"You know even with yellow eyes, you are still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," He spoke to her. She rolled her eyes towards the handsome doctor as she let him take more of her blood.

"Do you flirt with all your patients?" She asked.

"Only the pretty ones." He replied, ripping the needle from her flesh. She looked down and around, not really knowing where to go in her mind. One of the few pain free moments and she had to spend it in a bland hospital room with a handsome doctor who has the potential to destroy whatever was left of her life, who happened to be making passes at her. All she could do was stare.

"Your name is really pretty and really…foreign, do you go by a nickname?" The doctor asked, draining the red fluid from the syringe and into a vile before scribbling something on a pad of paper.

She smiled.

"I go by Katana, ignore the hyphen and the Katarzyna after it, my parents got a bit slap-happy." She explained, her eyes brightening a bit at the doctor's smile. He was about to open his mouth to reply before she cut him off. "So are you gonna tell me what's wrong with me or what?"

His mouth abruptly closed and her head tilted slightly, almost in questioning as he came closer to her.

"Did Dr. Patterson tell you who I was?" He asked softly, staring into her eyes, the color of a browning cake fresh from the oven in a sea of yellow bread from the jaundice she obtained. Katana shook her head, her other doctor told her she was going to send her to someone who actually could help her because instead of dragging her around, she admitted that she had no idea where to start or how to fix it. And that was devastating because Katana really liked her. She had more respect for her now for admitting she couldn't help her than animosity for the fact that she couldn't help her. But she never told her who she was seeing, she just said he's was the head of his field and if anyone could help her, it would be him.

"I'm the head of-"

"Hey Wilson, I'm gonna need you to run a SPECT scan for a patient ASAP," The man who burst through the door spoke bossily to the doctor in the lab coat. Katana scanned his tall frame, his soulful blue eyes and his rugged outward appearance and the arrogant look on his face that made her think he knew he was going to get it despite the fact that she was in there. She looked back to Dr. Wilson, biting his lip, glancing at her apologetically.

"House, I'm busy…if you can't see that then the only thing I can give you is an appointment with Jacobs for your glasses."

The doctor known as House, glanced at Katana, his eyes seeming to don a brighter shade of cerulean as they passed over her.

"Well, see that's what friends are for," He spoke, walking deep into the room, his cane prominent, his body limping on the right. "I'll take over for you and you do what I need you to do and then we can all go home." She said quietly, finishing loudly before clapping Wilson on the back.

"No, this is my patient House, I need to take care of her before I do anything else." He said boldly.

Katana didn't know how to react, she wanted to think it was a show but basing on the way Wilson was acting, this was a daily occurrence and it made her feel even more like an outsider and to top it off, her abdomen was giving her problems again.

House's blue eyes pierced her face before turning back to Wilson and grabbing him by the jacket, pushing him out of the door in midst of many colorful words and shouts. He leaned on the door as Wilson tried to get back in and shouted: "When I get my SPECT, you get your patient back, but I'll be finished with her by then, so just worry about my SPECT," before shutting the door and locking it. The doorknob rattled a bit before it stopped and when it did, House smiled and walked towards counter, no longer listening for his audio satisfaction. He grabbed the stool and rolled in front of Katana, beating his thighs in a quick little rhythm before speaking.

"So how does it feel having cancer?" He asked bluntly.

Katana's brows knitted together and she could feel her throat closing up. She blinked back tears and breathed deeply before answering but her voice still broke.

"I have cancer?"

His eyes narrowed a bit, as if he realized he did something wrong but decided to roll along with it. He looked at the door and then back at Katana.

"Why do you think you were in a room with the Head of Oncology? It's not because you have a cold," He spoke.

Katana narrowed her eyes at the obnoxious doctor, her head tilting once again.

"Where is it? Is it inoperable? What's gonna happen to me?" She asked, panicking, her abdomen hurting even worse due to the pressure her emotions has caused.

"Well…" House started, looking at her chart. "It seems you have abdominal pains so I'm assuming it's somewhere in there." His long finger went out to poke her torso. "Of course, we'd have to do a test before anything set in stone, but I'll bet you dinner Friday night that you have cancer." He said, a small smirk playing on his face.

Katana closed her eyes, smiling in disbelief.

"Excuse me?" She asked incredulously.

"I said-"

"I know what you said Dr. House and I would appreciate if you could get the hell out of here and bring Dr. Wilson back in." She scolded, her tone matching the coldness in her eyes.

"Okay, just in case you have tumors in your ears, I'm going to repeat what you heard fifteen minutes ago, Wilson can't come back in until he gives me my SPECT results." He said, spinning around in the stool.

"Then wait for them outside of the room."

"Well I told him I'd watch you,"

"I'm a big girl in case you didn't notice," She spat back, offending at the wording he used.

"A big girl…with cancer, now shut up and deal with it. You're gonna get a full CT/PET just to find where everything is and what can be done. Usually it's nothing but don't worry about that," He spoke, flashing his hand through the air, waving it off.

"Wait, are you saying my cancer is benign? That it'll be nothing?" Katana asked.

"No, I mean that there'd be nothing we could do for you, but really, don't worry about it." He repeated, flipping through her charts. "Katana-Katarzyna?" He questioned, reading through the thicket of papers on the clipboard. "Your parents fond of the letter K?"

Katana bit her tongue, trying hard not to lash out at the anti-conformist doctor.

Suddenly, there was a loud knocking on the door.

"House," A deep voice called out. "He went into cardiac arrest! We stabilized him but his BP is still dropping."

House looked from her charts back into the deep browns of Katana before stepping up and unlocking the door.

"Until then, Ms. Giannis." House spoke before stepping out of the door, leaving Katana alone.