. He looked down at himself, the memory of a sharp pain hitting him there made him wince a little. "I was stabbed..."

"By a classmate of yours, right?"

Ace frowned, and then gave a nod. "Yeah, it was Boa Hancock..."

"She's dead..." Smoker said in a blunt tone.

Ace's eyes widened and he looked up at the officer. "Are you serious...? How? What happened?"

"Her body was found not too far from your apartment building. It seemed like she was trying to run away but succumbed to blood loss. But we won't know all the details until the autopsy results are in." Smoker explained. He studied Ace's reactions carefully, it seemed the younger man was definitely surprised by the news.

Ace held his head in his hands, he could feel a wicked headache coming on. His breath came in small pant after pant, he was starting to remember now. "She had a big knife...She took it out of her school bag and came at me."

"A guy like you should have easily defused the situation...You take martial arts at the school, don't you?" Smoker asked.

"Yeah, but so did she...I remember her using moves that I never saw before...It took me off guard." Ace then looked up at Smoker. "I can't really remember what happened after that."

"From the looks of things you were able to take the knife and stab her somehow." Smoker began. "The problem is, we really don't know who attacked who first."

Ace's eyes widened with shock. "Hold it, are you saying I murdered her?"

Smoker gave an irritated sigh. "Well, technically, yes, the wounds you inflicted probably did cause her death."

Ace tried to think back, he had to remember, did he really kill a person? This whole thing was just so surreal, part of him was hoping to just wake up and find it was just a nightmare.

"If it really was self defense, then you don't have anything to worry about." Smoker began. "But, you have to understand that a few people are somewhat suspicious. You've been known to have a bad temper and you can get a bit violent."

"You're disgusting, you're a monster..."

"So what are you saying? That gives a reason for people to think I murdered her?" Ace said, his voice was laced with disbelief. "I was a kid when I was like that! A stupid kid! I grew up!" There was a certain desperation in his voice, it seemed like he was trying to convince himself more than Smoker.

"Calm down Portgas." Smoker said suddenly.

Ace continued on anyway, wasn't just going to sit there and be accused of this bullshit. "And why would I want to kill her anyway! I barely even knew her!" That's right, Boa was only another girl in his class, he wouldn't wanted to kill her. But a voice in the back of his mind ate at him.


"Some were saying that she's been going out with your broth-"

"Stalking!" Ace suddenly snapped. "She was stalking him!" She had no right, his mind reasoned, Luffy was...

Another image flashed in his mind, Hancock was in his apartment, staring at him with eyes full of anger.

"It's your fault; it's because of you that he won't love me."

It was gone as soon as it came, Ace held a hand to his head, it ached the more he tried to remember. He soon noticed that Smoker was giving him a suspicious look. "Don't look at me like that! Luffy told me himself that he was being stalked by someone. If you asked him he would tell you!"

"Or he would go along with it to try to protect you." Smoker explained. "Look, I'm just saying that this is what people are thinking. Yes, we did ask Luffy and he did say that he was having issues with a stalker, but he also said that he thought he handled it."

"Well apparently it wasn't handled at all! Because she attacked me!" Ace could remember even more now, her charging at him with a knife in hand. He started to remember even more, he struggled with Hancock, trying to get the knife out of her hands. He was so angry, the things she said, her unhealthy attraction to his 'little brother'. When he managed to get the knife, Hancock suddenly moved and...

Red...There was red everywhere. All over his hands...

Ace remembered backing away from Hancock, dropping the knife. Too shocked by what he had just done, he couldn't react in time when Boa went for the knife again.

"Some are saying that it wouldn't be too far fetched for you to just have stabbed yourself after killing her." Smoker pointed out.

That image played in Ace's mind. It was wrong! Damn it all! Smoker was contaminating his memories. That never happened! Hancock stabbed him!

"That's demented! Why the Hell would I do that?" Ace nearly shouted.

"For an alibi!" Smoker shouted back.

The heart rate monitor next to Ace's bed was beeping at a more frantic pace. It was obvious to see the young man was becoming really stressed. Even his breathing was starting to become erratic. Ace's mind was everywhere, seeing two different versions of the events. He tried to focus on the truth...or what he thought was the truth. Ace clutched his head in his hands, it was throbbing, at this rate he was going to go insane. "Go away! GO AWAY!" He called out.

It wasn't long before a nurse hurried into the room.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave if you are going to keep this up." she said with a stern tone. "The patient is in no shape to handle that much stress."

"Hmph...Fine then." Smoker looked at Ace. "Don't think that you are off the hook, I'm going to be back with more questions."

"I'm not a murderer!" Ace shouted suddenly. He wasn't evil, he just wasn't, he was a good big brother. Soon after Ace's body shuddered a little, he gasped slightly as he felt a pain in his chest.

"Okay, Sir, you have to get out right now or I'm calling security!"

Smoker raised his hands in mock surrender. "Alright, alright, I get it...I'm going." He then turned and was led away by the nurse. He wouldn't be far though, he planned on sneaking back in when he could get the chance.

Ace laid back down into his bed, he was panting slightly. He had to calm down, Smoker said it himself, if it was self defense he had nothing to worry about, right? It was going to be okay, he was just protecting himself.

But then, another thought had occurred to him, Hancock was from a well known and well liked family, surely they would spin this situation and make it his fault. That was probably what Smoker was trying to tell him.

"Damn it...!" Ace reached up with one hand and grabbed at his hair in frustration. Even in death that bitch somehow would find a way to win. "It's her fault! It was all her fault! She was the one stalking Luffy! She came to my home and tried to stab me first!" That was the truth! He knew it had to be!


It was then that Ace felt a cold, but firm grip on his wrist that was resting on the bed. He turned his head to find a hand wrapped around his wrist, the arm it was attached to seemed to be coming from beside the bed.

"How...could you...accuse me of such a thing...?"

Next to the arm the head of Boa Hancock could now be seen, her dead eyes meeting Ace's.

"You're a monster...and the monster always die...at the hand of the heroine..."

A blood curdling scream echoed down the hall way. It caught the attention of Smoker and the staff of the hospital.

When Smoker got to the door of Ace's room, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The kid that he was talking to not that long ago was surrounded by hospital staff, they were trying to revive him. Smokers eyes landed on the heart monitor, it was flat lining, only showing the occasional 'blip' from the hospital staff's attempts. There was a certain guilt that ate at the cop, had he somehow contributed to this?

Soon something caught Smoker's eye, it was just for a brief moment, but he thought he saw the eyes of a girl peering at him from over the side of Ace's bed.

-The End-

VTM: Okay, so is this the official ending for 'Angel Faced Monster'? No, not really, this was actually inspired by the concepts of multiple endings for things such as visual novels(especially the ones that feature 'yandere' characters) and video games. This would be considered a 'bad ending'. The prospect of doing other endings or outcomes is tempting, but I'd have to really see if I can think up any others. If any of you want to take a whack at it feel free to. I love seeing people's creativity. This particular ending was inspired by the ending of one of my favorite arcs of Higurashi. (First chapter was inspired by 'School Days'.)

To clear up some things:

-Ace might be a little OOC(I apologize for that), but that was because the focus was to have him have a sort of mental break down.

-Is Hancock really a ghost? That's for the readers to decide.

VTM: Other than that I hope you have enjoyed the show. Until next time!