The Vampire Trainer

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Chapter 1: Bitten

"Lock the door sweetheart, and don't let anyone in. Professor Oak and Gary will be coming over in a while," said Delia Ketchum as she walked out the door.

"Okay!" squeaked a tiny voice standing beside her. At nine years, old, Ash Ketchum still does not know the ways of the world, or the dangers it possesses.

"Well, I'll be going, see you later sweetie!"

It was well into the night; Ash was sleeping on the couch, clearly waiting for his mother to arrive; Professor Oak and Gary have already left. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Coming!" yelled Ash as he went for the door.

But before he could open it, three gunshots were heard, and those three bullets that came with the gunshots were now lodged in Ash's heart, lung, and stomach.

"Only you?" said a voice from outside, "disappointing, but I guess you will have to do." Inside stepped a man, but if can see his face, you will be in serious doubt. His eyes were blood red, his mouth looking like a wound from a sword strike, it was covered in blood. But the teeth were the most horrifying, the upper canines were longer than normal, and looked a lot sharper, they glinted in the moonlight. And Ash can see his face.

"You will make good dessert, just to wash down that cherry haired woman I met just outside this door" said the man. He walked towards Ash, now a bloody heap on the floor, barely alive. "You know what she said? 'Do what you want with me, just don't harm my child', do you believe that? As if I would listen to her, that little fool," he said as he knelt down beside Ash, mouth open, teeth glowing in the moonlight.

He will never get the chance to feed. A single shot rang through the night. The next moment, the man was lying on the floor, head busted open, dead.

A woman walked inside, carrying what looked like a cannon on her arm. She looked at the scene, and was disgusted by it.

"Of all the vampires I have come across with, this one is the worst, attacking innocent children." She said as she walked up to Ash, now unconscious and hardly breathing. "I suppose you are going to die, oh well, I guess it can't be helped", she knelt down in front of Ash, and opened her mouth.

They next day…

Professor Oak was running to the Ketchum residence, with urgent news.

"Delia! Did you hear about the killings last night?" said Oak as he opened the door, panting.

What greeted his eyes was both a sad and astonishing sight. On the table lay a body, covered by a blanket. On the sofa lay Ash, sleeping, draped by a blanket from the neck down. Beside him sat a woman wearing a yellow shirt and shorts. On the floor was a huge gun that could easily be mistaken for a cannon. Samuel Oak could feel the tenseness and sadness in the air. "What happened here?" he said.

The woman looked up and said, "This young lady was killed by a vampire, and almost killed this child."

Professor Oak was horrified. A vampire? I thought they only exist in legend. "Who is the woman that got killed, may I see her?" he asked, already knowing, and dreading, the answer.The woman nodded, Professor Oak went to the table and lifted the covers, there lay the body of Delia Ketchum, mother of Ash Ketchum. Professor Oak replaced the covers with a heavy heart, Ash was now an orphan, he was going to have to adopt him.

"How's Ash, is he going to be alright, and who are you?"

The woman looked up again. "My name is Seras Victoria, an agent for the Hellsing Organization, our mission is to hunt vampires that are disrupting peace, and the vampire here is an example." She said. "Unfortunately I arrived too late to stop the vampire from killing this child's… um… mother, and when I got here Ash was mortally wounded, so I had no choice but the turn him into a vampire himself."

Samuel Oak was speechless. It had only been one night and Ash has lost his mother and almost got killed. And now he has been turned into a vampire, can things get any worse?

"C-can he still go out into the sun?" he managed to say.

"Of course, the one that bit me, Alucard, was one of the most powerful vampires, and hence can walk about in daylight with only a weakening of his powers. His blood, my blood, and now Ash's blood, have the same ability. But he will need to drink some blood first." replied Seras.

"Th-that's good to hear" said Oak, "who's going to take care of him now?"

Seras smiled. "Don't worry, we will take care of him from now on, although if you want, you can adopt him, we will provide you with the resources for you trouble."

"How will I contact you?"

"You're in luck, just recently Hellsing and Iscariot, the vampire hunter section of the Vatican, have decided to team up, and we are now setting up an office in Viridian City."

At this, Ash started to stir. Seras and Oak turned to him.

"Professor Oak, what are you doing here, where's mom, and who is she?" asked the young vampire.

"Ash, so many things happened last night, do you really want to know now?" said Oak.

"Yes I do!" snapped Ash. "What happened to mom, who attacked me, who is she, and why are you looking at me like that?"

Seras came over holding a large cup full of red liquid.

"Young man, drink this first, then we'll explain everything" she said.

Ash took the cup from her and looked at it. "What is it?"

"Drink up first, and then we'll tell you"

Ash brought it to his mouth and drank. The feeling was instantaneous. It was like riding a roller coaster, only this time, you were not in danger. He drank it more ravenously, enjoying the sensation it gave him, he had never felt anything like it before, it was more than riding a roller coaster, it was pure pleasure.

When he finally finished, his mouth was covered the liquid, and he licked his lips wanting to taste it again. "Um, lady, what is it?"

Seras smiled again, "It's blood dear."

Ash looked confused. "Blood? But why does it taste so good?"

Then suddenly it dawned to him. He looked at Professor Oak, then to the woman, and then to the cup.

"P-professor, what happened to me?"

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