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Anywhere But Here – SafetySuit

Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding

Of a love that will never be for you and me

Cause you are
You're beautiful inside, you're so lovely and

I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you

Eighteen years later.

"Izana, are you done with your work? You need to get ready for Tora's birthday party. He won't let it go if you missed his eighteen birthday party."

Looking up from his paper work, he was great by the sight of Shirayuki in a plain green gown that compliments her figure. Her beautiful red hair twist up in a simple chignon adorn with small white flower. And he watched with a twinge of pride when he saw her wearing the hairpin that he won for her.

"You wore that hairpin"

He watched with amusement as her face scrunched up to form a grimace and frankly, she still look adorable even with that expression plastered on her face. "Yes and don't think that I would for a second forget how you won this" she replied back, pointing to the silver and ruby flower hairpin on her head. "Seriously. From a street fight Izana? Especially a month after your recovery from the –"

"The most idiotic thing that I ever did. Yes, yes you told me enough time that I could chant it even in my sleep"

At that, she smiled. "Just making sure that you still remembers" was all she said before she bended down to gave him a peak on his cheek. Before she could pull back, he grabbed her settling her on his lap.

"You know I think I forget to mention to you that I also won a bottle of red wine. A vintage they said. How about we have our very own celebration tonight?" he asked her, his lips brushed against her ear making her blush.

Cheeks red, she turned around to look at him, her eyes found his instantly. "That seems like a good idea but before that I think I need to tell you that the windows at the greenhouse need repairing." She said cheekily, beaming with pride as she watch his eyes narrowed, displeased.


"And Tora. Apparently, they had been using the window as the target"

At that, he groaned. "How an eighteen years old boy and a fifteen years old girl did that much damage in less than a day I wonder. At least they are better than both Ivy and Masashi combined together. Those two always like to make me get in trouble with Duke Haruka." Few strands of silver hair fell over his eyes before he pushed it back almost impatiently.

"They are going to give me grey hair!"

She smiled at that, "They already did"

Looking at him at that moment, she feels thankful. Thankful for his stubbornness that had forced her to stayed with him twenty three years ago. Thankful with herself that she made the decision to stayed. Now she feels thankful that she had been blessed with all this in her life. Still smiling, she kissed him right there and then on his lips. Her smile widen when she heard him gasped before he deepen the kiss, his hand snaked around her wrist, bringing her closer to him.

Breaking the kiss, she looked in his eyes. And in there, she found happiness. Grinning, she wrapped her hand around his shoulder, her forehead rested against his. Looking into his blue eyes, she knows that this is perfect for her. Everything that she has now is perfect. Though some may say that it's patched up and less than perfect, but for her, it's almost magical.

She's lucky. Incredibly lucky. To found love again after she lost it once. "Took you by surprise huh?"

"Nah." They were silent for a while before he whispered softly, saying that he love her. Twenty three years she married him. And this is the first time he ever said that to her.

Looking at his poker face, betrayed only by his red ears, she knew that he mean it. Beaming with joy, slowly, she kissed him again.

"I love you too"

A sudden mischievous grin on his face worried her. Before she could say anything, Izana said, "Say why don't you pack you bag after this? Let's go for another holiday. I'm sure Masashi and Tora can handle the country affair without me just fine"

"Masashi is on honeymoon with Ivy! Don't tell me you forget that"

"Nope. But they will arrive back tomorrow. Surely we can have our own honeymoon after that."

Sighing, she nodded her head before she too smiled.

She did rather be anywhere but here without him after all.

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