Amelia and Jimmy's moment is italicized. Castiel and Dean's moment is just normal script.

Warnings: I am not an expert at FBI/Police/anyone else's jurisdictions. There might be mistakes on that. There will be adult content. If you don't like it, don't read it. Pay attention to the pairings thing. I have no idea who I will pair Sam or Gabriel with if I pair them with anyone.

Pairings: (Main) Castiel/Dean, Amelia/Jimmy (Sub): Jimmy/Dean

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural.

"Cas!" Jimmy grinned, running to meet his twin. Castiel looked at Jimmy with his wide, blue eyes, eyes that were wider and more expressive than Jimmy's own but rarely showed happiness. However, when Castiel saw his twin, he usually made an acceptation about the happiness rule.

"Jimmy," Castiel said. Jimmy sat down next to Castiel, holding two popsicles.

"Do you want the green one or the blue one?"

"The green one," Castiel said. Jimmy handed his twin the green Popsicle.

"We're going to be together forever, right, Cassie? We're not going to get married but we're always going to be near each other, right?" Jimmy asked.

"Of course," Castiel nodded.

"What if we get separated?" Jimmy asked. "Like mommy and daddy?"

"Then we'll find a way back to each other,"

"Amelia," Jimmy breathed. He kissed his way down her neck and created a pathway down to her breasts.

"Fuck, Cas!" Dean groaned, trying to buck his hips. "You're such a goddamn tease!"

"Kiss me," Amelia whispered. Jimmy obeyed, kissing Amelia. His hands roamed up and down Amelia's body, cupping her breasts. Amelia gasped into Jimmy's mouth as his fingers closed around her nipple, squeezing and twisting it.

"You want me to be a tease? Alright," Castiel said, giving one last lick to Dean's dick and then getting up to leave. Dean glared at him, trying to get up but his pants were in a pool at his ankles. He stumbled forward and grabbed Castiel, slamming him against the wall and kissing him roughly.

"Jimmy…" Amelia said. "Jimmy!" She was breathless and not very loud but that was alright with Jimmy because he loved the breathless note to her voice. He spread her legs apart and lowered his face. He licked experimentally at her clit. Amelia squirmed and tried to close her legs but Jimmy held them apart and teased her hole with his tongue.

"Little slut," Dean growled, keeping Castiel pinned as he shoved the man's belt off. Castiel smirked. Dean knew the only reason he wasn't on the floor with some kind of bruise was because Castiel was letting him pin him. The revelation pissed Dean off and he shoved Castiel's pants down, and slammed him against the wall again with his back towards Dean this time.

"Jimmy!" Amelia shouted, crying out as Jimmy's tongue plunged into her hole.

Dean shoved a finger up Castiel's hole. Castiel moaned at the sudden intrusion, fingers trying to curl and grip the wall.

Jimmy pressed a finger into her entrance and watched as she writhed under him.

"Dean!" Castiel moaned, fucking himself on Dean's finger. "Dean!" He felt another finger beginning to press into his hole. He tried to push back onto it but Dean held firm, teasing Castiel with the promise of something bigger filling him.

Amelia couldn't help the little moans that escaped her as Jimmy pumped two fingers in and out of her. Jimmy felt himself get harder as he watched her. He began to add a third finger in her. She breathed through the slight pain that was there before beginning to ride his fingers. "Jimmy! Jimmy, please!"

"Dean!" Castiel moaned, pushing back on Dean's dick, trying to get him to go further in. "Harder, damn you!" Dean smirked and bit the junction of Castiel's neck and shoulder. He pulled out and then slammed back in hard.

"Little slut," Dean smirked. Castiel moaned and tried fucking himself on Dean's dick but Dean held him still, thrusting into him experimentally.

"Dean!" Castiel screamed.

"There we go," Dean said, hitting Castiel's prostate harder as he thrust back in.

"Jimmy," Amelia breathed.

"Amelia," Jimmy panted, burying himself to the hilt inside of her. "Tell me I can move- please tell me…" He was surrounded by her tight heat. She wrapped her legs around him and nodded. He kissed her in appreciation and began thrusting in gently at first. Her legs wrapped tighter around Jimmy and he began to speed up his thrusts.


"Dean, Dean, I-" Castiel moaned. "Dean!" Castiel came then and Dean followed several strokes after him.


"Jimmy!" Amelia screamed as she came, shaking in the aftershock as Jimmy let go.


When Dean woke up on the cold hard floor, Castiel was gone.

Jimmy awoke with a start in a cold sweat. He hadn't dreamed of Amelia for years… probably not since the divorce and after he had somewhat gotten used to being alone without his wife and daughter. But the divorce had been for their safety, not because he had wanted to be apart from them, but because it was no longer safe for them.

He was an FBI agent. The more cases he solved, the more danger he was putting his family in. He looked in the mirror and instead of grabbing his suit, he grabbed the one that he would have to become accustomed to wearing for however long this next mission took.

"You ready today, man?" Gabriel asked when Jimmy walked into the office. "Man, you look like shit."

"Thanks, Gabe," Jimmy rolled his eyes. "How do I look?"

"Like your twin," Gabriel said. "Gel your hair." He tossed the can of hair gel that Castiel had apparently become fond of using in their years apart.

"And you're going to infiltrate too, right?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah. Just remember, don't talk to me like we're Jimmy and Gabe. Out there, we're Castiel and Gabriel. This infiltation goes deep. One mistake and we're screwed," he said. "Cas gives short answers, he's curt, deep voice, and he won't bat an eye at any form of torture- unless it's being dealt to Dean Winchester."

Dean Winchester.

God, how Jimmy hated that name.

He glanced in the mirror. He didn't need to worry about looking exactly like Castiel. They were twins. The only difference was maybe the eyes. Castiel's had always been brighter. In recent pictures, they were stone cold, shining only because glaciers did too. What had happened to his twin? He couldn't help but think Dean Winchester had something to do with it.

"Let me see the note again," Jimmy said.

"Sure, it's in evidence," Gabriel said.

Dear Jimmy,

If you're reading this letter, I should be dead. I need you to arrest the underground crime ring I have been involved in. It goes a lot deeper than what is on the surface.

Brother, appearances are deceiving.

-C. Novak

Getting ready to enter the crime syndicates' hideout, Jimmy began repeating the familiar phrase over and over to himself.

'Act like him. Act like Castiel. Act like your brother. Act like your twin. Act like the brother you haven't seen in thirteen years,'

Then he pushed open the door and walked into a room full of criminals.

"Where the hell have you been?" an angry voice demanded. Pretending to be undaunted by the voice, Jimmy turned his gaze towards the man he believed to be responsible at least indirectly for his twin's disappearance.

"Hello, Dean."