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Author's note: I've been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to upload this, but decided what the hell. Enjoy!

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Vert didn't know when he really started noticing Agura as a female. Before then, it never registered in his brain that she was a girl, with breasts, and hips that look quite tantalizing under that shock suit she wore. It was a slow and gradual process, but soon he went from acknowledging her as one of the guys, to someone he wouldn't mind hooking up with.

He had to admit, he hated thinking of her in that way. She was his teammate first and foremost, and his friend. Getting involved with someone you work with leads to trouble and hard feelings in the end. There was too much at state at the moment, one of which was the multi-verse.

He didn't love her, at least, not at this moment. Vert wasn't exactly attracted to her in the beginning and had no problems seeing her as nothing more than a friend. He was more into women, who were like Grace: soft, delicate, spunky, and easy to get along with. Agura was too rough for his liking. Granted, she eventually softened up as time went on, and that was when he started to take notice.

He groaned inwardly as confusing thoughts started to pour into his head. Looking up, he saw Agura jumping down from the hood of her Tangler before stepping back to give it a once over.

His eyes lingered momentarily at her backside as she sauntered away from her vehicle and headed up stairs. Vert quickly darted his eyes, before looking around to see if anyone had saw him gawking. Sherman and Zoom, the only two that were left, were too busy with their own vehicles to notice the stares Vert was giving their female teammate.

Sighing, he closed the hood of his Saber and walked in the same direction that Agura had gone off too. He thought she had gotten away from him, but saw her leave the game room and was heading towards the cafeteria. Like puppy he followed her, careful not to get caught. He didn't understand why he didn't let her know of his presence. Why was he so apprehensive towards her? Suddenly she stopped, and quickly turned around. The usually sharp and cautious Agura had noticed someone was following her. With an eyebrow cocked, she saw him standing before her looking sheepish.

"Uh…Vert," she said in a questioning tone. She started to walk towards him, and Vert was wracking his brain to find an excuse on why he was walking a mere six feet away from her, without saying anything.

"Oh hey, I was just about asked you something," he said nervously.

"Oh…sure what is it," she asked.

"Well, we haven't hung out much, lately. Not by ourselves, at least. You know that 1979 Z28 Chevy Camaro I was working on for the last two years. Well I just put the finishing touches on it, and I was wondering if you want to go for a ride out into town."

Agura gave him a dubious look that made Vert nervous. Luckily for him, she quickly smiled, her face lighting up as she did so.

"I would love too," she said looking at him bashfully, which was very unlike her. Vert wondered if Agura had suddenly had a brain transplant while in the game room.

"How about seven tonight," he offered.

"Sure," she said quickly, before turning around and going into the cafeteria. If Vert didn't know any better, Agura seemed a bit too eager, but chalked it up as her being happy to get away.

Chuckling to himself, Vert headed up to his bedroom to get ready.

While in sitting in the cafeteria, Agura felt like she was on pins and needles. What had made Vert ask her out all of a sudden? All this time, he never once looked her way, but instead used his romantic exploits to flirt with Grace, and others who were a bit similar to the pretty waitress.

When Agura met Vert she thought he was he was the typical pretty boy, who lacked anything between the ears. She was soon proven wrong, when showed her that he was a capable, intelligent, and very mature for his age. There were times, when he would make her worry with his exploits while driving, but deep down she knew he wouldn't do anything to get hurt. He was a man who knew his craft and she admired him for it.

Eventually, she started to notice him more, and soon she her admiration of him turned into a lingering crush that wouldn't go away. A crush she would often ignore out of shame. As time went on, that girlish crush she would often write off had morphed into something so deep that it almost scared her.

Agura was confused to say the least.

Using her spoon, she played idly with her cereal as she thought about what she should say to him. Agura wasn't ready to admit that she had liked him more as a friend, because she doubt he felt the same way.

She was sure the outing was more platonic in nature, and not a date.

It was definitely not a date.

Agura suspected he liked the cheerleader types…she assumed, of course. She wasn't exactly girly girl, but she knew all about grace and elegance, considering she is a descending African princess. She knew she could easily play the role if she wanted to, but she refused. Neither Vert nor the others knew, and that was one thing in her past she wanted to keep secret.

If they had known, they would treat her like a helpless princess, which she had enough of from her own family. Funnily enough, she hated when they referred to her as one of the guys…Vert being the main culprit.

Couldn't she be tough and feminine at the same time?

After she was finish with her cereal, she left the kitchen and headed to her room, hoping that the rest of morning will pass by quickly.

It was nearing seven O'clock and Agura hadn't made it down, but Vert didn't mind, since he kept himself busy by wiping down the Camaro so it could look good as new for the evening. His mind was in a fog as he thought about tonight, wondering if his outing with Agura would be considered a date.

He never referred it as such, and he no plans to do so, but he couldn't help but to chuckle at the implications. Vert was sure the others would see that way and there was a chance Agura saw it that way.

Taking a step back, he acknowledged his handiwork. The Camaro belonged to his father, and had been sitting in the garage for years. It was a few years ago, when he decided to work on it by adding a fresh coat of paint, redoing the interior, and replacing parts little by little.

"Looking good," he heard her say. Turning around, he saw Agura standing behind him with a smirk on her face. Her dark eyes were glued to the car as she stepped forward to inspect every detail.

"Yeah, took me awhile, but my hard work paid off," he said smugly.

"Awesome," Agura said before rushing to the passenger side door. Before Vert could open the door for her, she had done it herself, and hopped inside. Laughing, he slipped into the driver's side, and started the ignition. It sounded heavenly to their ears as the engine roared once Vert peeled out of the garage. Agura didn't know how fast Vert was going but the adrenaline rush she felt while riding in his car made her body tremble. Looking over at her blond friend, his eyes were so dark and intense as he peered down the empty highway. More and more she realized how handsome he was, and she wanted to reach forward and kiss him on his full lips. She shifted in her seat, once she felt a tingling sensation radiate between her legs as her stomach started to coil and tighten.

"How do you like it so far," he asked his eyes still on the road.

"Love it," she said with a smile. She had meant it especially the love part.

"Let's go to Zeke's for a bite, and then we can go out for another joy ride," he offered.

"I would love to ride you," she said without thinking. Her eyes widened when she realized what she had said. Quickly, she shrunk back into her seat in embarrassment while laughing nervously. She cut her eye at Vert, who looked very stone faced. Agura couldn't make out anything else from the darkness of the car, but she knew what she said made things very uncomfortable between the two of them.

Can this night get even more interesting?