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Chapter 1

"Pathetic piece of shit!"

The sharp pain hit again as boot connected with my ribs. I heard a crack. I pulled my knees up to my chest, forcing myself into a ball.

He'd stop soon. He always did. He kicked me again and spat on my face. I let the silent tears fall down my cheeks. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of screaming, no matter how much it hurt. He leaned down close to my ear, "I'm gonna kill you freak." He whispered softly. A shiver ran up my spine, and a warm feeling began to blossom in my chest. I was finally seventeen.

"Happy Birthday, freak!" then his fist made contact with my eye, his ring scratched my eyelid and I felt blood rushing down my face, intermingling with my tears. It would be over soon. That was the only thought that I clung to. My body was beginning to grow warmer and suddenly Severus popped into my head. I wanted to sob; I would never see him again. 'Severus…' I said softly in my head before darkness took me over.

"Albus he was beaten you can't seriously be considering making him go back there!"

Severus whispered harshly. "I was there I saw what they did to him! Albus, he was a bloody mess. You-"

I groaned quietly, but not quietly enough.

"Harry my boy! How are you feeling?" Dumbledore asked me, completely ignoring the fuming Snape.

I opened my eyes and a mass of blur assaulted me.

"Here." Madame P. said, as she handed me my glasses.

When I slipped them on everything came into a sharp focus. Dumbledore was standing at my bedside, Madame P. at my other side, McGonagall next to Dumbledore and Snape was standing behind them. My eyes went into tunnel vision mode and he was all I saw. 'Severus…' his head jerked and his eyes widened in surprise but he didn't do or say anything, he just stared intently at me.


I dragged my eyes off of him and turned to Dumbledore. "Yeah?" I asked stupidly.

"How are you feeling?"

I did a mental inventory. I flexed my hands and feet, rolled my shoulders, tightened my stomach, and felt my magic flowing strong, if not stronger.

"I feel fine sir." I answered honestly.

"Good. Now do you mind telling us what happened?" he asked.

I hesitated and my eyes instinctively went back to Snape. His face was in a blank mask, but somehow I knew he wanted me to tell him…everything. And the scary part was I wanted to tell him everything.

I sighed in resignation. "It was my Birthday gift." I stated rather bluntly, my eyes never leaving Severus' face.

"Uncle Vernon wanted it to be extra special. Usually it's not that bad…" I took a shuttered breath. Before continuing "it started when I was five, the physical beatings anyway. At first it was just a couple punches to the gut and stuff, but as I got older, the beatings got worse. Once when I was seven Dudley broke one of Aunt Petunia's china glasses and blamed it on me…I've never seen Uncle Vernon so angry. He…it…" I had to pause to regain my confidence. "He took the glass shards and cut me with them. My second year I accidentally burnt the bacon and he took my hand and made me hold it on the burner…"

I stopped when Madame P. grabbed my hands and inspected them. "But there are no scars." She whispered.

I nodded, "I know." I took another shuddered breath. "Can you hand me my wand?"

Severus took it out of his pocket and handed it to me. I whispered a spell under my breath and there were several gasps and I took the glamour spell off.

I was too ashamed and so I stared at my hands and fiddled with the sheet. Severus' hand came into view and he gently traced a scar that went up my stomach to my shoulder. "This…this is a whip lashing." He stated bluntly. If I would have looked up I would have seen the anger in his eyes, but I didn't. All I felt was his hand on me. A shiver went up my spine, from his touch. He withdrew his hand and I couldn't stop the whimper of protest that escaped my lips.

I kept my eyes down cast and stared at my hands. I watched in wonderment as the scars faded to smooth creamy skin again. I looked up in curiosity. Severus' wand was pointed at me. I smiled weakly. "Thanks."

He nodded, and I had a feeling he didn't want to cover them up, but did for the comfort of the others. The door burst open and Hermione and Ron came in with Fred, George, Ginny, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Neville hot on their heels.

I groaned great.

"Harry! Oh thank Merlin you are all right what happened?" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed.

Well crap.

"I'm fine-"

"Harry James Potter! You idiot! Why didn't you tell us what was going on?" Hermione yelled at me.

I paled. Hermione, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron were glaring at me.

"Yeah, Harry mate, we would have totally taken you in." Fred said.

I just stared. It was like I was being attacked by my best friends, and parents.

"Uh, I…-"

"Perhaps we can talk in the hall." Madame P. suggested, it wasn't really a request, it was an order. The group grumbled but followed her out.

I sighed in relief; I wasn't ready to confront them just yet.

"Harry where do you plan on living now that you are of age?" Dumbledore questioned me. I saw Severus turn toward me, like he wanted to hear my answer.

"I…I don't know sir." I answered honestly.

He nodded like this was the answer he'd been expecting.

"Perhaps you would like to stay at 12 Grimmauld Place?" Severus suggested.

Dumbledore looked ready to protest but I interrupted him before he got the chance.

"That would be perfect."

How is it that the more I am in this man's company the more I fall for him?

"I could check in on him for you Albus, if you are worried about him staying there. Perhaps I can even tutor him in Potions while he is there; Merlin knows he could use the help."

How is it that he can manage to say he wants to visit me, help me and insult me in the same sentence? I wondered. Then shrugged it off, it was Severus, there didn't have to be a reason.

That's when I noticed the small lift of his lips and the amusement in his black eyes. He was just messing with me. I chuckled, "well maybe it's not my brewing skills, but your teaching ability." I countered. Laughter lit his eyes and he sneered.

"Well Mr. Potter it may be the fact that you-"

"Boys, Boys, no need to bicker now." Dumbledore cut in. he didn't know that we were joking? I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

Severus brought his hand up and brushed a stray lock of hair behind his ear and I wished that it was me tucking that hair away. 'Damn it Harry stop it.' But I couldn't help that I desired this man with every fiber of my being. 'Severus I wish you wouldn't torture me so.' I thought to myself.

The man that starred in my every thought and dream was sitting not five feet from me and didn't have a clue what effect he had on me.

Typical male behavior…

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