Spriggan: Protect

By: Ominae

Rating: K


All characters of Striker/Spriggan are under the copyright of Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa.


Some thoughts of what Yu felt after he found Rie alive and well in the Mount Fuji area when he dealt victory over KGB agent Koichi Moroha. Yu/Rie pairing.

Yu had never felt happier the day when he rescued Rie from the clutches of Spetsnaz commandos and a Japanese KGB agent named Koichi Moroha. He never forgot the feeling; especially the feeling of your heart stopping when Moroha had manipulated the Fire Orb to incinerate the
temple where Rie was held as a hostage.

But when he went back to check on the temple, Yu discovered that Rie was still alive. The Japanese Spriggan didn't know what to make of it, but he never felt alive before when he saw Rie again, just like the time he helped the young professor by lifting her spirits up from her sadness.

That's when he a solemn promise that he would protect her.

"I will protect you until the end of days."


PS - Been a while since I've done this. Once again, I posted a non-Yaoi pairing for the Spriggan subcategory. Oughta be more hetero-based fics to counter the Yaoi ones yeah?

If you read the manga, regardless of what language it's from, you'll know where the inspiration for the stuff came from. (And yes, VIZ did have the first chapter of the encounter between the two).