"Are you sure you are up for this?" he asked me gently.

I chuckled and nodded, "I'm not completely inexperienced, me and Ron played around once."

He gave me unbelieving look, "You and Weasley? Bet he didn't last very long."

At this I laughed outright. "No, no he didn't…have you ever done it before?"

"Yes, I did it with Draco last year, it was very…interesting."

I arched a brow at this. "Oh? And was it good?"

"Mmm…Very." He replied with his trademark smirk.

I grinned, "Well we will have to invite him next time."

"Most defiantly." He agreed.

I grinned before turning back to the screen, "Good, because I think it would be fun."

He nodded. "Ready?"

I just gave him an exasperated look. "for the love of Merlin Severus, just do it."

And he did.


"Ok that was seriously awesome."

All he could do was stare, "Harry you a natural."

I blushed under his praise, "well it's not like it's hard."

He just glared at me.

"Wanna give it another go?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yes."

I grabbed the controller and pushed the resume button. "Let's kick some Zombie ass."

Woot go Call of Duty! And get your head out of the gutters. My friend did not believe I could write a non-smutt story. Boo-ya I proved her wrong.

**happy dance**