A/N: Hi, this is a parody of Avril Lavigne's song "One Of Those Girls" adjusted to fit Kat's personality. It mentions Katrick if you squint, but it's mainly just all about Kat. R&R!

I know your type of girl

You only care about one thing

Who you are, who I am

Everything's true

I see the light in your eyes

It never ever lies

But deep inside I know why

You're staying with him


I know what it's all about

I hope you don't figure it out


You're one of those girls, getting in trouble

Just ten words, and now the trouble's double

Before we know it, you'll have won

Debating the next one

You're so cool, but we always see it coming

You have your concrete morals, and it leaves us with nothing

We'll have lost and you'll have won

Debating the next one

Oh, oh, debating the next one

Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, oh

You're gonna start softening

At least that's what they'll say

It's been a while, since your denial

It's still not too late

The way he acts, you're flying high

Stopping warning signs

Your matching reps, you're asking why

It ends when you will cry

Pre Chorus


Don't know it's a game, don't know it's a game

It's all about money (money)

All about money

It's so insane, so insane

He's not the one to blame (to blame)

Not the one to blame


Debating the next one, oh, oh,

Debating the next one.