"Are you still in love with Will Schuester?", Holly had asked her. And Emma couldn´t help to spoke with the truth. "I´m very confused about my feelings". Now Carl was gone, leaving her alone in the condo for the last 2 days; and she was destroyed for hurting a man who truly loved her. He was gone, he wasn´t answering any of her calls or texts and she feared he was gone for good.

Emma realized saying things out loud didn´t actually solved her problems. She thought Carl would understand her, as he always did. But not this time, and as much as she tried to convinced herself she deserved some understanding, she didn´t. Carl was right by reacting the way he did. She had been a lousy wife to him as she wasn´t really sure why she got married in the first place, and she had been a lousy friend to Will as she used someone else to get over him. Emma cried and blamed herself for all the damage she I did to so many people. Tears run through her cheeks nonstop, while she was sitting on the couch, waiting for a signal from Carl, who obviously wasn´t going to call her back. And she felt the worst person in the world for doing such things to both men who loved her just the way she was, despite her OCD, despite her craziness.

Carl loved her, loves her and she used him; she used him to get over Will. And Will loved her, but cheated on her with Shelby and April. Why did he do that to her…? Maybe she wasn´t good enough for him…Maybe the fact she was a virgin, scared the crap out of him and he couldn´t keep his pants on... Emma felt such anger against him and herself… why did she still had feelings for him? She sobbed and cried alone, completely lost by all the feelings inside her, mixing up and confusing her even more, if possible.

Monday arrived and found Emma in a very dreadful state, tired, confused, distracted, and with no signal from Carl. She got to school a couple of minutes earlier, so she headed straight to her office to organize her daily paperwork. She didn´t want to be there, to listen all the kids drama… she wasn´t even capable of handle with her own drama for the moment.

When the bell rang all the kids went to their classes, followed by their respective teachers. Will passed in front of her office and waved his hand friendly with a smile on his face "hey, Em!"

"Hey, Will", she answered back, trying to smile back. Apparently she did because he continued his way to the Spanish classroom. She took a deep breath and try to washed away her feelings to receive her first visit of the morning: Rachel Berry. Still, she couldn´t help notice her heart beating faster when she remembered Will´s smile.

Will was feeling pretty cheerful that morning. He has had the most fun weekend in years. Holly had come to his place for their first date and it had an amazing time together. The had a romantic dinner and nice conversation. She had decided to get together as she was going to an spiritual retirement for a week. And although the had decided to take it slow, due to Holly´s issues with commitment, they ended up making out in his couch and having se. It wasn´t his idea of "taking it slow", but he wouldn´t complain at all. He smiled to himself when he remembered what a fun weekend he had and then got into the class.

"I'm sorry, Schue, but this is a necessary procedure" said Figgins later that day in his office, "as the glee club is going to Nationals I wanna be sure all the members are in the right conditions to go…I don´t wanna any stress case, or anxiety case… or whatever can happen to one of the kids"

"since when is this necessary?", Will asked, trying to hide his concern. He knew some of the glee members could be easily stressed out, and the actions Figgins could take to prevent a nervous breakdown of one of the kids, frightened him.

"since you´re dealing with mentally weak people" a familiar voice came from Will´s back "you should know by now, pall, your kids can be easily stresses out, especially when they have such weight on their shoulders ad all the bullies waiting to give their next shot… literally"

Will stared at her, not believing her words, "what…? Is this serious?" he asked looking back to Figgins

"It is.. Actually, sue suggested me to check on the glee kids. She´s very concerned"

"Yeah, I can see that", Will announced ironically, "look, I don´t see the point of all this evaluations and pappers about the kids mind condition… they are allright, this is gonna stress the out! Plus, they have losts of distractions that will take …"

"You mean, like your hair?" sue said sharply" gosh, William how many cans of hair spray did you used this morning..? I can almost see my reflection of that thing…"

"Enough, Sue" Figgins interrupted her Will, I need you to go with Mrs. Pillsbury-Howell. Tell her about this and she´ll find the best way of making this easier to everybody"-