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"Kyuubi Talking"
'Mind Link'
"Demon Language"

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Final Goodbyes; Epilogue

The night was clear, the stars shining in all their brilliance, glittering like millions of diamonds sewn into the rich midnight velvet of night. The moon was full, white and beautiful, not a cloud dared to cross her path. The wind was soft and cool, racing across the open fields, twining its way over rocks and flowers, around mountains and hills through trees and any little crack it can fit into.

It was a wonderful night, but its beauty did little to brighten the somber mood of those gathered on the tallest mountain on Earth, so tall it's peak barely kissed the Gates of Heaven. Angelics, Humans and Demons all stood around the peak were each person laid arm full of wood, bundles of kindling and Lunar and Flame Lillies around a stone coffin, carved by the ancients themselves many eons ago.

Inside the coffin more bundles of kindling and flowers made a soft bed, a final bed for two Kings. Not a word was said as the mourners shuffled about until the coffin was fully surrounded by wood for a funeral pyre. It was then that four guards, two demons and two saints carried out the mummified body, behind it walked Gaara, dressed in full ceremonial garb, though in dark and muted colors in. Behind him was Temari and Kankuro, Kankuro having to support Temari who looked pale and barely standing as her muffled sobs echoed in the silence.

Behind them was Kushina and Naruto with Sasuke bringing up the rear. The guards carefully lift the wooden pallet over the coffin, slowly tipping it so the body would slide gently into the stone bed before they backed away. It was then that a Human walked up, Greo, he was also dressed in his full ceremonial robes. Pulling a necklace that the children had made from inside his robe be placed it on the body, all the while chanting prayers of his people for the soul of the one being laid to rest.

"Are you ready?" He asked after a while, looking up.

Gaara nodded and then motioned his elder siblings first. Kankuro held Temari tighter as they got closer and he carefully laid an old beat up doll down in the coffin, the first toy his father had ever given him. He stepped away when Temari seemed to find her strength as she carefully unwrapped a silk scarf and pulled an old bone and feather fan out and opened it, laying with the doll.

Kankuro caught her as she collapsed again, sobbing into his chest as he moved them away. Gaara glanced back at his Aunt and cousin before he stepped forward and took the wide brim hat he word on his head, the very hat he had always seen his father wearing before he fell ill and passed it to him. The hat had large piece of satin attached to it that fell as decoration around his head. Placing it on the body's head, he let a choked cry fall before he stood up and moved quickly away.

Kushina walked up next, in her arms was a bundle of clothes, wedding clothes. She kissed them and laid them down at the foot of the corpse before taking a chain from around her neck and yanking it off, on it were two rings made of red and gold marble. Kissing those as well, she laid them on top and stepped off to stand by Gaara, placing a hand on the back of his neck, a silent offer of comfort if he wished.

Naruto was the last to step up, in his hands was the crystallized will'o'wisp that was his father's soul. He laid it over the body's heart, using the hands to hold it close. And then he turned to his mate and nodded before he went to stand beside Gaara. The Neighfury took a deep breath and shot a ball of blue flames into the kindling and another inside of the coffin. Instantly the bonfire sprang to life and everyone watched as the former Sabaku no Shukaku and the Kyuubi no Kitsune's souls were set free.

After an hour more guards walked up with more bodies and with as much respect as they could tossed them into the flames. It wasn't until morning that the final body was tossed in and the bonfire itself took three days to burn itself out. And only then did anyone dare to speak...

"DAMN IT SASUKE! DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT RIGHT HERE!?" came the scream from one very annoyed Gaara. Silence followed for a moment before snorts and snickers began and suddenly pleas of uncontrollable laughter.

Sasuke, in dragon form gave a toothless smile as he continued to give himself a tongue bath right there in the breakfast hall. Naruto was on the floor rolling side to side as he laughed so hard he cried. Temari's unladylike snorts were mixed with Karin's own shrill giggles. Kushina was slapping the table while Kankuro was howling. Gaara was breathless as well, grinning widely until he realized Sasuke ignored him and was till bathing himself.

"..." He waved his hand, a stream of sand appearing from the small gourd at his side and he made it form into ball hardening it into sandstone and pitched it at Sasuke's left wing, hitting him in the membrane, knowing better than to hit the bones.

Sasuke bellowed in shocked pain and turned to glare at Gaara, who cocked a brow, challenging him. Naruto slowly sat up and placed a hand on Sasuke's head and rubbed that spot just at the base of his neck and laughed when he crooned and purred.

"Honestly Sasuke, go take a bath else where, it's not polite and I'm sorry but I can't eat if you keep doing that." Naruto told him. "And just FYI, I saw you licking your crotch, you better not kiss me or I'm going to rip off your dick."

"NARUTO!" Kushina snapped. "Take the Tail, you need his dick so I can have grandbabies!"

Again everyone burst into fits of laughter as Sasuke ran out of the hall, looking like the devil was chasing after him. But finally the gloom had lifted.

"I needed that." Gaara admitted.

"I think we all did." Temari grinned, picking up her mate and sitting her in her lap.

The Witchling had thankfully survived the surgery, but her legs weren't good. Orochimaru told them that she would be able to walk, but it would be stiff and very small steps. She couldn't run anymore and even then she would need a wheelchair most of the time. Temari asked if she could dance still, Kabuto told her as long as Temari allowed her to stand on her feet and did all the leg work for the both of them. The only other good side was that Karin was still able to become pregnant and as long as they had a very capable midwife, she would be able to have a natural birth.

Juugo and Suigetsu, who were sitting by the bay windows with Mikoto were alright, a few scars and bruises, but nothing they wouldn't wear with pride. Mikoto was purring away in delight, enjoying the bright sunlight and the sound of laughter.

Kankuro just chuckled as he and Gaara plotted revenge on Sasuke for the tongue bath display. Naruto shook his head as he listened, but looked over to his mother, whose smile wasn't as bright. Getting up, he walked over to her and hugged her tightly.

"Mom... don't be sad... Sure things did not work out we wanted or planned, but in the end I was raised by my loving mother and a doting, albeit insane father. I have wonderful cousins, I met my drama King of an Uncle. I have a wonderful mate and friends... We are all free of Danzo's hold and you finally gave Ora what was coming to him." Naruto grinned brightly at that.

Kushina let a demonic grin overtake her face as she nodded.

"True... the look on his face? Priceless!" She purred out, "But still... I'll have to get use to Minato not being here..."

"He's always here, mom..." Naruto pressed his hand over her heart, over the scar. "And here..." His other hand carded into her hair and rubbed her head softly. "He's not someone so easily forgotten. He makes one hell of an impression on people."

She nodded and sighed, patting his arm, "Thank you baby... goodness you've grown..."

Naruto smiled and kissed her cheek before standing tall and grinning brightly.

"What are you thinking?" Gaara wondered.

"I think its time we clean up the mess. The sooner the better. I am not going to give the handful of radicals time to group together and strike while we're still down." Naruto stated, holding up one hand and forming a Rasengan in it. "Besides, we all want to hunt down those who followed Danzo and Ora to the end. I'm sure one or two of them might know some secret ways to bring them back and I personally do not feel like killing them again. Once is enough thank you very much."

Nodding, Gaara stood, wiping his mouth off as he grinned as well.

"Hey, kick some ass for us!" Temari called out as Karin tossed Naruto a charmed ring.

"Use that on a few of them, it's a Fire ring! Three bursts and it's done, make sure to roast a few for me!" She grinned.

"I promise." Naruto smiled. "Mom, you coming? After all many mothers lost their children and many children lost their parents... As the Goddess of Children I believe you should be leading this man hunt."

"Oooh, you are spoiling me!" Kushina grinned. "Miko-chan let's go!"

"Death to Minions?!" Mikoto asked, grinning brighter than the sun. "Just tell me on a clock system where to fire and I won't hit anyone in our party unless they stupidly get in the way. I'm blind people!"

Naruto laughed as they all got up and left the dining hall. Temari snickered as she kissed her mate's temple.

"They will be fine. Naruto's with them and I know Sasuke loves us all enough to take a few hits." Temari murmured.

"Yes... I wanted to go, but you'll refuse." Karin pouted.

"With good reason. I almost lost you once, Karin, not again..."

"I know... Well fine then, I want to see Iruka and then Hinata!" Karin commanded and Temari grinned, standing up as she carried her mate out of the room to do as she asked...

Screams echoed in the gorge where the followers of Danzo and Ora had converged plotting a coup against the demons in revenge for their fallen lords. What they weren't counting on was Pein and his group infiltrating them and feeding information back to a certain son of the Late Nine Tails. Nor were they counting on an angry Succubus brother of the Neighfury to steal the souls of the men with power and knowledge of summoning and necromancy.

Naruto sat on the ledge of the gorge, smiling down below at his mother and Mikoto working as a team to kill off a group of 25 hunters and sycophants. Sasuke was diving in and out of random groups, in dragon form clawing, crushing and biting anyone in his path, tearing them to shreds and dropping their remains on the others. Gaara grinned widely and psychotically as he crushed a few of his own targets in his sand, spearing others on spikes of sandstone and ripping the ribs out of one man in particular who made to attack Neji, who joined them this time around.

It seems the young Hyuuga had gained Gaara's attention. Even though Naruto met him and was alright with him, doesn't mean he's not gonna give his fellow Mira the shovel talk. Overall it looked like everyone was having fun killing off the last of the infestation. He closed his eyes as he listened and then an unholy grin appeared on his face as he slipped from the ledge and landed on the shoulders of Ora's oldest follower, breaking his shoulders, ribs, spine, hips and legs under his weight as he sat crouching on him, grinning up at Danzo's Head sycophant.

"Hello... I believe you now me... or perhaps not..." Naruto mused, getting up as he held his hands out to the sides, twin Rasengans forming, one red the other blue. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

"The Godling!" The man growled.

"No. The God of Chaos." Naruto snarled, slamming both his hands in the man's chest and shredding him to pieces as he spun to kill two more Hunters and jumped back and rolled into flip to evade a sycophant holding a sword meant to kill fox demons.

Taking a deep breath he roared, loud and completely inhuman. All the demons and their human friends scattered as Naruto glowed reddish white, Kurama forming behind him as she opened her jaws, a black sphere forming in her mouth as Naruto grinned.

"Beast Bomb..."

~Time Skip~

"Uncle Gaara wake up!" twin girl voices crowed as he was shaken from the shoulders and his left hip by two sets of small hands.

"Neji... your nieces are awake..." He groaned into his mate's neck.

"... Girls... go wake up your Uncle Sasuke."

"Sorry Sand butts, but I'm the one who sent them to get you." Sasuke's voice filtered in. "Besides I figured you'd both like to know that I have another Son now."

That made both males bolt up in bed as they looked at Sasuke who was cradling a tiny bundle of blonde hair and green eyes. Neji jumped out of bed, thankfully in a set of sleep pants as Gaara slipped out as well, picking up the twin brunettes who giggled as they dangled in his hold.

"Another one!? Jeez, slow down will you, you had triplets less than two years ago!" Neji groused.

"You're just jealous that Naruto likes the Uchiha." Sasuke grinned perversely at them.

"What you and my baby cousin do is not my business." Gaara grumbled. "Besides our son is the same age as your two daughters and son."

Sasuke just laughed as he easily passed his son to Neji to coo and awe over as he took the girls.

"Rina, Mina! Go wake your Mommies!" Sasuke told them and they left with squeals of delight. "Naruto's getting settled in our room and making sure the terror three don't cause too much trouble."

"Great! I'll go say hi when I'm a little more awake. So four kids? Anymore on the way?" Gaara grinned.

"No, not for a few decades. Let both our mothers spoil these four rotten first before we have anymore. His name is Goza by the way." Gaara gasped and looked to his tiny nephew and then back to Sasuke who offered a slight smile. "Naruto thought it was only fair since his big brother is Minato, one sister is Kyuubi and the other Sunako."

"Here, I'm going to go wake Haruyuki." Neji easily slid the baby into Gaara's arms as he slipped out of the room, knowing his mate needed a moment or two to compose himself.

"Hi Little Goza... I'm your Uncle Gaara..." He warbled a bit, tear eyed as those precious green eyes looked up at him and a toothless smile appeared a moment later.

"I figured you'd want a moment or two with him." Sasuke moved over to the door, not leaving, but not in the immediate area as Gaara marveled at the young baby who, if you removed the whisker marks and gave him blue eyes and red hair, looked almost the spitting image of his late great uncle. The Shukaku shifted the babe in his arms and grinned.

"You are going to be a hellion... You and Minato both. Then again Sunako and Kyuubi will join- You know what. All the brats are gonna drive me insane. Hope you are happy old man!" Gaara griped around a bright smile as he pulled Goza back into his arms and kissed his brow before walking over to Sasuke.

"You know I'm gonna have to get revenge now..."

"I'm sure... By the way what are the Harunos doing here?" Sasuke wondered, shuddering at the thought of Sakura being there.

"Believe it or not, they are still protesting your mating to Naruto. They honestly think Terrors are above the God of Chaos." Gaara rolled his eyes. "The Council is only humoring them because they are an influential family that provides the army with very good medical herbs and we both know that Lady Tsunade needs those herbs."

"I know, but still doesn't mean I have to like it."

"We could always give the brats permission to terrorize them... politely." Gaara grinned.

"... I sometimes wonder if I married you or Naruto..." Sasuke chuckled at the deviousness of the plan, taking Goza into his arms as they left the room. Naruto stood there, hands on his hips and a pointed look on his face.

"And who said you could walk away with our son?" Naruto demanded. "What if I wanted to introduce Goza and Gaara?"

"You would have started bawling and Gaara would have bawled too and with Neji there about to go into heat, he'd be a sobbing mess and I honestly did not want to deal with three overgrown cry babies." Sasuke sighed, kissing his mate's pout away and smirking. "Besides I hear Sakura is here, she still wants me to marry her..."

Naruto's eye twitched before he gave a cute, charming, but deadly smile, "I'll go inform the girls... I'm sure they will LOVE to play with her hair."

Gaara shivered in fright while Sasuke purred in lust. His mate was something else, but sadly he couldn't touch him for another three months. Otherwise he'll wake up locked in a cell. Naruto was super grouchy after pregnancy, it seems to be an Uzumaki trait because Kushina had taken one look at him after the first time and burst into pleas of laughter.

"How is your mother?" Gaara suddenly asked.

"Enjoying her four grandbabies. She took them all on a flight last week. Almost scared Naruto to death when she landed in the garden with a basket filled with giggling toddlers and a shrieking infant."

"Mom kidnaps them whenever she has an opportunity. Seems she loves taking them with her to meetings with the remaining gods. Proving to them that it is possible for interbreeding to be possible, that just because a child is three quarters Demonic or Angelic they are still considered Godlings. Half or whatever percentage the genes are." Naruto huffed. "You would think they have learned after we wiped out all of Danzo's and Ora's followers that prejudice leads to death."

"I could always show up and show them what happens when you piss off both the Kurama no Yoko and the Shukaku no Subaku." Gaara offered.

"Hmm, tempting." Naruto smiled and hugged his cousin. "Hope you don't mind that I beat you to the punch."

"No... I don't think I could ever bring myself to name any of my children after the Old man and Uncle." Gaara smiled.

Naruto smiled and the three walked down to the breakfast hall where all the children were sitting at a smaller table already eating happily. His three eldest were sitting close to their cousins and friends, but avoid the other noble children both Angelic and Demonic or Hybrids. It wasn't that they were trying to be racist, it was more from the forced interaction by the other children's parents.

Looking to the Adult's table he could see Temari and Karin, the Witch heavily pregnant and happily devouring what looked like a bowl of rice topped with scrambled eggs and carrots, not the worse of the weird food cravings. Kankuro was chatting up a pretty purple haired girl, her cat like golden eyes suggesting she was either feline or serpent. Pein and Konan were there as well, Sasori was sipping some tea while Kisame looked like he was about to bite someone as Itachi was stabbing his breakfast viciously.

Kushina and Mikoto were sitting regally in their places, chatting about the grandbabies most likely, but their stiff posture suggested they were about to unleash hell. Neji was coming in from another door with Haruyuki and Hinata, Tenten trailing behind making faces at her nephew. Iruka and Kakashi were sitting together, the human heavily pregnant and Kakashi was beaming away. Tsunade was plastered, as always, while Shizune was trying, vainly they might add, to take the bottle from the woman's titan class grip. Tobi and Deidara were being sickeningly cute in a corner. Over all everyone was here and happy.

"Oi fox bitch!"

Naruto twitched and glared at Hidan, but thankfully Kakuzu smacked his mate for him as Zetsu twitched in his spot by the sunny windows.

"Yes, Hidan, I'm here." Naruto smiled at him, moving to his place at the table. Sasuke quickly helped him into his seat before saying hi to his brother, who was pregnant and still stabbing his plate like it offended him.

Sasuke sat down by his mate and Gaara took his seat once Neji, Hinata and Tenten were seated. Haruyuki sitting with his cousins. Naruto cradled Goza in his arms as servants quickly brought meals out, cooing at the newest addition to the Uzumaki/Uchiha/Sabaku/Hyuuga family. Once they had their food, it seemed that was the cue needed for a certain pink haired bimbo to get up and walk over to Sasuke and sit in his lap. Naruto had to restrain himself from using a Rasengan on the girl, it would be poor etiquette and a terrible example for the children.

"Sasuke-kun!" She cooed.

Sasuke sneered at her, glancing at his mother who looked ready to unleash a blast of fire. He was fire proof, but he didn't think the table was and it would be a waste of good food.

"Sakura." He deadpans. "Why are you sitting in my lap?"

"Silly, I'm your mate!"

"..." Sasuke could feel the shift in temperature on his left and knew his mate was pissed. "I think not. Last I recall, I mated Naruto and seeing as I just arrived this morning, I know for a fact you were not in my bed last night."

She pouted, "I know he's only a concubine... as soon as you have enough children you will marry me and mate with me! We can be happy since I don't have to ruin my lovely figure with children."

Naruto calmly grabbed his tea cup and sipped it before he suddenly crushed it in his fist. Sasuke looked to make sure he wasn't hurt, but he saw his mate staring at the ceramic with a look he only reserves for someone who in way, shape, or form reminds him of Danzo or Ora. Sighing, Sasuke calmly shoved the Terror off his lap and took Naruto's hand, looking over.

"Naruto, you need to be careful..." He mildly scolded, smiling when he saw Naruto's eyes brighten again.

"Sorry. I forget my strength sometimes..."

Gaara rolled his eyes, but had stealthily scooted his chair away from his pissed cousin. Naruto's temper was something to fear even before he full matured as a Demon and a God, he had terrible fits. Kushina had been kind enough to tell everyone all of Naruto's pet peeves so no one accidentally set him off.

"Sasuke!" Sakura whined.

Goza whined, whimpering at the loud noise. Naruto quickly shushed him, kissing his temple and cooing at him. He settled and Naruto giggled as he blinked sleepily up at him.

"Someone's sleepy... Auntie Miko wanna hold him?" Naruto asked, getting up and walking over to his mother in-law. She grinned and turned to the side of her chair, tracking Naruto by scent and sound. He carefully passed her Goza, who crooned softly as he nuzzled into the the older Neighfury's chest.

"So precious... Grammy loves her little 'Fury." She giggled as she gently pet his hair.

"Ugh, that thing is ugly!" Sakura groused, sneering at the blonde baby.

Kushina stood then, about to lunge at the dragon, but Naruto stopped her.

"Hellions!" He called. All three of his eldest children suddenly appeared around Sakura and Sasuke. The Pinkette jumping in shock as Sasuke bit back a laugh. "Please show Auntie Sakura what happens to naughty people who call your baby brother ugly..."

"Yes Mommy!" The chimed before suddenly she was surrounded by a pitch black dragon, a Mirage Succubus and a miniature Nine Tails, all three had, respectively, green, red and gold eyes.

Sakura paled as she heard the crackling of lightning coming from the Neighfury before a bolt was shot at her, she scrambled away only to be tripped by the Succubus, her little bat wings flapping furiously as she fly after her, snarling out things about dolls, fire and a pair of scissors. Sakura tried to crawl away but suddenly she was facing the Nine Tails and he was not pleased.

"Hi. I'm Minato. I'm named after my Ji-chan. He was the Bijü King. My mommy is the Bijü King. And did you know I'm the Bijü Prince? My sisters are Princesses and my baby brother is a Prince too. You called him ugly. That is not nice. I don't like that... Do you know what I do to people who do things I don't like? I set their bones on fire from the inside out..." He snarled out lowly, black flames curling around his hands as he bared baby fangs.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah! " Sakura ran away, her parents following her.

"Kids..." Naruto called out, smiling brightly. "Please escort our gets off the property... And please... be nice?"

"Yes mommy!" All three demons grinned before running off.

Naruto then moved back to his seat and sat down, picked up his fork and was about to take a bite of his pancakes when he stopped, cocking his head in a fox like manner. Sasuke tilted his head in a draconian manner and then both grinned when all anyone heard was the high pitched screech of a Neighfury about to attack, the impressive growl of toddler Nine Tails and Itachi couldn't help giggling madly as the whispers that follow Mirage Succubi around filtered in.

An explosion happened followed by three screams before the children were running back into the dining hall and jumping into their daddy's lap as he burst in laughter, while Naruto smiled.

"Good Kits... now then go finish your breakfast and maybe I will convince Uncle Kakashi to take you to the Tsukiyomi to learn about Noh Demons. Hmm?"


"You are evil." Gaara chuckled.

"Did you honestly thing I was gonna let her get away with calling any of my babies ugly?" Naruto stared at him.

"No. I figured you tear her heart out."

"And set a bad example for the children? No. It is better that everyone learns early that family defends one another no matter what. Speaking of which I noticed Fugaku working the fields. Care to explain?"

"Well after you beautifully stripped him of not only power and money, but also reputation and ranking, he had nowhere to go. He tried to find help from others, they refused. Didn't want to get on the bad side of the Queen you know. So he took all the money he had and bought a small plot of land and now he's growing beets and saffron."

"Hmm..." Sasuke nodded.

"Well as always, it is never boring with you visiting, Naruto. How is Heaven?"

"Still a mess, but hey, I'm working on it. And its going to have vast gardens of all plants and colors because I refuse to have nothing but white, silver and gold. And I have a few demons working on construction with a few Angelics. I left Greo in charge of them. They know better than to piss off an old Chieftain, they saw him kill one the Thunder gods when the jerk tried to attack the children. He did it with a stone spoon."

Several people winced, others made choked sounds as Naruto shrugged.

"On top of that, Naruto and I always check in and if we hear anything bad, well Greo gets to enjoy watching Naruto verbally disembowel a few idiots and if they still don't take the hint, then I literally disembowel them and play jump rope with their intestines." Sasuke shrugged.

Gaara laughed as he shook his head.

"Well knowing you two feed off the other, I know these next set of meetings will be pretty smooth because no one wants to know what you will do to them if you even remotely annoyed."

"I'd sic the kids on them." Naruto shrugged.

"I'd send our mothers." Sasuke smiled.

Gaara rolled his eyes as they finished breakfast. When everyone was done, they left and went to get ready for the day...

Naruto was walking in the garden with Karin, said witch holding Goza as the other kids ran around playing. The Kozu had a meeting and the Mira weren't allowed to join in, but Naruto was counting the minutes it would take before Sasuke either fried someone, Gaara buried them alive, Kankuro unleashed a horde of his dolls or Kakashi ate someone.

"You're waiting for it, aren't you?" Karin giggled.

"Yep. You know someone is going to piss them off. Temari will cut them to pieces with her fans, we both know she will. We all know the other's reactions. I have yet to see Tenten spazz out on someone and I kinda wanna know-"


"Huh, wasn't not expecting that."

There was a roar, screaming, a crash and then silence. Suddenly a window burst as Sasuke flew out of the window while Gaara stood shaking his hands furiously at him.


"Why did I marry him?" Naruto wondered.

"His amazing dick?"

"Ah, right..."

The End