Sorry it`s a little short, but it`s been writen just to give the story a proper ending! =)


Emma`s heart skip a beat that morning when she felt a warm body under hers. She opened her eyes to find herself resting above Will`s naked body. She sighed, deeply, feeling relaxed and inlove. Feeling she was in the right place for the very first time.

She slowly caressed Will`s chest and suddenly she felf a soft hand traveling along her back and stopping in her waist.

"Good morning" Will whisptered hoarsely, kissing her forehead.

"Hi..." Emma replied, clining to him. She lifted her head to meet his sleepy face and smiled widely. Words were not eough to express her feelings. A single tear ran across her face and Will leaned to kiss it and caress her smooth neck skin. "I`m so happy, Will..." she tried to let him know, "I wish i could find the right words..." she giggled, letting him kiss her jaw line and neck.

He broke the kiss up and cup her cheeks lockinh his eyes on hers, "I love you, Emma" he declared passionatelly, "There`s nothing i can think besides you... this is where i belong, loving you, taking care of you... being with you. And if you let me I´ll spend the rest of my life doing that". His smile was sincere, his eyes had a glint of kindness, love, tenderness and passion that Emma couldn`t describe.

She looked at him widly, happilysurprised and burried her face in his neck while she burbled, "Oh Will! Yes, yes, yes!" she kissed his neck and mouth until her breath was practically gone and tightened her body to his. "I love you".

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