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Chapter 9

"Well that was a waste of time..."

"Let's go then, dobe." Sasuke grumbled. He wasn't particularly impressed with what the doctor had told them. Back home he was sure they'd be able to figure out what was happening. He quickly got rid of that thought and stood up. Before he could even move to help Sakura, like he had been doing this whole time, Naruto decided to take his 'job'.

"C'mon you guys! Let's Goooo!" Pulling Sakura onto his back, he charged out of the building, Yuki not far behind, scolding him for being so loud. A bout of laughter from the group of three could be heard as they went down the street.

Glaring at their backs, Sasuke quickly caught up with them. He fastened his pace, not wanting to listen to their loud voices, and headed for the hotel.

Naruto frowned, "What's up with him?"

Glancing at her brother, she averted her attention to Naruto, giggling, "He's probably in one of his moods again. I'm guessing he didn't like you taking Sakura away from hiim~!"

Said girl snapped her head in Yuki's direction, "W-What?!"

"Oh, please. I bet you like him too, most girls do anyway... But, it's funny 'cause we can totally tell you guys are into each other," She looked over at the blond, "Well, most of us can anyway. PLUS, boys can be stupid when it comes to this. Just look at Naruto for instance."

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm amazing when it comes to relationships!" Naruto stated proudly, grinning.

"Then what about Hinata?"

"What about her?"

"My point exactly," flipping her hair, Yuki walked down the road, leaving both Naruto and Sakura confused.

Yuki turned around, motioning for them to follow, "Hurry up!"

Ino turned towards the door as it opened, jumping to her feet, exclaiming, "What took you guys so long!?"

Naruto grimaced, waving her off, "It's not our fault. We got here at the time of regular walking, not speeding down the sidewalk like teme over there."

Scoffing, the Uchiha leaned back against the wall he was standing near.

"Don't use that tone with me, Mr. I'm-so-upset-someone-else-carried-Sakura-and-I-didn't-so-I-left-as-fast-as-I-could. It ain't my fault Sakura likes someone with such a wonderful personality."

Sakura scrunched her nose, disagreeing with what Naruto had just said to herself while being led to the chocolate colored couch.

"Shut up you guys! Did you find out what was wrong?" Tenten pushed forward, not caring for the banter going on between the two teenage boys.

Yuki frowned, "Noo, that dude totally didn't know what he was doing! If he did, he would have found out what was wrong!"

"Yuki, you can't judge his knowledge on the fact that he didn't figure out what was up with her leg. But I guess, umm, we'll have t-"

The worried shout of Ino's name stopped her. Whipping her head in the direction the sound came from, she saw that Ino had collapsed, partially falling off of the chair she was occupying.

Gaara, who was standing near her chair, quickly pulled Ino back up so she wouldn't fall, commenting on how feverish her skin felt.

Suigetsu coughed, drinking some water, "Wasn't this supposed to be a vacation? Shits been happening a lot. Maybe we should just, I dunno, go back? Tsunade could probably tell 'em what's wrong, fix 'em and we can get back to our little vacation!"

Looking around at everyone, Sakura spoke up, "You guys don't have to do that! We could stay here and you guys could go and have your vacation and then, maybe, everything will be fine and just - I - well, you guys shouldn't stop your vacation because of what's happening with us right now! We barely know you guys and you've been so nice, but, it's probably not even a big deal and..."

She trailed off, having looked up at the group in front of her. They all looked at her as if she was speaking a different language. Even Gaara had stopped in his trek to the beds, having been told by Hinata to move Ino to one so that she could help bring the fever down with cold wet towels.



"I said No. We aren't going to leave you two here in pain while we go out and have 'fun'. We'll just go back to Konoha, get you and Ino treated and have our fun there. We've all done it before. We've always had a great time with each other no matter where we went to have it, so, once we get some rest, and Ino wakes up, we're heading back."

There was a chorus of agreement spread throughout the room. Sakura bit her bottom lip, not expecting everyone to want to and agree to stop their vacation now, just to see what was wrong with her leg and the sudden fever both of them had got, "Then, we should go down to the beach one last time..."

They had waited for Ino to wake up, which didn't take as long as they thought it would.

Ino had told them that she was feeling a lot better and also wanted to go down to the beach after they had explained what was going to happen.

The walk down to the beach was relatively quiet. When they got there though, Naruto and Yuki both squealed in delight as they ran towards the water, exclaiming how everyone better follow.

Ino's POV

The sun was setting by the time we reached the beach, although that made everything look so much more beautiful than it already was.

When Naruto and Yuki both ran towards the ocean, I followed, although not at such a fast pace. I looked to my right and saw Sakura on Sasuke's back, Shikamaru standing between me and them. He looked as if he could fall asleep any minute.

Getting closer to the water, I watched as the blond idiot and his raven haired female counterpart splashed each other in the water. Seeing Hinata out of the corner of my eye, I turned my head to the left, only to see her get tackled by an orange blur. Gaara was surprisingly the one to pry the boy off of her.

I gasped when the cold water washed over my feet.

Wading farther out into the water until it reached my knees, I shrieked as I felt something scaly glide over my skin.

I looked around for the source, the feeling gone now, but, before I could see anything I was falling forward into the oncoming waves.

Moving my hands in front of me, I tried catching myself. Instead, the icy liquid rushed to cover my head.

Just as water began filling my lungs, I was pulled up above the water's surface.

I didn't choke or hack, or gasp for air. I actually felt the need to go back under the surface and stay there. I chose not to try though.

Looking up, I noticed the worried green eyes of Sakura peering over the shoulder of Sasuke, who looked at me me with slightly widened eyes.

Normal POV

Sasuke was pulled out of his thoughts as Sakura began telling him that 'her leg felt fine and he could put her down now.'.

Completely disregarding her requests, his eyes slid over everyone in the water, shooting back to something that had just fell into the water.

After completely ignoring Sakura's continuous talking, he flash-stepped over to the figure who had yet to resurface, emitting a surprised 'Sasuke!' from the one occupying his back.

Reaching down to pull what was obviously Ino out of the water, he was surprised to see something sky blue and scale like wrapped around her back and what he could see of her hip.

Surprisingly, she just looked up at the two of them. He could of sworn she had inhaled some water, but she wasn't trying to rid her lungs of it.

Sakura's eyes were wide as she quietly asked, "Ino, are you okay?"

Eyebrows furrowed, she nodded, "I-Yeah. I'm fine.."

"What happened? A-What is that?" Sakura pointed towards the scales that could be seen under the moving water. Completely interested in knowing what the blue thing was.

Looking down, Ino couldn't help the surprised squeak that made its way out of her mouth. Her legs were a scaly blue mass of blubber now!

Struggling to get off of Sasuke's back, who was now completely void of emotion, the pinkette stepped into the water, the pain in her leg immediately disappearing. But, before she even moved away from Sasuke, who had turned towards her to tell her to get back on his back, something scaly felt as if it was crawling up her legs, she tried and failed to get out of the water.

Sasuke caught Sakura as she fell forward. His gaze lowered, eyes slightly growing wide as he saw what Ino had on her, cover the small girl's legs.

Sakura had also looked down to at the scales. She was speechless, seeing that her legs had also became a mass of blubber, sea green in color.

Sasuke's internal battle with himself on whether or not this was actually happening stopped short as he realized that he should probably say or do something. But he was stuck in a situation where he had no idea what to do. Both girls were obviously scared and confused and had somehow grown what looked like a... tail?

Luckily he didn't need to say or do anything, for his sister and best friend had splashed their way over to them. Turning to look at them, his eyes slightly pleading, he made sure to keep both Ino and Sakura's heads above the liquid that currently surrounded them. That proved to be a difficult task as the newly acquired tails made them heavier, and in no way could they help him keep themselves upright.

Yuki looked at her older brother's expression, giggling, "What is goi- Oh my god!"

The two girls looked up at the girl, both happily exclaiming the newcomers names.

Naruto glanced at the two, a double take following shortly after, "What is that?!"

"W-we don't know! What's happening to us?" Ino cried.

Yuki surprised everyone by squealing, dropping down to her knees and touching the scaly mass that had replaced Ino's legs, she watched as it twitched away from her touch, "It's just like in the fairy tales! You guys have tails and everything! Dudes, they're mermaids!"

"Yuki, you can't possibly think that," Sasuke scowled.

"Yes, and everybody else will too. I mean it's right in front of you, you can't deny that that's what you thought when you saw them. Okay, how has everybody else not noticed us yet, they need to get over heree!"

Naruto spoke up, "So what you're saying... is that, they're... mermaids?"

"Yess! What's is so hard about understanding that?! Oh, we should get them out of here. Who knows what others will do if they see them... Naruto, Sasuke-chan, you know what to do."

Sasuke glared, "No. This isn't fucking possible. People can't just turn into mythical creatures like thi-"

"Dude, we're ninja for crying out loud! Something like this shouldn't be all that hard to believe! Let's just listen to Yuki and get them out of here and then we can have everybody freak out and talk about this after we get to Konoha... No need to make a big deal out of this right now." Naruto tried to reason. He didn't particularly think this wasn't a big deal. He just thought it would be better to get to Konoha and then freak out about this was a better idea...

"Naruto... we'll talk about this later then," frowning, Sasuke disappeared with Sakura in a puff of smoke, quickly followed by Naruto and Ino disappearing.

Waddling her way out of the water, Yuki ran to the others who were lazing around in the sand, "You guys, you guys! Guess what!"

Turning a lazy eye, Shikamaru drawled out a quiet 'what?'.

"We have to go back to the hotel room. Right now!" She ran away right after she finished talking, not giving them room to argue.

Groaning, everyone began to get up from their spot in the warm sand. Realizing there was a few people missing, they picked up the pace while heading back to the room.

A muffled argument could be heard inside one of the hotel rooms that the nine ninja occupied.

Opening the door, the young Uchiha cringed as the voices were a bit more clear. Occasionally a quiet female voice could be heard, although was probably completely ignored.

Sighing, she walked into the room, leaving the door open. Grabbing a couple of towels, she followed the voices, not liking that what was being said had absolutely nothing to do with what was currently happening.

Ignoring the boys, she saw that both blue and green eyed girls still had tails. Walking over to them, she handed them the towels, telling them to dry themselves off.

Turning her attention to the blond and her inky haired brother, she pushed them apart, "Both of you shut up! Why are you fighting anyway?! Stop being whiny little bitches and, I mean, the least you could do is fight about what's happening right now!"

Both turned away from each other, scowling.

Taking a deep breath, she turned back to the other people occupying the room, "Are you guys ok? Hey! Your legs are back!"

Smiling, she jumped between them on the bed, "So, are we still going back to Konoha or no?"

Sasuke grunted while Naruto sighed, "Probably, yeah.."

"We should get our stuff packed up then."

"Already did."

"Well, I haven't... I'll be back in a bit."

Ino cleared her throat, "Do you guys normally fight over random things like that?"

Naruto scrunched up his face in thought, "Hmm... I guess so?"

"Oh.. Do any of the others fight like you two do with each other?"

Shaking his head, he answered, "Not on a regular basis, but, I'm pretty sure they fight with each other. Probably not like us though."

Cocking her head to the side, she thought for a second, "Why does Shikamaru seem so tired all of the time?"

"Huh? Um, he's just lazy I guess?"

"Did you realize that Hinata likes-" a small hand covered her mouth, keeping what she was about to say from escaping through her lips.

"That Hinata likes... what?"

Both girls shook their head as the door to the hotel room closed, signaling the others had finally arrived.

Tenten was the first to find them. Sighing, she questioned them, "Ok, what was so important that we had to leave the beach for?"

Coming in with a glass of water, Yuki, as politely as she could, asked both Ino and Sakura a question, "Do you mind if I... ?" motioning to the glass, she waited for a hesitant nod from one of them, pouring the glass onto Sakura's exposed legs before either Naruto or Sasuke could stop her.

"Yuki! I said we were gonna wait until we got to Konoha..." he stopped, noticing that nothing was happening besides water gliding off of skin.

Everyone gave Yuki a confused stare, wondering why she had just poured a glass of water on Sakura.

Tenten pursed her lips, "You mean to tell me, that we left the beach to watch you pour water onto Sakura?"

"Yeah... NO, no. No no no no no. She was supposed to grow a tail and you guys were supposed to be all like 'omg she has a tail!'..."

Sasuke gave a sarcastic remark, "It's probably got something to do with the water."

She gasped, "It probably does! That time we went in the pool, nothing happened, when they took showers, nothing happened, and when I poured water from the tap on them, nothing happened. BUT, when they were in salt water, they changed! You're a genius! Um, I'll be, I'll be right back, ok?"

She made her way out of the room, leaving behind a completely confused group.

"What is going on here?" Neji grumbled.

"Yuki thinks they're mermaids."

"Blunt as ever Uchiha... Why would she think that?"

"Were you not listening?"

"No, I was."

"You shouldn't ask questions you already know the answer to then."

"She said they had tails, correct?"


"And she poured water on Sakura-san to make that tail appear?"


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