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"Sam, close your eyes. You've already taken some damage to your eyesight. This time, you'll go blind if you look," Michael said. "No matter what you hear, don't open them until there's absolute silence."

"You damaged my vessel!" Lucifer snarled.

"Is that all he is to you? A vessel? You know it wasn't my fault, Lucifer. He wanted to see what was taking place," Michael shook his head. "Grow up!" Michael's presence, because he was barely managing to stay in the vessel with Castiel there as well, was already causing the ground to shake. His true voice caused the glass to shatter, the shards coming straight at them. Neither angel bothered to block the onslaught of glass even as it cut their vessels' faces.

Lucifer released Sam and was the first to strike. Michael briefly let his eyes close.

"Move!" Castiel urged.

"Not quite yet," Michael whispered as Lucifer punched him.


"Listen to your superiors, Castiel,"

"This is not your body!"Castiel shouted.

"I let him get one punch in, Castiel, he deserved that," Michael said and then he said out loud. "He's not getting a second free one." Michael grabbed Lucifer's arm, and threw him into the wall. "You'll have to tell Dean I'm sorry later, Castiel." Castiel watched helplessly through Jimmy's eyes as Michael and Lucifer fought.

"Cas, I did not sign up for this!" Jimmy shouted from deep within. Castiel was startled- he hadn't heard Jimmy's voice in ages. He had thought him to have accepted his fate, to allow Castiel to call all the shots that he deemed were necessary. He tried telling Jimmy that he could extract Michael from his body, tell him that he didn't have permission to reside in it, but with resound horror, he realized that Michael was silencing him, keeping him from talking to Jimmy.

"Michael!" Castiel raged. "Stop this! You're not obeying the rules!"

Michael ignored him, charging forward at Lucifer and punching his stomach. Lucifer retaliated, aiming a right hook towards Michael's face. Castiel could feel the hold Michael had on his grace, essentially suffocating him and keeping him quiet. He couldn't tell Jimmy the way to send Michael back to heaven and he could hear Jimmy's shouting, a rage much louder than it had been than when Castiel had resided in Jimmy's body. Not being able to reach Jimmy with his voice, he began chanting the Latin that would open the gates to Hell with the horsemen's rings.

"Hey, I did not sign up for this!" Jimmy shouted. "Do you hear me, Michael?"

"Shut up!" Michael shouted out loud, although Castiel knew Sam and Casey were hearing it as a screeching noise. "No one is going to get in the way of this fight!" Castiel tried to extend his grace to Jimmy, to try and keep him from falling apart under Michael and his combined grace.

"Stop this! Get out of my body! You're just like Lucifer if you keep this up!"

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Michael raged.

"Lucifer was cast out of heaven to because he refused to respect humans! You're not respecting me and getting the hell out of my body!" The rings were pulled away from Michael's hand as the gate to Hell opened. Castiel sighed in relief as he felt Michael leave the vessel and saw his grace flying to Dean and Lucifer.


He could see Michael and Lucifer's grace wrestling inside of Dean, fighting for control.

"Father never stopped loving you, Lucifer!" Michael snarled. "He was just trying to teach you a lesson but your stubborn ass just won't learn! He could have made you a demon you know! He could have had someone rule over you! But he didn't! He made you the king of Hell! Do you really think if he hated you, he'd have made you the king of Hell?"

"Why don't you spend an eternity there? The center of Hell is frozen for a reason!"

"Then I'll go there with you!" Michael shouted, catching a surprised Lucifer in the best impression of a hug as they could manage in their incorporeal states. "You're going back, but not alone!" Castiel and Jimmy watched as Lucifer was stunned enough to let Michael remove him from Dean's body and into the Hell Gate. He closed his eyes until the gate closed and then released his breath.

"You may open your eyes now," Castiel said.

Lucifer was the calmest he had ever been in a long time. Michael's grace wrapped around him tightly, seemingly trying to fill in for all the years he missed as a brother.

"You didn't have to beat me up you know,"

"Would you rather be down here for eternity taking shots at each other instead of that few minutes fight?"

"Why are you doing this?" Lucifer asked instead. "You're an archangel- the archangel. Why do you want to live in Hell? Who wants to live in Hell?"

"Stop picking fights with me Lucifer," Michael said. "I'm here now. I'm tired of fighting."

"But why-"

"I'm in Hell for my sins," Michael said. "And I missed my brother." Lucifer was silent for a moment.

"You're still a jerk," Lucifer grumbled.

"Bitch," Michael retorted.

"I'm not blind, Dean!"

"You might as well be, Sam! You can't just go getting into fights with your eyesight!"

"I can still see just fine!"

"Yeah? How's that 20/20 vision working out for you? Oh, that's right! It's not!"

"He was abusing that puppy-" Sam said.

"Oh no, we are not taking a dog in!" Dean said. "And this isn't about some stray off the street! We're talking about you getting into a fight when you're freaking blind!"

"He only got in three hits and that was because he snuck behind me and attacked like a coward!" Sam snapped. "Come on, Dean! Can't we keep the dog?"

"No," Dean grouched.

"I'll take care of it! You won't have to lift a finger. Come on, look. Cas likes her!" Sam said. Dean glanced and then wished he hadn't because Castiel, the awkward angel he was, was petting the dog hesitantly. His eyes were wide like they always were upon making a new discovery. Dean looked away from it.



"You don't get rewarded for fighting, Sam," Dean said. "That's just how it works."

"No it's not," Castiel frowned, looking at Dean.

"Yes, Cas, it is," Dean insisted.

"I entered the fighting ring for you and I got rewarded," Castiel said.

"Shut up. That wasn't different. Doesn't count," Dean said.

"Yes it does. We're keeping the mutt," Casey decided, sauntering past them. "Get over it, Dean. They've won this one and you know it."

"Thanks a lot for the help, bitch!" Dean shouted as she slid a beer over to him.

"My shift's over, bartender. See you at home," Casey announced. Dean huffed and glared at Castiel who had the puppy in his arms.

"Would you like to be the tie breaker for the name? Sam wants to name her Candy. I would like to name her Annael," Castiel said with a straight face. Dean rolled his eyes and looked at the blonde puppy.

"Jess," he said gruffly. "Now put the dog in the back or something so we don't get complaints about the cleanliness or something. Sam whooped in delight and took the puppy from Castiel who was smiling at Dean softly. "What?"

"Thank you," he said, pressing a kiss to Dean's lips.

"Yeah, well… whatever," Dean said, kissing Castiel again.