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Chapter 26

Previously on Mate:

Neville walked up to madam Sprout, and cleared his throat, as not to startle her.

"Ah, what is it dear?" She greeted cheerily.

Neville smiled softly at her, "I was just wondering Ma'am, if Seamus, Dean and I could go meet Harry as we are finished with the transplanting."

Madam Sprout smiled benignly at her favorite student. "Of course dear."

Neville thanked her before returning to his friends, taking a deep breath. "Ready?"

The pair nodded, and the trio quickly left the Green House, and walked swiftly to the dungeons, as not to be late to lunch, or face the wrath of Draco Malfoy.

Seamus stopped in front of Harry's door and was about to say the password when it swung open and Draco Malfoy stood arms crossed, with a glare gracing his features.

"Your late." He stated, and lashed his arm out, grabbing Seamus' hand and yanked him forward, pulling him into the room like a sack of potatoes.

Seamus let out a squeal of surprise and red dusted his cheeks, in his embarrassment at the girlish sound he had made.

"Oi, we aren't that late!" He exclaimed, and Draco just rolled his eyes and pushed him down on the couch roughly.

"Don't move." He ordered, finally letting go, trying to ignore how adorable Seamus looked with a pout on his face.

Seamus huffed and crossed his arms, frustrated with the whole situation.

Dean watched from afar, sitting in the corner by the grandfather clock with a frown on his face. He had seen the way Seamus had unconsciously wrapped his finger around Draco's hand when he had held it, and knew that his Irish friend liked the Slytherin ice prince, though he was probably still oblivious to the fact. Shaking his head slightly, Dean waited for their group to appear in silence. He didn't have to wait long as the rest of their odd, make-shift group made their appearances, seating themselves at odd ends in the main room.

Draco sighed and walked into Harry and Severus' bedroom without a concern. Both men were there, Sev with his back against the head rest, with a sleeping Harry curled between his legs, leaning on his chest for support. Draco knew that Harry was exhausted, and he loathed waking the Elemental. However, Severus saved him the trouble by dipping his head to whisper into the black hair, and Draco didn't even bother to fight the smile that erupted over his face when he saw Harry snuggle deeper into Severus' chest, mumbling about inconsiderate mates, and lack of sleep.

"I'll tell them you'll be out shortly."

Draco's words were soft and firm, and Severus nodded, but his attention was solely on his grumbling Mate.

Draco re-emerged from their bed chamber to have everyone staring at him expectantly.

"They will be out soon, Harry doesn't want to wake up…" He explained and the group began to chuckle. Draco looked around, Dean was in the corner by the clock, Blaise sat a soft leather chair with Luna on the armrest, Neville sat on the floor with Theo, the love seat, which was reserved for the two Dungeon-Bats was occupied by Brendon, leaving Seamus on the couch alone. Smirking, Draco made his way over and sat next to the boy, raising a brow when the said boy blushed and looked away.

The door to the bed chamber opened and Severus came out, holding the elbow of a stumbling Harry, whose eyes were barely open. Severus led him to the love seat and set his exhausted Mate down by the small Slytherin, who immediately began to rise, but sat back down when Severus shook his head, and went back into the bed chamber, only to re emerge with his pillow. He set it on Harry's lap, and everyone watched in amusement as the Elemental subconsciously wrapped his arms around it, and hugged it to his chest, before he frowned and shifted in his seat, seemingly searching for something. Everyone watched with fascination as green irises suddenly popped open, the silver rings dilating at the sudden burst of light before he looked around.

"Oh. Hullo." He mumbled sleepily, snuggling back down with the black pillow. Neville smiled at him, before standing and going to the kitchenette to brew Harry a cup of tea that would, if taken daily, curb the morning sickness.

"Here Harry." He said, handing said boy the steaming mug. "If you drink one cup of this a day it will help with your morning sickness, and eventually it will go away entirely. I'll show you and Sn- Severus how to make it later."

Severus came closer, intrigued by the thought of learning something new. "What is it?" He questioned lightly.

Neville smiled. "Just an old cure that they used before there were Apothecaries and Healers available to the general public."

Severus nodded, waiting for him to continue, when Harry hummed, and placed a hand over his stomach.

Everyone seemed to move at the same time, and Severus quickly forgot all about the prospect of a new potion in fear that something that had happened.


Harry continued to hum, a small smile growing over his face.

"Sev…" He murmured and said man knelt down, moving the pillow away to see Harry's stomach.

"What is it Harry? What's wrong?"

Harry finally looked up at his Mate, his eyes shinning brightly, the silver seeming to swallow the green.

"I don't feel nauseous."

Everyone paused for a moment before breaking out in relieved laughter. Severus scowled. "Yes, well, lets get some food into you then." He then called Dobby, whom, overly excited, brought way too much food for the group.

Theo tapped his finger on the side of his leg while he waited for Neville to get there. Their lunch the day before had been eventful, the knowledge that the old goat had scheduled a meeting with the Skeeter hag and Harry had been a little more than shocking. The meeting would be in Hogsmead, and they would all be there to support and keep an eye out for the hormonal Elemental.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to get the directions to the morning sickness potion to Severus, and explain it to him before he'd let me leave.

Theo nodded in understanding, Severus was a hard, difficult man to get on with, but he was loyal, and a fierce ally to have.

"Are you ready?" Theo asked after a moment, leading them to the entrance hall.

"Uh, yeah, where are we going again?" Neville asked, but Theo stayed silent, and put his hand to the small of Neville's back, directing him where to go.

Neville blushed, the feeling of Theo's warm hand on his back was doing odd things to his thought process, and he wasn't sure if he ever wanted that warmth to leave him. He was growing attached to the quiet Slytherin, and he wasn't quite sure if that was a good thing or a terrible thing.

They walked a couple paces, and Neville realized that Theo was taking him to the lake, or more importantly, the old oak that sat at the water's edge, a common spot for lovers, and private moments.

"Uh, Theo?" he questioned after a moment.

"Yes?" Theo answered, looking down at the blushing Gryffindor. Theo felt his heart constrict when said boy pulled his bottom lip into his mouth, chewing it in his nervousness. Theo hated to expose what he knew was a slowly budding romance between them so soon, but he also knew it was imperative to help Harry, and this was one way to do it.

"What is it Neville?" Theo asked gently, letting his hair fall into his eyes a bit.

Neville nawed at his lip, thinking. Should he just do it? Should he just kiss him…ask him out? Neville knew that his relationship with Theo might just help Harry, but he hated using Theo like that. Should he just say something about it?

Theo sighed and brought his hand up to smooth the wrinkles in Neville's forehead, trying not to think about how adorable it was.

"Careful, think too much and that just might be permanent." He teased softly.

Neville smiled, deciding to just throw everything to the wind. "So why are we here?" he finally blurted out in true Gryffindor fashion.

Theo almost winced at the sudden question. 'No tact' Theo thought with fondness.

"Well, to talk I guess."

Neville hummed before plopping down by the tree, leaning against the old oak.

"Okay," he finally said, after getting comfortable, "So talk."

Theo sat gingerly by Neville's hip, and debated on what to reveal.

"Well, we are going to Hogsmeade together tomorrow for Harry's interview and-"

"You want us to take some of the limelight off of Harry." Neville finished for him,giving the Slytherin a look but no accusation in his voice.

"I'm not as dumb as I look you know." Neville added softly, looking off at the Black lake, watching it ripple.

Theo blushed. "I know your not, I just didn't want you to think-"

"That you were using me?" Neville supplied again, not taking his eyes off the glistening water.

Theo chuckled, "Merlin, how do you do that?"

Neville sat up. "Easy."

Theo looked up and got caught in his startling eyes.

"When people assume you're stupid," Neville continued, "you get a lot of time to yourself to just listen and think. If people think I'm dumb, they don't watch what they say, and they don't realize they are being watched."

Theo couldn't tear his eyes away. He couldn't deny that it was a brilliant strategy. It made you always underestimated. But Theo also knew deception took its toll, and he could see the exhaustion in Neville's eyes. It was burning there like a molten fire. It was a smoldering heat that seemed to encompass him to the point where Theo wasn't sure of he had control of his limbs. Before he knew what he was doing Theeo rolled up onto his knees and was leaning into kiss those sinful lips.

Neville caught his breath when Theo's lips brushed against his. He had never been kissed before and Theo's scent washed over him, smooth and musky. 'Oh sweet Merlin' he thought to himself before pulling away.

Theo's eyes were dilated and he didn't sit back down.

Neville smiled at the tingle he felt in his lips. "Sit." He murmured and put his hand on Theo's chest, pushing him backward.

Theo fell back with a thump, putting them back were they had been before the kiss, but the air around them had shifted, it was less tense.

"So," Neville began after a moment. "Let's play a game."

Theo raised a brow and Neville blushed.

"Not that kind of game! Get your brain out of the gutter, I mean a muggle game." Neville scolded his Slytherin fondly.

"Are you sure there isn't a way to revive Ms. Granger?" Albus asked the medi-witch. Madame Pomphrey huffed. She had done every test, used every potion, and every spell she knew, but it was all for not. Nothing worked.

"Yes, Albus I'm quite sure, now if you'll excuse me I have work to do.." Poppy let her voice trail off and waited for the headmaster to get the hint.

"Of course, please keep me posted of her condition." Albus ordered offhandedly trying to think of what to do.

"Obviously headmaster." Poppy replied and raised a brow when he hesitated before watching him turn and walk out the door.

Albus walked slowly and brooded over the situation. He had to end this, what ever Harry believed he was doing, it had to end. Albus didn't know exactly what he was going to do, but whatever it was, it had to be quick..

Harry sipped his tea and hummed while watching Severus teach the first years, eyeing the clock every five minutes. He had an appointment with Severus' healer in two hours to determine the gender of his baby. He smiled and placed his free hand on his swollen belly. 'Merlin its already been four months…' Harry thought bemused to himself. Even though his meeting with Rita was the next day, Harry couldn't find it within himself to care. So what if the world knew he was pregnant? He loved Severus, and he loved his baby.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts when a hand was placed over his own. He looked up, his eyes dilating to silver when he caught sight of the loving expression on his Mates features.

"Are you ready?" Severus asked and Harry looked at the clock and was shocked to see that he had been sitting there, lost in thought for two hours.

"Of Course" Harry murmured and stood, lacing his fingers with Severus, while they made there way up to the front of the school so they could apperate.

"Severus, good to see you again, this must be Harry, welcome."

Harry smiled shyly at the middle-aged man that had welcomed him.

"Hullo." Harry greeted before letting Severus lead him to a sofa where the healer had directed.

"So, this will all be quite simple. I'll cast a couple spells to determine how far along you are, if the baby is healthy and its gender. It won't take very long, but don't be startled by the spells."

Harry bit his lip but nodded his consent, and let the healer touch his stomach. He pressed here and there, and then cast a series of spells, which had Harry fighting down his elemental. He knew he failed when the healer smiled in awe.

"Amazing." He murmured and jotted something down on a memo pad and cast more spells. Muttering and writing. Muttering and writing.

When he finally looked up, Harry was agitated and the designs on his temple where visible.

"The tests indicate you are four and a half months along, and your quite healthy. Do you wish to know the sex of the child?"

Harry looked to Severus before nodding to the healer.

"We do."

"Excellent. You are carrying a baby boy Harry, congratulations."

Harry smiled and hummed happily when he felt Severus kiss his temple and knew that his Mate was pleased.

"Thank you Julian. You will come to Hogwarts for the next check up yes?" Severus asked.

Healer Julian nodded, "Yes. Creature pregnancies are more delicate than others, especially male pregnancies, so by the next check up, Harry will be too weak to apperate"

Harry nodded and pulled Severus with him. He was elated and wanted his Mate all on his own. He turned, hand on the door.

"Thank you." he said in quiet happiness before wrapping his arms around Severus' neck ready for the familiar feelings of Apparation.

Harry looked up confused at the lack of, well, apparation, and saw that Severus' attention was elsewhere, over his head. Harry turned and caught sight of a mass of curly blonde curls and groaned.

Severus sneered. "Rita, how…insightful of you."

The blonde smiled and her quick quill began scribbling away.

Harry growled and pulled away from Severus, already feeling the veins of Magic crackling around them.

"Harry-" Severus began, but fell silent as Harry turned his bright, silver eyes on him before turning to Skeeter.

"The fuck do you think you are doing here, bug?" Harry thundered in a quiet voice that promised pain.

Rita shuddered, feeling the angry magic whipping her skin.

"I…I simple came to escort you to the interview a little early…I'm only here to get the facts straight I swear Mr. Potter." She stuttered nervously, unable to meet Harry's penetrating gaze.

"Then we will meet you there at the scheduled time." Severus intoned dryly. Noting that the woman's quick quill had gone still.

Rita sighed. "I came because there will be several reporters in Hogsmeade all wanting a shot at you both, and I can quite honestly say that the things they write may not be what you wish them to be." She explained.

Harry kept his eyes level, pulling away from Severus even more to assess her.

"And you will? Write what we say?" His tone was skeptical and Rita forced her eyes up to meet the molten silver that had nearly canceled out all of the green he was famous for.


Her answer was simple, and Harry nodded.

"Then lets go sit somewhere."

Severus grabbed Harry's hand and led him to a small garden area and helped him settle on a grey stone bench before transfiguring another one for Rita.

"Thank you," She acknowledged before sitting and tapped her quick quill with her wand.

"Only what he says dear." She murmured to it before turning back to the couple in front of her.

"So, Mr. Potter, Everyone knows that you are pregnant, but no one knows what you're plans are for after the baby is born."

Harry looked up at Severus before worrying his lip.

"I was thinking about becoming a Healer. I'm…I'm tired of fighting."

Rita nodded. "And what of Severus? There is speculation that he is the baby's father…"

Harry's head snapped back to Rita.

"Of course he is the father." Harry's tone warned Rita to watch it, and she gave a small smile before turning her gaze on Severus.

"And do you plan to Bond with Mr. Potter after the baby is born?"

"Severus nodded, "yes."

Harry smiled and looked back down at his lap.

"Harry, if I may ask, how did this relationship come to pass?"

Harry's smile widened.

"I…It just did. One day he was my secret crush, and the next he's my Mate. I love him." Rita nodded.

"Severus, what was it like, suddenly finding yourself Mated to Harry Potter?"

Severus smirked. "It was slightly overwhelming, I'm too old –"

Harry elbowed him in the ribs, cutting him off.

"You are most definitely NOT to old Severus Tobias Snape." Harry scolded his Mate.

Rita smiled at the pair as they began to bicker in soft tones. They really were the oddest couple she had ever seen, but they fit so well together one couldn't help but see the love the two shared for one another.

"Harry, Ms. Skeeter is waiting." He murmured to his little Gryffindor.

Harry blushed, "Sorry, continue."

Rita chuckled. "One last thing, what is the gender of your baby?"

Harry beamed. "A healthy baby boy."

When Severus and Harry got back to Hogwarts they were bombarded by their friends.

"Merlin's sweaty balls where have the two of you been!" Seamus exclaimed as the pair entered their rooms.

"We have all been worried sick! First you don't come back from your Doctors appointment-"Draco began.

"And then you don't show up for the interview at the Three broomsticks!" Seamus finished for him, blushing when he caught the look Draco shot him.

Harry rolled his eyes and pulled Severus to their bedroom.

"Look, its been a long day, Healers poking at me, Skeeter's interview, and every time I want to shag my Mate, I'm blocked by someone. So if you guys want to hang out and wait, that's your purgative, but I'm horny, and am taking Sev to bed. If not, lets meet up tomorrow and I'll tell you how the appointment went."

With that Harry continued into his bedchamber pulling a smirking Severus with him.

Seamus stared at the door before clearing his throat.

"So uh, I'm not hanging around, I'll see you lot later." He mumbled before making his way to the door.

Draco nodded and followed him, "I'm coming with. My Godfather, and Harry getting it on is not something I care to hear."

There were nods of agreement before everyone filed out leaving the two lovers alone, Seamus and Draco leading the pack.

The group walked in silence before they all paused.

"Its almost curfew, we need to get back to our common rooms, Blaise, escort Luna back to her house, Theo-"

"I'll take Neville and Dean back to the tower." He finished.

"Wait, Seamus, Nev and I can walk back ourselves." Dean commented.

Draco sighed. "I promised Seamus I would help him with his assignments, so I will be walking him back later. Brendan, come on."

Draco grabbed Seamus' hand and began leading him and Brendan toward the Slytherin common rooms, smiling internally when Seamus wrapped his fingers around his again.


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