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A/N: Me again with a new challenge! Couldn't resist doing this particularly one because it strictly involves couples. So… I decided to pick two of my very favorite pairings to write about! X3

The challenge is to write about two couples or friendships using the same prompt, each 150 words. As you progress through the challenge, the relationships are supposed to grow. I thought the couples I chose to do would work in this sense. How I wrote this is mostly canon and the relationships are happening at the same time, but in different places.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

- Earth & Water -

Terra came from a family which only consisted of a mother and child. His mother loved him dearly, but she wished she could've provided him a better life. Terra didn't mind since she was all the happiness he needed…until she died.

Aqua was raised within a picturesque family. She had both parents, but most of the time, her mother was verbally abusive while her father was neglectful. She was called a 'mistake', but Aqua still loved her parents regardless. Those harsh words… She knew they never meant them deep down.

They both came from a broken family with no happy ending.

Their light in the dark had been Master Eraqus, who practically offered them a second chance at life, and it was in the Land of Departure where they met. Both became Keyblade apprentices under the same teacher.

For their new beginnings, Terra and Aqua would journey those paths together.

At the Shoreline ~ Strength of Heart: New Beginnings

- Lion & Angel -

He was quiet, reserved, and very much self-contained. Squall happened to like his solitude even at his very young age. Communication was not his forte, and yet, people still flocked to his side. It was annoying for him to say the least, but he got used to it…eventually.

She was playful, outspoken, and very much straightforward. Rinoa loved to be around others and contributing to conversation no matter how silly the topic was. Silence never played in her favor because it left her feeling awkward and sometimes unwanted. She did her best to make sure that never happened.

They both attended the town festival with their respective set of parents and stumbled upon each other by chance.

Two complete opposites, but how strong the attraction was between them.

Both were stubbornly set in their ways, but Squall and Rinoa were already sharing a spark of life for new beginnings together.