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Chapter Nineteen

Being challenged is inevitable, Defeat is optional

Suna; Bijū Ball

After the initial shock of a Mira beating a Kozu, everyone was buzzing with excitement. Men and women alike moaned bitterly at the fact that Naruto was promised to Sasuke. Others thought that it was all a fluke. There was no way a Mira could beat a Kozu! The Bijū were also chattering away as Minato smirked and sat back in his chair. Goza was gobsmacked as well as Yugito, B and Yagura were pretty impressed as Utakata chuckled with Fuu about expecting the blonde to be powerful and Roshi just smiled sagely, commenting that the future Kyuubi would be wise and powerful as well as beautiful.

"So what do you think of my 'Weakling?' Not so weak is he?" Minato sneered.

"…." Yugito bowed her head without a word.

"Hm." He huffed before he stood from his throne and went to the floor, muttering about the air around the dais being to stifling.

As he passed Tsunade and Shizune, the witch quickly joined him and he smiled at her knowingly.

"That was very dangerous and foolish, Kurama-sama."

"I would not have allowed it if I felt Kit would not be able to beat him. Fugaku is old, he's grow fat and lazy, weak from the lap of luxury. If he were as fit as Sasuke, I would have demanded Naruto to choose another champion." He informed her as they took position for a fox trot.

"But still, anything could have happened! What if Fugaku trapped him in the Tsukiyomi?" She hissed.

"If that happened, I'd have ripped the bastard's throat out before he could have the one second to move." Kyuubi's eyes flashed a deadly gold color to emphasize his promise. "I almost lost Naruto once to a man very much like Fugaku, but not again. I'd rip my own guts out and eat them before I let that happen."

She nodded, apologized for questioning him and smiled softly as she asked how well Naruto displayed his talents. She couldn't help but see the tiny infant newly born in the place of the young man he had grown up to be. Kyuubi laughed as he agreed with her, he still saw Naruto as a toddler playing with 'Fluffy's' tail.

It was ten minutes later that Naruto returned, flanked by his fiancé and cousin. The page announced them, but Naruto didn't wait for any acknowledgement he giggled and ran at his father, who was dancing with Tsunade still. The older woman smiled as she moved clear of the blonde's flying tackle, nearly knocking the King flat on his back from the force of it.

"Did you see that daddy!? I knocked him back with only a fraction of the magic I learned!"

"Yes I did, Kit, very proud of you! Bet your mother will demand a repeat performance… but with Ora this time." Kyuubi grinned maliciously with glee.

"I was thinking of sic'ing a swarm of Leeches on him… make it slow and painful…"

Kyuubi stared shocked at that confession before he grinned even wider, squealing very unmanly while hugging Naruto to near death. He growled at Sasuke who tried to pry his arms off even as Naruto's face took on a cute shade of blue from lack of air. He let him go, eventually and shooed him off to enjoy the ball some more. Naruto grinned and pulled Sasuke off to the food table, chattering about nothing in particular, just wanting to spend more time with Sasuke. They danced and watched a few brawls break out from drunken guests; Sasuke explained that it wasn't a Bijū ball until some drunken idiot started a fight or a cat fight.

They met a few more guests who congratulated them on their engagement; questioned if Naruto really was Kyuubi's son and how was it he was able to beat Fugaku. Naruto handled the questions with a polite smile, subtle tilts of his head and light, relaxed waves of his hands. Sasuke watched his mannerisms the whole time and noted that when Naruto took offense, he would close his eyes into a fox smile, waving his left hand as if he were dismissing a servant or shooing a fly, but he did it elegantly so the guest they talked to didn't realize he was shooing them away. If he found someone pleasing, he would light up with a cute smile and a bell like giggle.

"… Again, congratulations, on your engagement." The man smiled and moved away as Sasuke sighed and slumped a bit.

"I take it you don't handle social gatherings well." Naruto smiled softly, rubbing between his tense shoulders.

"Very had to get use to them when you're the 'failure' and an 'embarrassment' to your clan. And the few I've been to, my usual behavior is running in terror of the money grubbing Mira." Sasuke groused with a shudder at the end.

"But you're not a failure or an embarrassment… Maybe I should have hit Fugaku harder… Is he still here? I might turn him into a rabbit and let Ellie chase him." Naruto frowned darkly looking about for the jerk.

"Calm down, Naruto!" Sasuke quickly amended. "My father has learned his lesson and any more will do nothing for him or you… though I did enjoy watching him fly into the wall… What was that technique you used? It didn't look like anything I've ever seen."

"It's a move only my mother's family knows. It's called Rasengan. It's a typhoon or monsoon, or even a maelstrom packed tightly into a ball no bigger than the palm of your hand. The core spins faster and counterclockwise while the outside is slower and spins clockwise. When dispersed it can be very damaging, even kill a person, but I've used it so far as a stunner… expect on that Sai-jerk. I intentionally ruptured some of his non-important organs."

Sasuke whistled, that was very unique and quiet impressive for an Angelic being. Those in heaven were not prone to wars and fights, as far as he knew. Sure there were gods of the Hunt and War, but that doesn't mean they, themselves have fought wars or hunted. Heck the only god he's ever seen is the Messenger and he's a beef cake compared to the paintings he's seen of some skinny guy with winged feet. Naruto told him of some of the other things his mother taught him and Sasuke was eager to learn more about the strange beings up above the clouds.

"SASU-CHAN!" screamed an irritating voice.

Sasuke's eyes went wide as his face took a deathly parlor before he yelped and scrambled behind a guard and was… praying? Naruto blinked as he turned his head to see what could have scared the Kozu so much. He didn't need to look far as a group of Mira came rushing up and past him and tackling both the poor guard and Sasuke. Deep inside Naruto's chest a twinge began to form, that deep dark voice waking up and telling him to rip every single last one of those bitches off his Kozu. Sasuke on the other hand growled in annoyance as he pulled himself free of the leeches and helped the guard back to his feet, patting his shoulder and gently shoving him free of the pack of hormonal bitches.

The guard staggered away as a maid helped him out of ballroom, the poor thing looked as if he saw his life flash before his eyes. Sasuke groaned mentally as he saw Ebisu's daughter, Kaguya, latched onto his left arm and the annoying Countess Haruno Sakura on his right. There were a few others around him, none of which he bothered to remember their names. He sighed and the girls squealed, making his ears ring and his eye twitch in annoyance.

"Sasuke-kun! You're not going to really marry that stupid whore right?" One of the nameless girls asked.

"That was so mean!" A boy scolded. "He's not good enough to be a whore, more like a turd!"

Sasuke bit his tongue to keep from calling out the male Mira, he could see the freshly made hickeys all over is neck and smell the still congealing cum in his ass! Not to mention he smelt Duke Aris and King Vergia's scents still on him. Even if he didn't smell it or see the marks, he'd have known anyway because his inner Incubus was stirring, looking for sexual energy to leech off of since its preferred meal is not around.

"Of course he's not marrying that stupid commoner!" Kaguya hissed venomously. "He's promised to marry me! Fugaku-sama has the marriage contract signed and sealed!"

"Excuse me…" Naruto spoke up, smiling at the group, eyes closed into narrow fox slits, but Sasuke swore he saw hints of violet behind the dark blonde lashes. "But it seems you did not pay attention to the fight earlier."

"Oh! You're that Mira that fought Fugaku-sama!" Another boy gasped. "How did you do that!? There's no way that you could really be that powerful!"

"Are you really Kurama-sama's son? Like really, really? Bet those ears and tails were fakes! There's no way he'd settle for some dumb slut from 'nowhere' Fernalis." A girl huffed.

Sasuke's eyes widened before they flashed red as he growled loudly, startling the group of Mira. Naruto had bowed his head so his fringe hid his eyes from view, but his lips were pressed into a quivering line.

"That is enough! You will not speak of Naruto like that!" Sasuke snarled, pulling his arms free of the two girls. "Kyuubi-sama has already proved that he is his son! There is no possible way of faking those tails! We saw them grow from his body ourselves! And as for his mother: how dare you speak that way of not only my mate-to-be's mother, but also Kyuubi-sama's mate! Not everyone is like your mothers or aunts or even yourselves!

And don't think me stupid to not smell the sex on more than half of you and a few of you haven't even bothered to clean out before dressing and coming here! If you end up pregnant, don't even try to say the child is mine! As for you Kaguya! My father made the arrangements without my consent!

I wasn't even in the Palace! And even then, Naruto made it clear that my father was to be stripped of all status and title meaning any and all previous arrangements, laws and deals are either null and void or under investigation and debate! And I'm sure everyone heard Kyuubi-sama announce my engagement to his son; so why, please in the gods names, why I would lie about my engagement?!"

By the end of his vicious rant, Sasuke was huffing away, cheeks flushed and the room was quiet. He sucked his teeth in an unattractive manner, turning to look at Naruto, who had slowly uncurled himself and was looking a bit dazed. Sasuke grumbled as he looked Naruto over as if the petty words the group had said somehow left a physical mark on him. Naruto smiled weakly and calmed his fretting intended before he turned to the group of boys and girls and looked them all over before stepping before them.

"I admit that I do not know much about formal Demon Court, but from what I learned about Demon society as a whole, it's not different from what I learned and grew up with. Only differences between home and here: I can smack every single last one of you and will not be reprimanded for hitting a woman." Naruto smiled, it was tight and filled with twisted glee. "And as for my mother; she is no slut, whore or anything less than a lady!

She and my father mated and were mated at the time of my conception! Just because you weren't around when it happened doesn't make it any less true. And really? Nobles, princes, princesses! The Elite of Demon Society and you stoop to petty gossip and insults like you are no better than the scullery maids who had to wipe your bottoms because your own mothers were too busy sucking someone else's cock to tend to you?"

There were shocked gasps and a couple of choked laughs after that.

"Really, I got enough of this at home! People coming to my foster father's balls and talking about me and my mother behind their hands and low tones! Too scared to dare ask or say what they want to say to my mother's face or mine! Just because I'm the only child of Namikaze Minato, Kurama no Yoko, Kyuubi no Kitsune, -whatever you call my father!- doesn't mean that I'll be some spoilt brat and demand he lock you in the stocks or behead you, pour Angel Tears down your throat or even have you bred by his hunting fiends until you died!

I'm not you. I'm nothing like you or my foster father or anyone else who uses their title, fame, fortune, and looks to get better status! I left home with Papa so my foster father would not marry me off to a man old enough to be my grandfather! I flat out refused to be bedded, wine and dine'd by rich merchants, village leaders and every Tom, Dick and Harry who crossed my path! It's shameful that you find more nobility in the poor and humble than you do in those who are born into and hold titles, money and power!"

Sasuke pulled Naruto, seeing as he was backing the group into the wall with his lecture.

"Naruto's right. I've seen more corruption within the ranks of Nobles than in the Commoners. Heck I got more help from farmers and street urchins than I did from Knights or even the Headman of whatever village, town or city I was in! Father Iruka is the poorest of the poor and he left his church to help me make my way here!" Sasuke agreed, waving a hand to said priest, who was standing with a few other fellow Cloth members.

"I think it's time we called it a night. It seems that everyone has taken their stupid pills this morning and frankly, I'm tired of watching idiots make asses of themselves. Naruto, come. Everyone else: Get the hell out and dunk your head in cold water! Tomorrow afternoon, I expect everyone from the homeless to the Administers to be on their best behavior, no more of these petty fights or insults! Or else there will be a lot of bitch slapping tomorrow and I'll personally smack everyone single last Mira who dares to speak ill of my mate and son. Good night." Kurama growled out, having finally had enough of everyone's bullshit.

Naruto huffed, clicked his heels and bowed, his right arm crossing over his waist as he did so, "Thank you everyone for coming this evening. Those of you who are staying within the palace please follow the maids and butlers. Those going home, have a safe journey. Sasuke."

"Naruto." Sasuke bowed to him before Gaara grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him over to his brother and sister, the three cousins cuddling up on the small blonde once in the safety of their father and uncle's towering forms as everyone began to bleed out, murmuring filling the room.

Soon it was only the Bijū, Sasuke's group, the Akatsuki and Kyuubi's group. Naruto sighed, rubbing his throbbing temples.

"Papa… I will KILL you if you even THINK about passing your title to me." Naruto growled out. "It's bad enough that I'll be a God! Now the future Queen of-of Toddlers!"

"Trust me, Kit, I'd rather spend the rest of my life as a Tanner than sitting on my ass and listen to all these petty complaints and watching these idiots make even bigger idiots of themselves…"

"Well Sasuke, you aired out some dirty laundry." Itachi chuckled.

"Shut up, Aniki… I was not going to stand there and let them talk about Naruto like that! Say what you will about anyone else, but not him!" Sasuke growled. "I'll put a bar of soap in my mouth as soon as I get to my rooms, but I'm not going to regret telling those bitches the truth! And seriously the ones calling Naruto and his mother sluts were the ones who didn't even bother cleaning the congealing spunk out of their cavities!"

"Itachi, don't pester your brother. Sasuke, go to bed sweetie, you're going to need to be up early to deal with your father. Itachi; my chambers." Mikoto ordered as she bowed her head in the general direction of her superiors. "Kyuu-tan, see you in the morning for coffee. Good night Naruto-kun and sleep well."

"Same to you, Auntie 'Koto!" Naruto rushed over to hug her before he kissed Itachi and Sasuke on the cheeks as the three left.

"Well, young one, you certainly are a passionate one, though all you said was pretty valid. Those Mira had no right to speak of you and your mother that way." Roshi smiled. "I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when you preform for the court. I wonder what you will do. Hopefully not something like Kabuki… I've seen plenty of young ones butcher the beautiful art form beyond repair."

Naruto smiled and said it would a surprise as the eldest of the Bijū chuckled and left for his rooms. After the Four Tails left, B (Eight Tails), Fuu (Seven Tails) and Utakata (Six Tails) said their piece, all varying forms to the ranks and that they see much promise in Naruto for the future before bidding him good night. Yagura (Three Tails) nodded silently at Naruto before he gestured to his adopted brother. Zabuza just bowed to the young prince and the pair left.

"Wow, I didn't think Naruto would win points with Isobu…" Goza whispered.

"Well let's not look a gifted horse in the mouth!" Han (Five Tails) laughed at his own joke. "But I can see why he approves of the little one. He's not another pretty face. Night." Han walked away before pausing, "Yugito-san (Two Tails)?"

"…" She moved forward, put then stopped beside Naruto. "You haven't matured yet, but you're not weak."

With that it was only the family and friends and frienemies.

"Oooh that Matatabi!" growled Deidara. "I wanna rip her hair out! She gives us Felines a bad name, un!"

"Deidara, no…. Wait until after everyone is asleep." Tsunade scolded her son, before grinning in a conspiratorial manner. She had helped Naruto come into this world! She'd be damned if she let some prissy little bitch get away with insulting her grandson (by default)! "Kurama-sama."

"Get some sleep, old woman. And you Blondie, don't let Yugito-tan catch you, she holds a grudge like a Lava Hound holds an onyx stone!" Kyuubi grinned.

Shizune sighed as she followed the blondes out the room, holding Tobi's hand as the young male yawned while rubbing at his only eye cutely, the other was carefully glued shut to keep his Medusa eye hidden away so he wouldn't accidently turn anyone to stone. Kakuzu and Hidan bowed and left, dragging Zetsu with them, they had nothing to say. Mostly because Hidan can't talk without cussing and Kakuzu was sure he'd scare the daylights out of Naruto. Zetsu would've asked if he could eat the blonde. The Venus Flower demon was more like a Piranha plant than a Flower.

Konan bid them good night, grabbed Pein's hand before he could talk to Kyuubi and dragged him away. Sasori just bowed and left as well, though he did stop to give Naruto a small doll he had been working on. It was a little version of Sasuke with his Neighfury features out and when squeezed a small clockwork run fan blew cloth flames out of his mouth. Naruto giggled and huggled the doll as he thanked the strange redhead. Iruka then bid everyone goodnight, grabbing hold of Naruto's hands and leading him away. It seemed as soon as the older Mira began to led Naruto away, the blonde realized just how sleepy he was and it was nearly dawn! He's never stayed up all night before.

"Well not bad for not being here for over 20 years, ne Sensei?"

"Not bad at all… I pictured this going down much worse than it had… Naruto handled it well and I'm shocked so many took the announcements so well. But I'm not holding my breath. They'll be looking for flaws… And you know how cruel people can be."

"Yes… But I won't worry too much. Naruto and Sasuke both handled those bitches well. And I'm shocked Naruto cussed."

Kyuubi chuckled.

"It's not shocking really." Goza said. "Come on, he's only Half Angelic. I was wondering when the Demon side would pop up."

"Well Naruto-kun seems to be finally relaxing." Karin spoke up.

"Yeah, he's been pretty uptight, always so polite and nice… I understand that's how he is normally but it's about time he let his hair down. Well night, your majesties… we gotta sleep or we won't be of use to the Prince." Sui agreed, grabbing Juugo's hand and pulling him off to the side door as Karin bowed and hurried after them, grabbing Juugo's other hand.

"We'd best get some sleep as well. We have a lot of crap to do tomorrow. Any idea what Naruto's doing?" Goza wondered.

"Naruto has many talents, some he's shown so far. A healer, a warrior and even a decent politician; there's no telling what he might do next. And don't think his sweet side is all there is to him. Naruto has a dark side as well and I've only seen it once and that was because Ora had Naruto's favorite Unicorn put down for no other reason than to punish Naruto for asking a simple question during a meeting."


"What was the question?" Kakashi wondered.

"Naruto wondered why they, the Nobles, did not simply use the Fallen Angels as labor slaves verses taking young children from their families to do the same jobs and risk being hurt or killed doing them. At least the Fallen Angels were criminals and their deaths wouldn't affect many around them and they didn't have to be paid. Ora felt like a fool and after the meeting had Naruto watch as his pet was killed, skinned and harvested. In fact, for Naruto's Debutant Ball, Ora gave him the horn, that he had shaved, carved and smoothed into a dildo as a gift."

Kakashi and Goza both looked horrified and disgusted.

"Brother, when we march, allow me to help you hunt that fucker down. That's just beyond cruel!"

"Agreed… Wait 'til Dolphin-chan hears this… He'll hex his soul!" Kakashi grinned grimly before bidding good night to the Twins, who did the same and headed for bed…

Everyone had slept until noon and after bathing, changing clothes and a light meal, they gathered in the sprawling back gardens of the Rainbow Palace. The gardens had been transformed into a crystal and fairy paradise. Luminescent crystals and crystal jars full of fire flies, candles and even fairies and pixies lit the garden in soft blues, greens and yellows. Floor cushions littered the floors as mini tables bedecked with foods and drinks were set up all over. Entertainment was set up on one of three mini stages as the largest stage was for Naruto's performance later on in the evening.

Once the gardens were ready, guests began pouring in, dressed more casually this time and with friends and family. The Bijū entered as well, but they weren't alone either. You see, Naruto wasn't the only Bijū child, there were quite a few others that are older than he is; mostly Roshi's grandchildren as his four sons and three daughters could not make it the little ones came along instead. Even Han's family was there, his husband and their five daughters and their daughter's mates/intendeds.

While guests got settled and mingled, a private corner was left alone so that the three Incubi occupying the table could speak in peace. Sasuke and Itachi were seated at a table with their father, said man a bit cowed from not only being beaten by a Mira, but also utterly humiliated to be left with absolutely nothing to his name or legacy! His sons, however, talked as if it were a normal meeting. Both brothers were proving a point to their father by not stooping as low as he has, they did not rub his words or actions in his face, they didn't bring up past hurts or anything of the like. However they no longer called him father and it was almost sinfully satisfying to see him wince every time they say his birth name.

"Now, even though Minato-sama has made it law that you are no longer able to claim anything from us or mother or our family; that does not mean that we'll leave you completely desolate." Itachi finally got down to the point, tired of the pointless chatter and even more tired of being in his father's presence. There was a Great White he wanted to pester and molest.

"After the Ball, if Mother agrees with us, Itachi and I thought it best to send you off with a satchel of clothes and a bag of 150 gold coins. That is all you will get from us, any further aid will not be given or tolerated. You're a smart man, Fugaku, use this small mercy wisely or else you will really regret it in the end… I bid you adieu… I have others to speak with, such as my 'supposed future father-in-law', Ebisu to make sure that he understands that I am not taking Kaguya as my mate, wife or concubine, not even if she were the last Mira on this bloody earth."

Sasuke gave his older brother a small bow of the head before he turned and left, not bothering to say anything further to his father. Itachi sighed, finished his glass of wine before standing as well, turning to leave.


"Don't. I'm only agreeing to help you because Sasuke thought you deserved a little bit of mercy… But from where I'm standing: You deserve none of it. You ignored him, verbally and emotionally abused him since he was born! You dangled the kingdom and the crown in front of him for so long, you didn't realize he was no longer the eager, starving animal jumping to snap it up!" Itachi growled, turning to glare over his shoulder, a black three point star spinning slowly in his eyes. "You didn't realize that he found someone who would give what he wants and needs. That person is Kurama-sama. He gave Sasuke a purpose, not keep him around and then use him when it was convenient for him."

"You honestly think-"

"From what Sasuke's told me, Kurama-sama from the very beginning made it clear: if anything happened to Naruto-kun, he would kill them all, Kakashi and Iruka included. He allowed them to tag along as they did not slow him down or endanger his child. Sasuke had no delusions to be lost in. It was cut clear for him. And besides, Fugaku: You're pigheadedness made you forget what you were told the day I hatched. I'm no Kozu. I'm a Mira and as I recall, a Mira cannot impregnate another Mira or even a human woman. It is biologically impossible. That's not semen we shoot out, it's mucus." Itachi spat at him once more and left.

He weaved his way through the throngs of people until he came up to his mother's side. She was happily chatting away with Shizune and a few farmer wives. He sat amidst his fellow 'gender' catching the tail end of a story of when Sasuke was little and was convinced he was a pretty princess for nearly a year. He snorted, rather unattractively and a bit too loudly as his mother sputtered her own laughter after telling the group that Sasuke had managed to barge into a meeting of the clan leaders dressed in a frilly lime-yellow hoop dress! Kisame heard this and was shocked to see the Picture Perfect Itachi snorting and cackling like a drunken wench! But oddly enough it made him more real, more- well human!

"What's so funny, my dear Givers?" He asked, startling Itachi into choking on his own spit as he suddenly stopped laughing.

Mikoto blindly reached for her son; patting his back as she smiled in the direction she heard the new voice. "Oh, just a group of mothers and mother figures talking about the antics of young children… Oh that reminds me of Itachi coloring his hair princess pink!"

Itachi gaped horrified as the other Mira stared in shock at him and Kisame suddenly got an unholy looking smile, that made him tingle all over, and politely asked to join the table. A whole bucket of the best chum has been dumped into the water and the Shark would be a fool to not eat it all up while he had the chance!

"Do tell, my lady, do tell…." He purred, a feat not easily made by one who did not have a secondary set of vocal cords, at least not like those of land born creatures. Did Merfolk even know how to purr? Or growl?

Itachi flailed, sputtering and squealing as he tried to block his mother's mouth or chase Kisame way, but the others were eager to know what the young prince had done. And his frantic flails only made them that much more eager for the juicy bits…

The party had been in full swing for almost three hours, Itachi had eventually crawled away in shame from the table his mother was at. The poor dear was beyond mortified that his mother told Kisame and the others all about his hair dying, gender swapping and the one time he drank his father's rare honey sake bottle whole and was so drunk he caused everyone's dreams and nightmares to come to life and left the kingdom in the Tsukiyomi for a month! It took a traveling band of Druids to help them all out of there!

He slinked over to Deidara and Tobi's table, still pouting and sulking as their hyper pair just coddled and cooed, always affectionate. Sasori just grunted and kept nibbling at his plate of calamari and tempura. Across the way, Sasuke was in a heated discussion with Ebisu and his wife. Kaguya was clinging to him and all but shoving her breasts into his face. Ebisu was being stubborn, holding onto the copy of the marriage contract like it was a lifeline and refusing to admit that the stupid piece of paper held as much value as horse dung after his father's power and status had been stripped from him.

And with the possibility of Sasuke mating with the Heir of the Bijū King, he wanted his daughter to be Queen-Consort and Mother of their Heirs so he had a claim on not only the Uchiha's vast fortunes and clans influence over some of the other Elite Houses, but also complete and utter rule of all Demons through Kyuubi's son, Naruto. He'd be damned if he didn't get is claws and fangs into this!

"Ugh. I need a break." Sasuke growled, standing up from the table. "But this is far from over. And I will make sure that, that piece of scrap is burned and all binding logistics it holds are severed. I never requested your duaghter's hand in marriage and I never formally courted her. Therefore that paper is null and void, but you seem to have deluded yourselves into thinking I'd marry someone like her." Sasuke spat out, shoving Kaguya off his arm, making sure to pass along the unearthly chill of a nightmare onto her skin to get her off before turning and heading toward his guards.

"Hey, Boss man… How's the talk going?" Sui greeted, handing him a glass of blood and red wine mixed together.

"I'm about to lock all three of them in a Nightmare until they wither and die…" Sasuke snarled.

"I can hex them if you want… Make it so that every time either of them so much as thinks about you they see images of Sudoma, in the buff." Karin grinned menacingly.

"Tempting… Ooh so very tempting... and yet horrifying. Oh gods; the image, it burns!" Sasuke yelped, covering his own eyes.

Juugo patted his shoulder, a small smirk on his lips, "Naruto has arrived."

Sasuke immediately looked around for his Mira and saw him standing with his cousins, talking to the Hyuugas. He smiled and watched as Naruto and Hinata chatted softly, the shy girl blushing away and occasionally flailing in that cute dainty way she does. He remembered seeing her name on the list of potential mates for him, but at the time he had been seeing red when he learned that he was to be Itachi's baby whore. Now that he thought about it, he saw the Yamanaka girl's name too, and a few others who were true proper ladies/gentlemen. He felt guilty for calling tem sluts behind their backs; he'd have to make it up to them.

"Sasuke." Kyuubi called softly, walking up to them. "There's an armed guard here saying they brought what you requested… What did you do? I thought Kabuto was your gift to Naruto?"

"He is my chosen guardian for him, yes, but this gift is something that even you would find enjoy able. Come." He smirked as the five of them moved into the palace and to the front where the guards were escorting a group of very familiar people.

"Hey! You're the man I saw talking to Naruto!" greeted the red and black haired boy.

"Hoka!" Greo hissed, placing his hand on his grandson's head and rubbing the hairs a bit harder than normal.

"Awww, grandpa!" The boy whined.

"Ah… You sly dragon." Kyuubi laughed. "I'm sure Naruto will be happy to see everyone and I'm sure I can find some nice lands for you and your people to settle. I did promise you that you would receive aid upon arriving in Suna."

"Thank you, sir… Where is the young man?"

"Naruto's out back. He's mingling with the guests before he performs before the court." Kyuubi motioned for the tribe to follow him. "I made his formal introductions to the Bijū court last night."

"Wh-what!? But-but how? You'd have to be a- a- a-!"

"Bijū? I am. I'm the Kyuubi no Kitsune. You may call me, Kyuubi, Kurama or even Minato. I don't mind." He smiled. "I'm shocked Sasuke found you all and had you escorted here."

"Well actually, Kyuubi, sir, we're here because we want to repay our debt to Naruto!" Hoka said. "This guy here told us that he's leaving at the end of the week and we want to go with him! He's as much as a member of our Tribe as he is yours!"

Kyuubi blinked and then laughed, nodding his head as Sasuke smirked softly.

"I may have told them that Naruto's being forced to marry and that the man he's marrying is abusive and a pig… You should have seen the looks the women were giving… I didn't realize mortals invented the: 'Kill with a Look' glare." Sasuke smiled.

Said women all shouted their agreement and some of their threats to prove his point. Kyuubi laughed good naturedly as they walked towards the gardens once more. Upon arriving, Hoka and the other children zeroed in on Naruto before shouting his name and running up to him. Said blonde was startled but the relieved and happy smile on his face was worth more to Sasuke than air. The others of the tribe greeted him, lightly pressing their foreheads to his, hands clasped around the back of each other's necks while hugging with one arm. Greo explained how they got here and why they were here. Hoka told him they were going with him back to his home to help him save his mom!

Naruto smiled a watery smile of thanks before he seemed to fall into his 'Prince' mask when one of the Councilors came up to them and informed him it was time for his performance. Naruto looked to the sky to see the sun was half way below the horizon and agreed. Sasuke ushered the others to sit at the front with him and his family. Kyuubi walked on stage and everyone quickly took seats and shut their mouths.

"Well, good evening everyone. I'm glad to see everyone listened to me and are behaving themselves." He grinned manically before he softened it and held out a hand to his side as Naruto stepped onto the stage. "As is tradition among those of us of the Court, our children must be presented formally and preform a special talent or two. And like any other parent, I'll not bore you with gushing like a fool, though believe me when I say my son has many talents and is very good at each one."

A few laughed at this, little mutters of 'don't we know it', 'as long as it's not Kabuki', and 'why does it sound so perverted when he says talents?'

"So without further ado, my son, Naruto, will present his choice talent now." He bowed as Naruto smiled at him.

"Greetings everyone. I'll be preforming a Hymn from the Heavens. Father, if you'll please leave the stage?" Naruto asked as Kyuubi kissed his temple and jumped off the stage and joined Greo at a table. Sasuke to his left with his guards behind them, all silently anticipating the song they would hear.

Once his father cleared the stage he turned to the group of musicians that he had been working with since he woke up and nodded to them. As they began to play the first few notes, Naruto brought his hands up together in a strange symbol (shadow clone Jutsu) and in a blast of white smoke 8 more Naruto's appeared.

The crowd gasped in shock as the Nine Naruto's bowed and the original began to sing, lowly and surprisingly darkly as the other eight echoed him, vocalizing and harmonizing as the dark song progressed. Shivers of fear rushed up everyone's spine as Naruto smiled blissfully happy with each terrifying word to leave his mouth.

"Benvenuto a questa notturna desta di follia
Comincaiamo il gioco delle grandi occasioni"

Welcome to the evening banquet of madness
Let us begin the game I have prepared for ye

"Non ti farò annoiare
Su, fa avanzare le pedine
Abbatterò le tue idee infantile"

Worry not, there shall be no boredom
So, advance thy pawn
Let me see thy childish expectation

"I sette peccati caoitali sono stati lavati
La nona notte è terminata senza intralci
Le tredici vittime sono state sacrificate col giusto rito"

The seven sins were washed away
The ninth night saw its end without hesitation
The thirteen victims were sacrificed with the rite of offering

"Ti darò del vino color di rosa
Ti amerò fino al midollo"

Let me offer thee rose colored wine
Let me offer thee love till thine bone marrow

"Bacia il mio piede
Su, prosternati
Ti cucinerò per bene
Col condimento della disperazione"

Now, kneel down and kiss my feet
Thou art such fantastic cuisine
Thou hath the flavor of despair

"I tuoi lamenti son come dolce melodia d'orchestra
Che belle le tue grida! Mi inebrio ascoltandole"

Thy sweet orchestra of lament
Thy screaming is so beautiful! My body is bewitched with thee

"Sei un inetto!"

Thou art inadequate!


"Sezzate è l'ala, l'aquila è caduta dal cielo
Le penne si spargono per mare e per monti"

With its hollow wings broken, the eagle fell from the sky
Its feather scattered everywhere, from sea to mountains

"Da' pace al mio povero animo!
Da' pace al mio povero animo!"

Rest in peace, ye painful soul!
Rest in peace, ye painful soul!

The last lines were echoed and sung at the same time by the Naruto's one group harsh, the other angelic before they bled into a slowly quieting choir and trailed off. For a long moment, utter silence met Naruto's ears and he smiled wider, the other 8 bursting into smoke once more before he opened his eyes to show that they were violet on red as his fangs gleamed deadly sharp in the last dying rays of sunlight. And then Hoka jumped up clapping followed by Sasuke and Kyuubi, Goza, Mikoto and the others. Eventually everyone was clapping. Still stunned and fearful of the strange song, they didn't understand what he had said, but at the same time they didn't want to know either.

Sasuke jumped up on stage as Naruto smiled shyly at him, his back to their normal blue and pecked his fiancé on the cheek.

"Wonderful… And this a song from the Heavens?" Sasuke wondered.

"Yes. Mother's personal lullaby for me before she got her memories back and remembered Papa, but by then it sort of stuck in my head and well, if I were to translate it for you, you'd wonder what was wrong with her…" Naruto admitted shyly. "It's a very dark song, but then again it's the song she gave to the mothers who lost their children and women who lost their true loves."

"I want to cry right now…" Sui moaned as he walked up to them. "That song's gonna give me nightmares!"

"I didn't know Angelic beings could be so…dark." Karin murmured.

"Naruto." Kyuubi called walking up to them with Greo and Hoka. "I think you proved your point… But did you really have to summon Wraiths?" Kyuubi asked indicating the spectral beings. "Especially Angels of Death?"

"Sorry…" Naruto blushed. "I forgot about that… But now those who still doubt me won't because there's nothing worse for a Demon having their souls stolen by Death Angels. And I'm not above using them against my enemies."

"AWWWWWWW! MY BABY'S AN EVIL LITTLE GENIUS! Just like your mother… gods I hate you both right now…" Kyuubi squealed and pouted at the same time…