Welcome to Shop Woman. This was the one-shot I entered for the Curvaceous and Bodaceous Contest. it didn't win anything :-( , but I got such an amazing response from everyone, that I decided to make this a novella. You also have HollettLA for this, too. She was the one who first put the idea in my head. So, I hope you enjoy this lemony little romp!

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The second the latch on the bathroom stall was locked, he quickly undid his zipper, reached into his boxers, and pulled out his poor, suffering dick. As he palmed his shaft, he leaned against the door and started pumping up and down. That it was his third time that day didn't faze him, that it was his fourteenth time in the past three days? Well now, that was something. He hadn't jerked off this much since he was in high school.

He threw his head back and in his mind, focused on a pair of lusciously, bouncy tits. With every step she took, they quivered and jiggled pleasingly. Shit, they looked so soft, so fucking touchable. His balls were tight beneath the fabric of his boxers. His tip was wet and sticky thinking about the way her broad shoulders gave way to her long arms. He would have given anything just to feel her hands on him... anywhere.

Fuck, all it took was just imaging her touching him and he was ready to come. No woman had ever made him this wound up. But there was something about that shop girl. No, not shop girl. He ground his teeth when he remembered the way she had snapped at him for asking if she was the only shop girl who worked at the small, well-appointed lingerie shop.

"I'm a woman, Mr. Cullen, not a girl."

She certainly was. No girl could fill out a corset like that and no mere girl could fill out a pair of pants like that, either. No girl could make him come for the fifteenth time in three days. He leaned forward as he spilled, being sure not to stain his tux. His mother would kill him on sight if she knew he had just jerked off during her precious fundraiser. He lasted almost a whole hour before he had to excuse himself, leaving his date at the table.

As he wiped off his dick and hands and carefully tucked himself back into his pants, he couldn't help but shake his head in guilt.

"Another one bites the dust," he said quietly to himself.

He did a quick calculation in his head and realized that Lauren was the eighth girl in a year his parents had set him up with. His mother was a busybody with a good heart. She'd successfully found his younger brother, Jasper, his Alice five years ago. They were about to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Just last year, she found Bella for the youngest of the three Cullen boys, Edward. They were getting married in April. But Emmett, the eldest, was still single at thirty and it was driving his mother crazy.

Thing was, he'd never met anyone that he lusted after. Pretty socialites, students, nurses, teachers, and everything in-between had been pushed in his face. There was something to like about all of them - brains, good hearts, talent - but at the end of the day, he never looked at them as hungrily as Edward stared at Bella, or as mischievously as Jasper looked at Alice.

He almost married the sweetest, kindest, most attractive woman a guy could hope for once. Angela Webber was a librarian, of all things. His mother had met her at yet another one of her fundraisers, this time for illiteracy. She was perfect on paper and they hit it off immediately. Emmett Cullen was an incredibly likable guy. Tall, broad, and strong, with an easy, dimpled smile, he not only knew how to woo a woman, he knew how to take care of her too. His mother and father were excellent role models.

Emmett and Angela had explored naughty librarian fantasies. They even fucked each other against the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow section of the library late one night. It was hot, the sex had been incredible, but he found he never burned for her. At least, not the way he wanted to. His mother was a wreck when he told her that they had broken up.

Emmett Cullen wasn't overly picky, nor did he have impossibly high standards. The bottom line was, he had never felt anything close the fiery passion that any of his brothers, or even his parents, felt. As far as he was concerned, it wasn't too much to ask. He wanted to be with a woman whose very name made him hard. He wanted a woman who he would stop everything for just to touch. He wanted someone unforgettable, someone who he couldn't help but fantasize about day and night. Some exactly like the tall, blonde, dangerously soft, and curved woman from the store the other day...

"Shit!" he said loudly.

He was inches away from his seat at the Cullen table. Everyone looked up at him as if on cue. Esme Cullen abhorred bad language and raised her boys better than that. His outburst was surprising, to say the least. The crystal chandeliers, champagne, tuxedos, and designer gowns around him screamed society… not obscenities.

"You okay, dovie?" Lauren finally asked, a forced smile on her face. Lauren Mallory was the latest in the parade of pretty, somewhat vapid, definitely money hungry, social climbers his mother had set him up with recently. Esme Cullen had exhausted her bevy of "good ones" and was resorting to something less than desirable.

Emmett looked at his family. Edward had his arm protectively wrapped around Bella's waist. Jasper held Alice's hand on the table between the gold rimmed salad plate and the etched napkin ring. He looked to Lauren - Lauren who he had gone to that infernal store for. She kept dropping not so subtle hints about taking things further and wouldn't it be dead-sexy if she was dripping in lace and satin for him. So he bit the bullet, went to the first lingerie store he saw and there she was... the shop woman. Never a girl, a woman.

"What time is it?" he asked quickly. Three men looked to their watches.

Jasper answered first. "Just past seven."

"Dinner should be served in just a moment, darling. What's going on?" asked his mother.

"I..." What did he say to her? More pressingly though, what the hell did he say to Lauren?

"Well?" snapped Lauren.

"Lauren, may I speak to you in private, please?"

Taking a hold of his hand, she stood up, and they excused themselves to the lobby. The moment they were alone, out of earshot of anyone, Lauren raged at him.

"Just what the FUCK is going on Emmett? You just embarrassed me in front of your entire family!"

"I can't do this, Lauren."

"You can't do what?" she said behind bared teeth.

"Us. I don't actually... like you."

"You don't like me?"


"You piece of shit!" she screamed. "You unbelievable shit! What about last Saturday, huh? What about the incredible, mild shattering sex I gave you?"

Keep your mouth shut, man. Let her think whatever she wants.

"You peeled lace and satin from my body like I was a goddess! OH. MY. GOD! I blew you! I NEVER suck guys' cocks!"

"Lauren, you pushed for it. I would have waited until I was sure that I wanted to go that far. But..."

"But?" She seethed.

"You kind of..." Be nice, Emmett,he thought.

"This'll be rich. I 'kind of' what?"

"Nagged," he stated, slowly, carefully. What he really wanted to say was "begged like a bitch in heat," but his parents had taught him better than that.

She slapped him across the face. He might have respected her had it hurt, had there been any power behind it, but it was insipid and weak, just like her.

"I'm in a rush here. Can I put you in a cab?"

She stared at him, obviously too angry to speak. He just didn't have time for it. He was hoping that if the shop closed at seven, the woman he'd been lusting after would still be there closing up. He turned away and ran to the doorman.

"See the skinny blonde in the black dress?"

"The one who slapped you?"

"Yes, that one. Here's fifty bucks. If she wants a cab, give this to the driver for me?"

"Sure. What if she doesn't want it?"

"Keep it!" he yelled as he bounded out the door.

The store was about twelve blocks away. He could waste time waiting for the valet to get his car, or he could use his God-given athleticism and run for it. He ran faster than he thought possible in dress shoes. He didn't know how long it took him; he hated watches as they never seem to fit over his thick wrists. When he arrived at the store, panting, legs and feet aching from his shoes, he smiled.

The lights were on!

He tried the door, it was locked. He tried pulling harder, like the Neanderthal people took him for. Nothing. He couldn't see her, but when a light turned off someplace in the back off the store, hope welled inside. Just a moment later, she walked, no… she fucking sauntered through the store toward the cash register. She had to be 5'11" without the mid-calf, lace-up black leather boots she was wearing. With the boots, she was well over six feet and closer to his 6'4" frame. Her skirt was some black frilly concoction that was short in the front and long in the back. Layers of ruffles graced her shapely legs. He only got a hint of the creamy, fleshy, white thighs beyond the ruffles, but that hint was enough to spark his imagination. She was wearing yet another corset tonight; this one looked like it was leather and he moaned.

FUCK,he thought; she was too goddamn hot for her own good. Her tits, the same juggling, soft, big, round tits he'd been jerking off to on a near constant basis, were on display again. Her thick blonde hair was pulled away from her face and cocked on one side her head, was a tiny black top hat with a small black veil that covered her left eye. Her perfect fucking lips were red and glossy. He had no idea if she dressed like that every day, or just in the store, but without ever realizing it, the tall, bodacious, curvy, woman, was his fantasy.

Some primal voice inside his head screamed, "KNOCK DOWN THE FUCKING DOOR!"

He knocked furiously, getting her attention immediately. She looked at him and mouthed, "Closed," while pointing to a watch that she wasn't wearing.

He refused to stop knocking, though. Her passive expression turned to confusion. She mimed closed doors and locking a lock. Didn't work. Confusion turned to annoyed in the blink of an eye. Her beautiful soft face with its classic features scowled and hardened. The fire Emmett suddenly saw in her face and eyes went straight to his dick. All Emmett knew was that his fantasy was coming closer to the door.

As soon as she was at the door, she yelled at him through the glass.

"What the hell is your problem, Emmett?"

"Just open the door, I'm begging you, please just open the door!"

"For fuck's sake!" She huffed, then walked toward the cash register again.

As soon as she turned around, he groaned. The skirt she was wearing hugged her ass perfectly. The ruffles cascaded down from what he knew would be a cheek crease he would happily trail his tongue across. She stopped, picked up a set of keys, and stormed back to the door. While she was walking toward him, he realized that she had called him "Emmett." YES! She remembered him, maybe she even thought of him? Maybe - it was almost too much to handle - but just maybe she had made herself come thinking of him... wishing it was his fingers and not her own.

As she found the key and turned the lock, Emmett was so riled up, he wasn't even sure what to do. But the second the door was unlocked, the very second her hand turned the knob, he pulled open the door, stepping inside and grabbing her head in his hands. He looked at her for only a beat before his hormones pleaded with him to kiss her. He did. He pulled her to his lips and kissed her fiercely. That he didn't have to bend over to kiss her like he usually had to, only meant that every muscle in his body could focus on their locked lips.

He kissed her with such force that she had to take a step back. He merely moved with her. When their front teeth clicked together, that primal spark in him roared. When her tongue pushed its way into his mouth, any doubt he had about whatever madness had taken over was pushed from his mind. When he was afraid they might faint from lack of breath, he pulled away, dropping his arms.

As if in slow motion, he could see her arm raise and hand flatten before making contact with his face. He could feel her slap; boy, could he. His head was thrown to the side with the force of it. It stung like a bitch and all he could do was smile. Some men might have bemoaned the situation, some men might have asked, what's up with the ladies hitting me today? But Emmett Cullen was not most men and Emmett Cullen had just met his match.

He moaned as the sting of her impact found its way, once again, to his aching dick.

"Again," he growled, looking straight into her eyes.

"I know that fucking hurt." She seethed.

"Like a mother fucker."

SLLLAAAAAPPP! This time, he wobbled from the impact of an even more forceful hit to the face. It took him a minute to get his wits back.

"What the hell did you do that for?"

"What part? Come here, bang on your door, give you the best kiss of your life, or ask you to slap me?"

"Start with the first part, then go from there, Emmett."

He smiled, she used his name again.

"I haven't stopped thinking about you since I saw you three days ago."

His eyes raked over her full body. He took a step toward her, she took a step back.

"I was at yet another benefit dinner with my family when I realized that the skinny, boring, little girl I was with, didn't hold a candle to you."

He moved toward her again, again she moved back.

"I wanted a woman with me and you are all fucking woman."

He moved slowly, stalking his prey. She, in turn, carefully countered his movements.

"So like a madman, I left the benefit and ran here, praying that you'd be here when I arrived. I kissed you to see if it might stop my constant and persistent fantasies about you. I think all I've done, though, is just inflame them."

They were circling each other in some strange dance.

"The real question here is, how do you know my name and how long have you been thinking about me?"

She stopped and gaped at him. Whatever she was trying to say wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"Let's try this. Since you obviously know who I am, tell me who you are besides the fucking sexiest woman I've ever seen."

"Rosalie Hale," she said as if in a haze.

"Fucking perfect. Rose... soft, full, blooming."

Her hands flew to her face - she could feel the heat on her own skin. She was blushing and furiously. She hadn't blushed since she was a teenager.

"Will you answer me now, Rose? Why do you know my name?"

The struggle to take back control of the situation surged inside her. She simply would not be made a blathering silly girl by the rock of a man in front of her.

"You didn't finish answering my question," she said as coolly as possible under the circumstances.

"Remember that skinny, boring, little girl I was telling you about?"

She nodded her head.

"When I left her in the lobby after telling her that I didn't like her and was ditching her, she thought she slapped me."

"Shethoughtshe slapped you?" Rosalie asked, her perfectly manicured eyebrows lifting.

"If she had half the passion and fire you have, it would have been a slap. Instead, it was just as lackluster as she is." He had rendered her speechless again and smiled. "Now tell me, why do you know my name?"

"Your credit card. I didn't want to forget the name of the man who made me sweat." She answered without her brilliantly maintained filter in place. If she hadn't been so incredibly turned on, she would have chastised herself, but as it was, Emmett had made her weak-kneed.

"I make you sweat?"


As if Mother Nature was playing a cruel game with her body, a bead of sweat that had been collecting weight finally broke free from her brow, rolled down the side of her face, down her neck, past her collarbone, and disappeared between her breasts. She looked down at her cleavage then back up at the mountain of a man in front of her. Men either thought she was a lesbian, some kinky S&M chick, or were turned off by her confidence, stature, and size. Emmett Cullen was standing his ground and was licking his bottom lip while staring at her chest.

"I make you sweat, you make me hard," he confessed, not holding back.

That was it. It was all Rosalie could take. She closed the distance between them, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him, her tits gently grazing his broad chest. When his hands found their way to her ass and squeezed, she moaned into his mouth and pressed her tits into him. They kissed each other mercilessly. Once again, when breath became scarce, they pulled away, but not completely. His hands stayed firmly on her butt, her arms around his neck, her tits mashed up against his chest.

He rested his forehead against hers and took a few deep breaths.

"I know this is insane, I know this is fast, but please tell me you live close by. I don't care if we just talk... no, fuck that. I'm done mincing words. I want you naked."

She hummed loudly. Emmett squeezed her plump ass again.

"I live right above my store. Follow me."

"Your store?"

"Yes, my store."


"What?" she said, pulling away from him and grabbing his hand.

"You look like that, you make my body react like a caveman, and you're smart, too, aren't you?"

"Don't forget determined and fiery." She winked as she led him to the register to gather her things.

"Never." With her bag and keys in hand, she turned off the lights and locked up with Emmett at her side.

He had hundreds of questions, but they could all wait. He needed her naked and he needed her naked quickly. It seemed to take ages for her to unlock the front door to the apartment building and lead him up two flights of stairs. Finally, they were at her place and finally the door was open. No sooner had she turned on the light than Emmett had stepped into the apartment, closed the door, and pulled her to him again.

As their lips met, she dropped her bag and keys to the floor. His cell phone started ringing. He pulled away from her and ground his teeth together as he pulled the offensive thing from his jacket pocket. He mashed on buttons to make the thing shut up and then dropped it, not caring if it broke into a million pieces. When he looked up, Rose was walking away from him, her hands fiddling with the little hat on her head, her full hips wagging from side to side with every step.

He followed those hips past a living room and into a darkened room. When a soft light washed the room, he could see a large bed covered in pillows. There was probably more to see, but his brain couldn't focus on anything other than bed & Rosalie. When she sat and bent over to undo her shoes, her tits threatened to topple out of her corset - but she was wrapped up tight in there, something Emmett hoped to fix shortly.

She slipped her feet out of the boots and took off her socks with little pink skulls on them that made him smile. When she stood back up, she systematically started pulling pins from her hair and dropping them to ground by her shoes. When the final pin had been removed, she tossed her hair with her hands and let the shimmery, thick mass fall over her shoulders and caress her sternum.

He was momentarily breathless.

It wasn't until she walked to him and pulled off his jacket by the lapels that he caught his breath again.

"You're so..."

She looked up at him and cocked her head to the side.

"I'm so?" she said quietly, her now bare lips slowly closing.

"Staggeringly beautiful." And she was, it wasn't a line.

How did men walk down the street everyday and not suffer awful, life-threatening accidents in her presence? Right now he wouldn't have known if there was a train, a bus, a cab, or even a raging bull ready to plow him down. Those lips. Those impossibly gray-blue eyes. Her soft, full cheeks and strong chin. Her sculpted eyebrows and perfectly straight nose. She wasn't human, it just wasn't possible.

"Breathe, Emmett," she whispered.

When she stepped away from him, her hand went to her hip and found a small zipper. After pulling on it and letting go, the skirt simply fell to her feet in a puddle of black fabric. Those thick, creamy-white thighs were bare to him now, and he damn near drooled. At their apex, was a pair of hot pink lace panties with little black satin bows that literally brought Emmett to his knees.

In one large move, his head was at her abdomen, his hands at her hips, and his eyes stared longingly at the elastic of her panties. She buried her hands in his hair and scratched at his scalp; his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He raised his hands and hooked his thumbs under the rim of her undies, pulling down until he could feel the floor against his knuckles. His eyes were met with bare, soft folds and a small tuft of perfectly maintained hair in the shape of… a fucking heart.

He lifted his head to smile at her out of shock and amusement. He wasn't ready for the pure heat she was giving him with her eyes. Smoldering wasn't accurate enough, burning was more like it. He could feel the want and lust rolling off that look and it was all he needed to lower his head back down to her pussy and kiss her "heart." She whimpered, the flesh of her thighs undulating slightly with her shudder.

When she opened her legs a bit, he took it as a cue to touch her. Was she as wet as he was hard?

"Rose," he moaned, because yes, she certainly was. He pulled his hand away and licked his fingers. Her silky moisture coated his tongue and he desperately wanted more, much, much more. "Lie down," he pleaded a desperate edge to his voice.

He watched as her "heart" moved away from him, creased into her thighs, then was pulled further back onto the bed. When she was flat on her back, he stood up to take off his shirt and pull off his cramped dress shoes. She was in nothing but her leather corset, her hair a halo around her face, her knees bent and thighs closed, but oh, so ready to be opened again.

"I want to see more of you, Rose. How do I take it off?"

"Hooks down the front behind the flap."

"Don't I get to see more, too?" she asked seductively eyeing his shirt.

Emmett fumbled with the small, shiny black buttons on his shirt for exactly four seconds before he ripped the fucking thing from his body. He grabbed and pulled the undershirt from his torso exposing his broad, heavily muscled chest. She bit her bottom lip. As he undid his pants, her fingers found their way to her sex and she cupped herself in her hand, marveling at the heat her core was producing.

She watched as he stepped out of his pants revealing a pair of tight, gray, boxer briefs that left nothing to the imagination. Something impossibly large and thick was waiting for her behind that little bit of cotton and her mouth went suddenly dry. The most ridiculous thought popped into her head and since her filter had been lost somewhere in her shop earlier, it flew out without her being able to stop it.

"How the hell did you get that monster into the skinny little girl you bought that slip for?"

He would have laughed if she hadn't called his dick a monster. Just knowing that she liked what she saw made him twitch... she gasped. He was almost dizzy with want when he kneeled onto the bed and straddled her waist, hovering over her. He needed to see if the tits he had been jerking off to were every bit as amazing as he imagined.

Lifting the flap down the front of her corset, he saw a long line of little hooks and eyes. It made him cross eyed with frustration but he knew the prize would be worth it. It took his thick fingers a few tries to get the swing of things, but eventually he was on the last two hooks.

"I've been jerking off to the thought of these tits for three days," he said in the heat of the moment, and then just as suddenly worried he might have offended her.

"What are you waiting for, then?" she asked sultrily.

He unhooked the last two closures and pulled away the leather.

Stunning, large, and heavy breasts rested on her chest. The weight made them shift slightly toward her ribs and her dark pink nipples were puckering beneath his gaze. He couldn't help himself from leaning over and placing his hands on either side of her head before kissing her, nipping at her bottom lip as he saw fit.

"I'm going to suck and taste you now."

"Please," she moaned, "please do."

He lowered his head and took a hard, pebbled nipple into his mouth. Balancing on one hand, he cradled the other tit in his hand and marveled at its weight and size. He couldn't even contain it in one of his massive paws. The small moans and whimpers that Rose offered as he sucked and nipped at her tits were delicious, but he wanted more, so much more.

"Move back more for me Rose," he asked of her.

She wiggled her bottom until her head was at the wall and resting on one of her many pillows.

With one small push at her thigh, she opened her legs for him. When he was nestled between her legs, he marveled again at the perfect little heart above her slit. Lowering his head, he let his tongue probe at her hood until she gasped. That was it then, that was the spot that would make her come for him. He licked, he sucked, he let his finger dip into her, massaging her inner walls. Her smooth, soft legs rubbed at his sides. When her noises got louder, when her legs moved more frantically, he knew she was close. Moments later, her soft flesh rippled with shivers as she came from his efforts.

In her haze, she was unaware of Emmett peeling the boxers from his body, but his words brought her attention back to him.

"Tell me you want me as badly as I want you, Rose."

Completely naked, Emmett's proud, hard cock was fully erect. All he needed was a word or a nod, anything, before burying itself in her well lubricated pussy.

"You're irresistible Emmett Cullen."

"What that a yes?" he asked desperately.


No sooner had she uttered the word than his large, smooth head was slowly pushing itself past her folds. She was grateful he went slowly, not even her dildo was as large as Emmett's "monster." Inch, by devilishly sublime inch, he made his way deeper and deeper into her. She was so fucking wet, so fucking warm. Lauren, the skinny little girl as Rose had christened her earlier, was not a pleasant fuck. She was tiny; he couldn't get even half of himself inside of her. But Rose? While she sucked in a breath occasionally, and shifted her ass to accommodate him, he was in complete awe by how deep he was buried in her. In fact, when he was completely sheathed, he gulped audibly.

Never in his thirty years had he ever been completely inside a woman. He felt like crying and singing at the same time. He was almost afraid to move. Afraid that if he did, he would come right then and there before being able to revel in the feeling, before being able to watch Rose fall apart while he thrust into her. He must have lost track of how long he had been simply inside of her, because her quiet, erotic voice broke the silence.

"I'm alright, you know. You can move inside me."

"Just... feels... so... good. Never..."

"Never what?" she was about to say, but Emmett's first thrust shut her up.

"I've never," thrust, "been so deep," thrust, "before," thrust, thrust.

She understood entirely. He was large, very large. Most women wouldn't be able to handle it, he would have to be gentle and always on guard. But Rosalie wasn't most women and she wanted him to understand that. Before he thrust into her again, she pulled away and pushed against him, slamming into his pelvis.

He roared like a fucking lion.

When she pulled away and matched his movement again, it was with reckless abandon. She wanted to be slammed into by the mountain of a man above her. She wanted to give him something he had never had before. It took a few more thrusts before Emmett understood. This was no delicate flower. This was a woman would take what he wanted to give and fuck if he didn't want to give it to her hard.

"Harder, Emmett, come on. Fuck me!"

YES! Screamed that primal part of him, then, FINALLY!

With her permission, he fucked her. He gifted himself the unhindered joy that allowed him to simply let loose and give in to his baser instincts. Driving his hips forward into her willing, pliant body, he realized what he had been missing all those years... a woman. Finding his rhythm amidst the overwhelming carnal awakening, he was able to appreciate how incredible it felt to be met with soft, malleable flesh, instead of skin stretched over bone.

Rosalie's growls, moans, and heated stares matched his own in intensity. When her breath caught and her face softened, her previously raucous noises turned into soft, steady pants, her eyelids fluttered and he knew he was about to watch his fantasy come around him. He could continue relentlessly fucking Rosalie for hours yet, but he knew that watching her fall over the edge would be his undoing as well.

When she threw her arms over her head, gasped, then shook around him, he only hoped she would scream out his name. Her walls clamped around his shaft. Instead of shouting though, she quietly chanted his name over and over as she came. Thick, wet warmth coated his entire length. And just as he thought, it absolutely was his undoing. As he came in heated bursts, everything went momentarily black before flashes of brilliant white light danced before him.

It wasn't until a soft hand squeezed his that the world came back into focus.

"Come back to me, Emmett," she pleaded softly, a smile in her voice.

He opened his eyes and looked at the woman who had changed everything. She was a brilliant mess. Glistening with sweat, her once perfect halo of hair, was now a tangled cloud around her beautifully flushed face. Her chest rose and fell with deep, calculated breaths. Her dusty blue eyes were sparkling for him.

Slowly, very slowly, he softened inside of her. Reluctantly, he pulled out and was momentarily unsure of what to do. Did he leave? He didn't want to. He wanted to watch her wake up in his arms. He wanted to slip inside of her again before they took a shower together. He wanted every night to be like this one had been… electrifying.

"Please stay?" she asked in a voice that dripped with a surprising vulnerability.

Not trusting himself to speak yet, he simply nodded, crawled to her side, and lay beside her. In seconds he had her spooned to his body. The way she fit beside him was an epiphany. He had a real body to hold onto, to nuzzle against. When he draped his arm across her chest, it wad met with soft, heavy mounds that he was able to grab onto with his hands. His legs and groin seem to perfectly cradle her plump ass and long legs.

This is perfect, he though. This is what I've been looking for all these years.

He let his face burrow into her disheveled, damp hair like a cat.

I'm going to fall in love with you, Rosalie Hale,he thought to himself.

"Promise?" she responded.

"Shit. Did I say that out load?"

"You taking it back or did you mean it?"

"I meant it." He answered quickly without even having to think about it.

Instead of a response, Rosalie wiggled her ass, pressing more firmly against his dick. Emmett sucked in a breath through his teeth. He'd need some time before he was ready for her again. All those questions he wanted to ask her as they were walking up the stairs came back to him.

"Why a lingerie store?"

"I have a certain... style, I guess you could say."

"Yes, fuck-hot."

She laughed and beneath his hands, he could feel her tits jiggling.

"Anyway..." she said calming herself down, "I couldn't find the things that made me feel sexy and womanly in my size, so..."

He cut her off. "Your size?" He asked curiously, letting his thumb play with her now soft nipple.

"Yes... mmmm... my size," she answered, obviously enjoying his ministrations.

"I don't get it. You're gorgeous. What's the problem with your size?"

"Absolutely nothing, thank you very much," she said hotly.

"Trust me, I fucking agree. You're delicious."

"Thank you, Emm. Can I call you Emm?"

"Woman, you can call me 'Peaches' if you want."

"I'll keep that in mind," she said in a voice that was so sinful it made his dick twitch against her ass.

She chuckled.

"Ung. Keep talking," he said, getting aroused from the feeling of her ass pressed against him.

"Well, 16's, 18's, 20's and above are pretty much forbidden sizes in the average fashion world."

None of what Rosalie was saying made sense to Emmett. He didn't know from women's sizes, he barely knew his own size. In fact, his sister-in-law, Alice, bought most of his clothes. He was happy to let her, too. He hated shopping. As for what Rosalie was saying, all he knew was that she glorious no matter what the fuck size the fashion world labeled her.

"So I decided to open a little place of my own where women of any size could feel beautiful. I've had the shop for a little over four years now. She's my baby, I love her."

"Where have you been hiding, Rosalie?"

"I don't know, Emm, but I could ask the same of you."

"You could?"

"You think you're the only one who was just shaken?"

"I shook you?"

"You made me pant," she said as she ground her ass into his dick again. "You made me chant your name as I came," she whispered as he pressed his hand firmly against her breast. "I have a little confession to make."

He could barely concentrate with her body rubbing against him.

"What's that?"

"I fantasized about this that first day I saw you."

"Shit, don't stop there."

"After I locked up and went home, I imagined what you would do to me."

Emmett let his hand trail down her body.

"I wanted you to rip the clothes from my body," she said panting.

As Emmett's fingers slipped past her "heart" and further down between her legs, she opened up just enough for him to find her clit and press down.

She screamed out loud.

"Don't. Stop. Talking," he ground out.

"I touched myself wishing it was you," she admitted on an exhale.

Her hand joined his between her legs. She stroked his fingers as he starting rubbing at her bud.

"Did you come thinking about me?" He was desperate to know. His dick was almost ready for her again, but he wanted to hear the words.

"Twice, Emm. I came twice thinking about you."

"Christ, Rose, you're too fucking hot. Shit, woman, come for me again, please."

It didn't take long before Emmett's fingers were luxuriating in her release. It was only moments before Emmett maneuvered himself so that he could enter her. He kept her body pressed against his, spooning as best he could. It was a minute later that Rosalie, frustrated that she wasn't getting enough of him, pulled away and propped herself up onto her hands and knees.

From behind, he was able to slip inside impossibly deeper. She dropped her arms and pushed her ass into him further yet. When he was a deep as a man could ever be inside of her, Emmett fucked her, this time with controlled, slow, and achingly erotic thrusts. Rose whimpered and cried. Watching his dick disappear into her with every move was mesmerizing. Her full ass was on display and he loved watching the flesh of her rump wobble every time his pelvis ground up against it.

When the pace was even too much torture for him, he grabbed her hips, marveling at how happy it made him to have something to grab. When he pounded into her, she squealed and begged for more. He gave it to her, over and over. When she came, once again it spurred on his release. When he fell to her side and pulled her into him once again, he didn't let go.

He fell asleep wondering if he would always crave her as much as he did just then. Images of her in various stages of dress and undress flooded his head. He saw her in a blood red satin gown at one of his mother's fund raising events. She would put to shame every other woman in that room. Men would look at her full hips and creamy tits jealously. He pictured her at the family house on their private Island in Brazil, filling out a bathing suit that no one could pull off but her. He saw her naked, her large, swollen belly supporting her impossibly engorged breasts.

He fell asleep feeling content and smiling when he imagined stealing her away after a set of vows and fucking her senseless. Rivers of white tulle bunched around her waist, a white garter belt and silky white nylons running up her legs. Her ass would be bare after he ripped the frilly white lace from it. He'd tuck them into his pocket and the knowledge that she was bare and naked for him beneath her dress, ready to be fucked again at a moment's notice, would be his and his shop woman's secret.


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