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Dear Husband:

It's seven months today. Seven months since I last spoke to you. Seven months since we last saw each other. You told me it would take only a week at most. Maybe up to a month. What happened? They say your dead. I refuse to believe it.

You of all people, dead? I think not. There was no body recovered.

The other thing they say is that you left me for good. I sometimes think that is the more likely option. But Even that is so hard for me to swallow as the truth. I won't give up hope on you. I won't give up on my love for you just because they've given up on you.

Naruto. He believes me. Some days I see the doubt in his eyes but he is strong. He tries so hard to find you. He knows how much it means to me to know what really happened.

I use to wait everyday at the entrance you always used. I sat on a bench all day waiting patiently. I only stopped waiting there because I couldn't stand the pity in their eyes or the way they would approach me and say what they thought. I'm so different now. That's mostly because of you.

Some people are accusing me of killing you. It's ridiculous. They say I wanted only the title and fortune.

I miss you. I hope you know I don't care for your families money. I don't even care for my own families money.

I came to Tsunade with tears. This loneliness is crushing me. We've been married a whole two and a half years now. She recommended me focusing myself into a hobby. I came up with an idea of writing letter to you. I feel I'd be repeating myself a lot if I just write you letters.

I decided to tell you our story from my eyes.

It's the only thing that keeps me sane. The memories of you.

Despite how our marriage began. Despite how I didn't love you and you didn't love me when we were engaged and just married, I love you now. I love you so much that it hurts.

Forever yours,


Hinata wiped a tear from her cheek and enclosed the letter into an envelope. Her finger tips trembled as she set the envelope with her husband's name on it onto the table. She hoped that if he ever watched her that he would take it. That it would be read. She hoped more than anything for him to turn up home.

The moon hangs high in the clear night sky. Despite the warmth in the night Hinata pulled the blankets right up under her chin. Her pale skin almost glowed in the moonlight. Her raven hair falling onto the pillow.

Her last thoughts were all of him. Tomorrow she would write. Tomorrow she would check to see it the envelope had moved even an inch. That hope, in the end, she felt would crush her.

Sleep was not refreshing like it use to be. It felt like an alternative state her body entered to escape reality. There were no pleasant dreams. No dreams, period. Hinata crawled out of bed and made the bed slowly. She brushed her hair and dressed in a purple shirt and a black skirt. Hinata went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

She decided to munch on toast and sip some tea.

She put a number one on the envelope she left on the table. It was exactly where she left it. Disappointment stung her heart but she walked away from it.

At last she sat at his desk. On it was a picture of them on their wedding day. It was not such a happy occasion then but he placed it on his desk some time before he left on his mission. Eventually he felt that their forced smiles had become real. Or at least that's what Hinata believed he thought.

She sighed and forced her tears back and picked up an ink pen.

Her writing was neat and small.

Dear husband:

As promised today I begin to write our story from my side. You know these events as well as I do. But you don't know them the way I do.

I should start the day this all really began. From what I knew, you had come back after avenging your family. It was rumored then that you were planning to rebuild your clan. So many women were pleading their love for you. So many were hoping to bear your children and rebuild your clan with you.

I was not among them. As you know. I was in love with Naruto. I also couldn't have a straight conversation with him. So any hope of a relationship with him was out of the question. Especially since he was in love with Sakura.

But that's besides the point.

It was the day my father took my sister Hanabi and myself to your families estate. Well your estate. Currently our estate.

I didn't understand why he wanted me to come along. He had flat out told me that Hanabi was the heir. Perhaps he meant to rub it in my face as an insult? Who knows. I don't speak to him much anymore. He's the one who thinks I'm in denial and that your dead.

I simply refuse to believe.

Again, I'm off track.

We arrived at your doorstep and we entered. I bowed and took my shoes off first. In their haste they forgot their manners. I still apologize for that.

You looked utterly irritated by our presence, and I thought, 'I don't blame you Sasuke.'

"Can I help you?" you asked my father.

"Sasuke," my father thought he could smooth talk you. "Glad to see you decided to rebuild your clan. I'd like to offer assistance."

I'm sure you've heard that line before.

"My daughter Hanabi is the heir of my clan and a marriage between the two of you would be beneficial to both you and our clan," he put his hand on her shoulder.

I stared at the gardens just outside the window behind you. It was breathtaking. Over grown but wild with life.

"Honestly this is more awkward than beneficial," I remember you turned away from my father and lead us into the kitchen. "She's several years younger than me. It would feel weird."

"I would offer my daughter Hinata but she's not in good standing with our clan," it cut like knives. I was a last resort if a resort at all for him. Honestly he thought more of himself when he was talking than anyone of us.

"Actually," I remember seeing the look on your face change. I remember the hopeful little intake of breath my father took. "Hinata might be the best offer I've had."

that really shocked me. Let me tell you. Hanabi turned and looked at me with this look of both astonishment and disgust. My sister both loves me and does as she's told. Which is not to associate with me. She treads a thin line that way. I think she was shocked that you chose me over her, I know I was. As much as she loved me I was still in her way.

"Hinata?" he watched your expression closely. "If you would take her you would be given a wonderful engagement gift."

I stayed silent. I was questioning your thought. Me? Your best offer yet? Were you crazy?

"To be honest," you turned to him. "I have plenty of money. I don't want anything you have to offer. Your free to give her money though."

I remember this feeling of helplessness. We left after thanking you properly we left. I wanted to ask you why so badly.

We got home and I felt sick. I realized what this meant. I would never be with Naruto. I would be married to someone I didn't love. Oh how that changed. I was asked questions like "Why does he want you as his bride?" "How did you catch his eye?" "Just what are you trying to pull?"

I answered honestly. "I don't know."

I didn't understand a single bit of it. You chose me.

Of all the girls in this village that love you, you chose one that didn't.

I still question that.

Even though I've already heard your answer.

Perhaps that's enough for this letter.

Love always,


Hinata placed it into another envelope and numbered it as two. She sat at the table and stared at the picture. If only she could go back to that time and relive the happiness again.

A knock on the door startled Hinata. She walked to the door and opened slightly.

Naruto's sad face was all that Hinata saw.

She opened the door all the way and they made their way into the kitchen where she brewed them tea.

"So are you going to tell me?" Hinata finally asked Naruto.

"It's not good," he replied.

"Just say it," Hinata rushed him.

"We found blood," he said.

Hinata squeezed her eyes shut tight.

"They identified it as his blood," Naruto hesitated to say. "It was enough blood for someone to die from."

Hinata pushed back the tears.

"No," she said more to herself than him. "If there is not a body then he is alive. That is what I believe."

"There was no body recovered," he stated. "But Hinata their said they won't send anymore trackers. Their dismissing this case as KIA."

"Then we'll have to find him," Hinata set her cup down with too much force and the tea splashed over the sides. While she wiped it up Naruto sighed.

"Hinata," he said. "I'll look for him. You obviously won't be going anywhere like that."

His hand gestured to her belly.

She touched her growing belly tenderly.

"I won't have you and the baby dieing on a mission to find him," Naruto said. "Leave the tracking to me. Kiba said he would take Akamaru and help me look for him."

"Please find him," Hinata almost choked on the words. "If you find him and he doesn't want to return. If it's true that he left me, then leave him be. But tell me. Inform me the minute you find anything. I need to know."

"You really love him," Naruto smiled weakly. He tried to make her smile but she only nodded before the tears finally flooded her eyes.

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