Title: Something In The Way
Author: Walking Through The Rain
Summary: Hearing a familiar song, Harry and Hermione connect again
Pairings: Implied Harry/Hermione, (mentions of Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny)
Rating: K+ for author paranoia
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
Author's note: I confess, I'm not the biggest fangirl in the world when it comes to HP but I do rather like it. And this wouldn't leave me alone. Sorry in advance for any HP facts I get wrong.

Ron's got his arm around Hermione, Harry around Ginny. It's a perfectly normal summer's evening; they're laughing about the past and reminiscing about their old friends.

The radio plays soft music in the background and the red setting sun is casting pleasant warmth over the skin of the four. They're at ease with the world.

They never hear the song anymore, not on the radio anyway, it's fallen out of popularity since that night in the tent. They both have it on their iPods and listen to it secretly on lonely days, when the world's getting them down again; not that they would admit that to anyone. It's a reminder more than anything else, a blissful reminder that they're not alone, even when it feels like they are.

For all intents and purposes, it's their song.

Because of this, the opening chords are instantly recognizable to both of them. It drifts from the radio and wraps itself around them, encasing them in a bubble of their own. Their eyes meet, green on brown.

Luckily, Ron and Ginny are locked in conversation with each other and don't notice Harry and Hermione's private exchange.

They feel it again, like that night. A secret shared between them, a connection deeper than friendship forged. Something that's so intensely theirs it almost hurts not to be close to each other.

O Children, lift up your voice, lift up your voice, O Children, rejoice, rejoice

The spell is broken when Ron picks up the radio remote and turns it over to some generic pop group. "That song was depressing me," he laughs easily, by way of explanation.

They should have been annoyed at him, really. But to them it just confirmed what they knew already: it was their song, and theirs alone.

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