"Why is it that no matter what kind of case you have, you always have to make an ass of yourself?" Cuddy asked, hands on her hips, glaring at House.

"Well, I can admit, I'm a huge ass. Which is more than I can say for yours, which is deflating by the second," House struck back, leaning forward on his cane. Cuddy's eyes bulged and the rolled to the left at the insult before folding her arms across her chest.

"House-" Wilson began to interject but was sharply cut off by House.

"I don't talk to snitches." He spoke, tilting his head up, rolling his eyes around the room. Wilson rolled his eyes, running a hand through his hair before smiling in defeat, huffing and sitting back on the couch. House's blue eyes rolled forward to look at the hard look on the face of his boss.

"I'm handing her to Andrews and that's the end of it." Her voice cut through the silence like a hot knife through a stick of butter, getting a rise out of both men, most obviously Wilson who rose to his feet. He had only told Cuddy so that he could get her to run over her charts again and assume that she had some type of cancer that nobody was finding and send Katana back to him. With Dr. Andrews handling her, there would be no reason for Wilson to check on her or even see her for that manner.

"Goddamn it!" House shouted, pounding his cane on the carpeted floor of her office. "Send her to Andrews and you might as well just sign her death certificate now."

Cuddy huffed. "Splenomegaly, abcites, jaundice? House, she clearly has cirrhosis and that isn't something you are in charge of," She spat.

"She doesn't have a liver problem, you imbeciles!"

"I'm sure you remember Andrews specializes in hepatology? Also known as the organs of the body you didn't study-"

"If she had cirrhosis, where's her enlarged liver?" House turned, snapping on Wilson. "Her estrogen counts are normal,"

"Then it's her gallbladder," Cuddy breathed, throwing her hands up. She had never seen House so engaged and because of a patient no less.

"Well we won't actually know for about 12 hours…" House stated, looking at the clock above the window and then back down at the confused faces in the room. A smug expression crossed his face and he put his hand out violently before saying: "The apple juice…duh." House sighed when nobody understood before he straightened up. "Well, the chat has been lovely but I must go check on Ms. Giannis."

"What the hell don't you understand about you being off this case?" Cuddy asked as the tall doctor turned his back on her, after her words, he swiftly turned back around. "The fact that I know you are attracted to this lady makes both of you a problem, the best thing I can do for her is take her to Tim."

"I'm not attracted to her," Wilson flustered.

"Oh shut up, if you weren't, you wouldn't have told Mom," House shot back, pointing his cane at Cuddy. His cell phone began to vibrate, leaning for leverage on his cane, he flipped open his cell phone, listening to the words being spoken before flipping the phone shut. "And Mom? In the meantime, I've got a hot patient to help."

House walked out of the office, eyes trailing behind him. He spotted Cameron before looking at his watch.

"Cameron!" He shouted, her head quickly turning to face him from the second floor. "Re-do her SPECT scan and I want all the blood she'll let you take."