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- Earth & Water -

Aqua had awoken from another of her dreams. It had been too long since she's dreamed good dreams.


She had lots of those. Her fondest ones, however, have always been the ones with Terra.

She remembered his smug smile, his arms that would hold her close, and of course his tender kisses.

…How much she missed him.

Sitting up, Aqua looked past the sea; still trapped within her dark prison. She no longer knew how long she had been within the Realm of Darkness, but it didn't matter.

She just needed to practice patience.

Sora would set things right again; her cloaked companion had told her that much.

He was her salvation…and indefinitely Terra's too.

Aqua smiled with hope, clutching tightly her blue Wayfinder.

There was still light at the end of the tunnel; still hope.

When everything was over, Aqua would find her way back to Terra's arms…

At the Shoreline ~ Strength of Heart: End

- Lion & Angel -

After so much fighting, after so many long years full of regret and forgetting… He could put it all behind him.

Leon made his way to what was left of the outer gardens. Flowers were scarce, but life was struggling to bring back the beauty that was once Radiant Garden.

Eleven years… Has it really been that long?

Quietly, Leon slipped off the glove on his left hand, examining the band on his finger.

After all this time…he received a letter from her.

She was still alive after all these years…

"…I'm still waiting," Leon whispered to the winds and looked to the sky, "Rinoa…"

Closing his eyes and savoring the breeze, Leon remembered every detail of her brilliant being. His feelings for her never changed.

Once Sora completes his mission to save the worlds could finally put an end to "Leon".

For Rinoa, he wanted to be "Squall" again.